12 Peach’s Most Iconic Outfits In Mario

Peach has worn many fashionable clothes over the years. Some of her best work is shown here.

Princess Peach has been a big part of the success of Nintendo’s Super Mario series by being the main character. Her early roles as a “damsel in distress” made her become one of the most famous gaming heroines in history.

Some video game players might be surprised to learn that Peach doesn’t always wear pink and long dresses. Peach often wears her classic royal clothes, but she also has a lot of other stylish outfits. Out of all the clothes she has, these are the best.

Fire Flower Dress


This dress is new to Super Mario 3D World. Peach wears it when she talks to a Fire Flower. It uses the style of her most famous dress, but the colors are now white and red. Peach also puts her hair in a ponytail with a red tie, probably so she doesn’t set it on fire.

Getting a Fire Flower not only gives Peach this new dress, but it also gives her new burning skills. Even though this dress is very stylish, it is not as creative as it could have been. Something that played up the fire theme more would definitely move the Fire Flower dress up the ranks.

Wedding Dress

This dress, which Peach wears in Super Mario Odyssey, is also called the Lochlady Dress. The look is made up of a sweetheart-style silver wedding dress, opera gloves, and a veil that match. The silver tiara, which turns out to be a Bonneter from the Cap Kingdom that was stolen, is the finishing touch.

The Lochladies of the Lake Kingdom made the dress, but Bowser steals it so that he can marry Peach against her will. Even though she makes the dress look very elegant, the simple design leaves a bit to be wished. Of course, I mean no harm to the Lochladies.

Tennis Mini

Peach has been in all the big Mario Tennis games, so it’s not surprising that she’s dressed for the event. Her tennis outfit includes a short, sleeveless dress, a wristband with pink and white stripes, and pink tennis shoes that match the wristband. Peach’s hair is pulled back into a ponytail, like it is in many of her sports outfits.

This outfit, which comes with a tennis stick in the shape of a crown, is both stylish and useful because it looks like many of the tennis dresses worn by pros. It gives the character, who usually wears floor-length dresses, a sportier look.

Classic Pink Gown

Even people who don’t play video games would have a hard time not recognizing this dress as Peach’s right away. This dress is in the style of a standard princess dress, with puffy sleeves and a full skirt. A darker pink fabric is used for her collar, panniers, and skirt, in addition to the mid-pink fabric used for the body.

Peach’s famous crown jewels—a small gold crown with red and blue gems, matching blue earrings, and a big blue brooch on her chest—wouldn’t be complete without this outfit. It’s easy to see why the most famous Italian in the game world can’t help but fall in love with her style.

Beachy Peach

Super Mario Odyssey was the first Super Mario game to show Peach in a swimsuit. It was also not the first Super Mario game to have a beach trip. Peach wears a pink bikini with a white and pink wrap around her waist in both the Lake and Seaside Kingdoms. She has sunglasses on her head, a lei around her neck, and a white flower in her hair to finish off this look.

When seen with Mario in his vacation clothes, they look like a cute couple headed to the tropics for a vacation. Her outfit is also much more useful than the dress she wore in Super Mario Sunshine, which would have made it impossible for her to enjoy the beach.

Fire Flower Yukata

Sometimes, Super Mario games will show how Japanese they are by having the characters wear more traditional Japanese clothes. When Peach is in Bowser’s Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey, she wears this yukata. It is made of white fabric with a Fire Flower pattern, and it has a blue obi belt that goes with her usual jewelry.

This is one of Peach’s few clothes that doesn’t have any pink in it, which is a nice change from what she usually wears. In the mobile game Mario Kart Tour, Peach wears a similar yukata, but instead of Fire Flowers, it has pink flowers.

Blossom Kimono

In Mario Kart Tour, Peach also wears a kimono, which is a traditional Japanese dress. The kimono cloth and obi belt on this outfit are different from those on the yukata. The collar of Peach’s pink kimono is edged in a darker shade of pink. Her red obi belt has a pattern, and a white cord holds her blue jewel in place.

Her hair is tied back with a red clip, which gives her a typical Japanese look and probably lets her drive fast. Even though her kimono may look simple, it is a beautiful nod to traditional Japanese patterns.

Farmer Duds

Peach’s overalls, which she wears in the Luncheon Kingdom, are another new outfit in Super Mario Odyssey. The outfit has a pink collared shirt, blue overalls, cotton gardening gloves, pink boots, and a big straw hat with a pink ribbon.

This is the most casual outfit people have seen Peach wear, and it’s likely something she would wear more often if she didn’t have to do things for the Mushroom Kingdom. This dressed-down look is definitely one of Peach’s cuter and more useful ones.

Winter Coat Combo

In Super Mario Odyssey, Peach’s winter dress is one of her darkest looks. It has a charcoal-colored coat, black gloves, black tights, black heels, and a black beret that goes with the rest of the outfit. A platinum-colored scarf tied in a bow around her neck is also part of the outfit.

The only color in this cozy winter outfit is the blue jewelry that Peach is known for. Even though this look is dark and moody, it is still a stylish addition to Peach’s mostly pink outfit. Even so, it’s clear from her bag that she can’t give up pink for good.

Super Smash Dress

Even though it might not be the best idea to wear a dress to a fight, Peach does it with a lot of style. The style of this dress is based on her first dress, but it has a lot of extra details. It has the same puffy arms and panniers, but it also has two more layers of skirt and more detail on the bodice.

Lace ends and yellow patterns on the skirts make an already royal design look even more royal. In Doodle Cricket, Peach’s dress is definitely a change, but it keeps the most important parts of her old look.

Vacation Chic

In Super Mario Odyssey, Peach’s main outfit is her vacation outfit, which she wears in the Cloud, Sand, Metro, and Ruined Kingdoms. It has a white blouse tucked into a pink skirt from the 1950s and a big white hat with a wide brim. A pink ascot and silver boots are also part of the outfit.

It’s another look for the usually overdressed royal that is more relaxed but still has that classic Peach elegance. Given that she wore it most often during her world tour, it’s clear that it’s one of her most adaptable looks.

Motorbike Jumpsuit

The number one spot goes to Peach’s famous biker outfit from the Mario Kart games. This outfit is a dress in pale pink and white with her signature jewel in the middle of the chest. Her knee-high pink boots and dark pink ascot give this sporty outfit a stylish touch.

This style is so well-known that it shows up in the new Super Mario Bros. movie. Even Peach must enjoy the break, since it’s one of the few times she gets to wear pants. This outfit is both useful and beautiful, so Peach can go as fast as she wants and still look great.

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