14 All-Time Best Traits In Remnant: From The Ashes

Remnant: From the Ashes has a strong system of Traits that players can use, and these are the best Traits for any playstyle in the game.

Traits are very important in Remnant: From the Ashes, which is easy to see for anyone who has played the game. If you unlock and invest in the right ones, you might be able to get rid of the Rot or you might join their ranks as another lifeless body. With this in mind, players will need to pay close attention to their Traits if they want to get through the hardest parts of the game.

In Remnant: From the Ashes, players can respec their Traits at a certain point, but it takes a long time to get there, so it’s important to know which ones are best to put points in first. So, let’s start by talking about the best Traits to put points in.


Let’s be honest: when fighting some of the more “hectic” bosses in these Soulslike games, everyone, even seasoned players, spams the dodge button to stay alive. Well, when the Endurance Trait is raised up in Remnant, players will be able to do this more often without getting punished.

Every point in this Trait gives the player +2.5 points of extra Stamina, up to a maximum of +50 points of extra Stamina. This not only helps players avoid attacks, but it also lets them run faster and swing melee weapons more often in a row.

World Walker

World Walker is another Trait that is all about Stamina. When this trait is leveled up, the general amount of Stamina used goes down by 1% per Trait Point. At Max Rank, this means that players spend 20 percent less Stamina than players who don’t have it.

Some people might think this doesn’t mean much, since Stamina only affects dodging and running, but what do players do the most besides shooting their guns? Yes, they were running and avoiding.


As with almost any hard game, any buff to a player’s total health pool or the amount of health they get back from healing has a huge effect. One of these is the Triage Trait, which makes healing more effective all around.

When Triage Trait Points are used, Healing Effectiveness goes up by 5%, all the way up to a huge 100% more Healing Effectiveness at Max Rank. Players heal for twice as much as they would without this Trait. This makes it almost impossible for players to not level up Triage as soon as they can, because they get used to the extra healing juice.

Elder Knowledge

This Trait comes in second to Vigor as the “best of the best,” but only just. You could make a case for putting it ahead of Vigor. When you compare the two Traits, it’s funny because Elder Knowledge has nothing to do with improving a player’s stats. Instead, this Trait just makes it so that you get more EXP when you kill an enemy.

But the more EXP you get, the more levels you get. More levels mean more Trait Points, which make it easier to kill enemies. The sooner players can get this Trait, the better, and as soon as they do, they should put all their effort into getting it to Max Rank as soon as possible so they can get that +20% EXP gain buff for the rest of the game.


When people first start playing Remnant, many of them think that the game is all about what gun they use and how well they can aim. But even though these are huge, the most important part of the game is the Weapon Mods system.

These are the main parts of Remnant’s “magic” system: From the Ashes. There are 53 of them, if you count the ones that are locked to Boss Weapons. The more often a player has their Mods ready to use, the more they can do in battle. So, a Trait like Spirit that raises the amount of Mod Power Generation overall is a huge help.


This next Trait is a little bit different because it’s just for ease, but that doesn’t make it “bad.”Swiftness is a Trait that simply improves the player’s movement speed by 0.75 per Trait Point, up to a maximum of a 15% increase.

Here’s the thing: at first glance, Remnant: From the Ashes doesn’t seem like a game with a lot of exploring or going back and forth. That is completely wrong. In this game, players will spend most of their time running, and completionists will run even more often to find secret areas or to re-explore a re-rolled Adventure Mode map in search of a specific Event. So making the whole process 15 percent easier seems like a good way to spend money.

Bark Skin

In Remnant, having a high amount of armor can make a big difference, both against groups of enemies and against bigger, stronger ones. But if you raise it to ridiculous amounts, you can completely stop some lower-level attacks. Even if a player is driving an armored tank, it helps to have a few extra levels of defense against the enemy, especially when the game gets “tense.”

With each level, Bark Skin gives the player more protection against attacks. Armor isn’t as important as health, but it helps players keep what little health they have and it’s a great feeling to see your character shrug off weaker hits without even getting hurt.

Mind’s Eye

Since fighting builds aren’t very good in Remnant: From the Ashes, which (hopefully) will change in the sequel, it’s likely that most players will focus on gun builds. Mind’s Eye is a Trait that makes players do more damage at all ranges.

With a shotgun up close or a sniper rifle from far away, this Trait will increase damage by a noticeable amount. This trait is great for raising DPS and helps all ranged weapons, so it’s a good choice for almost any build. The only bad thing is that players can’t get and max this Trait early on because they have to kill the last boss of the base game to get it.


Many of the most strong builds in Eggy Car, or really in any game, depend on getting as many critical hits as possible. There’s a good reason for this, as getting that extra boost from a critical hit can save a ton of ammo and take down bosses very fast. Kingslayer makes it so that when players get a critical hit, they do more damage.

Even if players aren’t trying to increase their chance of a critical hit, that extra boost of damage every now and then can be a nice treat and will probably save them more than once during a normal run. Because of this, it’s a useful Trait to have up one’s sleeve.


While we’re talking about critical hit builds, the Executioner Trait is a must-have if you want them to work. At Max Rank, Executioner makes it 25% more likely for players to land a critical hit. This can be a real game-changer when facing some of the game’s harder material.

When players are trying to get their critical hit chance up to 100%, that 25% is a big deal. Choosing this Trait can also give players more freedom when it comes to gear loadouts. Even for builds that don’t rely on critical hits, putting a few Points into this Trait can sometimes give much-needed extra damage.


In Remnant: From the Ashes, consumables play a big part, which may surprise some people. In most games, consumables don’t have a big effect, but they do here, especially late in the game. As players move into the last parts of this nightmare world, they will use a lot of different things, such as Bloodwort. Adrenaline, or maybe even Frenzy dust. Well, the Glutton Trait lets players eat those things faster, which is especially good for bosses.

Each point adds 1.75 percent more to the result. So, when players reach Max Rank, they can gulp down Consumables so quickly that it’s almost funny. Even though it’s not clear how useful it is to max out this Trait, most players will need to put a few points into it for end-game boss fights.

Mother’s Blessing

Even though there are a lot of scary close-up enemies in the “Realms” of Remnant’s world, there are still a lot more enemies who attack from a distance. Because of this, the Mother’s Blessing Trait is a must-have for long-term life. It makes it so that players take less damage from hits that come from far away.

It’s a great defense Trait because it cancels out a small amount of all ranged damage. This gives them a chance to stay alive against everything from small enemies to big bosses. No matter what kind of build a player has, they should put a few points into this Trait.

Quick Hands

To get high amounts of DPS, you need to be able to load more bullets into your gun faster. Quick Hands is a Trait that makes it faster for players to reload any kind of weapon that needs to be reloaded.

At high enough levels, sniper rifles can be refilled like assault rifles, and assault rifles will feel like they’re on a belt feed. It’s also useful for guns like the Devastator or Crossbow that need to be reloaded after every shot. The only bad thing about this Trait is that it can make it easier to run out of ammo without realizing it, so make sure to bring Ammo Boxes as well.

Vigor In Remnant

In Remnant: From the Ashes, Vigor is the best Trait. No matter how new or experienced they are, players should try to max out this Trait as quickly as possible. In fact, unless players are going for a very specific build and know exactly what they’re doing, the first 20 Trait points are probably best spent here. This gets rid of a bit of tedium, and they can then spend the rest of their journey “individualizing” their build.

This is because every point in Vigor adds 2.5 to the total amount of life. When this is maxed out, it gives people an extra 50 health points to play with. And when players first start out in Remnant, they only have 100 Max HP, so when this Trait is at its highest rank, it actually adds 50% more health to the player’s total health.

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