What is a barcode scanner, its types, uses and benefits

In this article you will read the information of Barcode Scanner like what is Barcode and what is Barcode Scanner and its types and working system etc.

Friends, whenever we go to a big grocery store or mall, there is a scanner used at the time of checkout which is called Barcode Scanner.

If you buy a product, whether it is a book or any food item, then there you have a Black and White Zebra Stripe which is called Barcode.

Let us understand all the information in detail.

what is barcode

A barcode is a special type of code consisting of a series of thin and thick lines.

to these lines Bar It is called and its coding is not by the length of the line but by the thickness of the line.


Barcodes are used for centralized recording in computer software systems to track products, prices and stocks, as well as for many other purposes.

For example, large companies such as Walmart and Amazon use barcodes and barcode scanners. to barcode Optical Scanner Can be read with the help of which is called barcode reader.

what is barcode scanner

Barcode Reader or Scanner also known as Price Scanner or Point Of Cell Scanner (POS). It is a handheld device that can be used to scan the information hidden in the barcode and the scanned data. computer to be sent on.

barcode scanner
barcode scanner

A barcode reader is fitted with a laser beam that converts the code into digital data by lines and space relations and it is sent to the computer.

History of Barcode Scanner

Barcode reader invented in 1973 by an IBM employee George J Laurer was did. It was Rectangular Barcode. It was first used to scan barcodes of Chewing Gum packets in supermarkets in 1974.

Barcode Scanner Parts

There are three main components in a barcode scanner.

  • Scanner : It works for scanning barcodes.
  • Decoder : It converts or decodes the barcode scanned by the scanner into letters or numbers.
  • Wire/Cable : The barcode scanner is connected to your computer with the help of a wire. After scanning and recording it will capture all the information computer screen But shows up.

How Barcode Scanner Works

First of all, a red color light comes out from the barcode scanner which falls on the barcode. It reflects back into the scanner, then the scanner converts this light energy into electrical energy.

Then it goes to the Electrical Energy Decoder. Decoder converts this electrical energy into data. After converting the data goes through the wire to the computer.

then the computer Software In this data is processed. After processing, it displays all the information related to the barcode on your computer display.

Types of Barcode Scanners

Depending on the characteristics and the technology used, barcode scanners can be of the following types:

1. Pen Wand Scanner

Pen Wand Scanner is the easiest barcode reader. It looks like a pen. To scan the barcode, it has to be hovered over the barcode. Because it has to be placed in direct contact with the barcode, it has to be held at a certain angle and rotated at a certain speed over the barcode. This scanner is very cheap and at the same time it is also durable.

2. Slot Scanner

It is a stationery device. To scan the barcode has to be swiped inside its slot. Slot Scanner is usually used to scan the barcode in Identification Checking.

3. Laser Scanner

This type of scanner uses a laser beam as the light source. We can also use it by holding it by hand or keeping it in one place because it does not need to be very close to the barcode to work.

It uses mirror and lens technology to allow the scanner to read barcodes regardless of orientation. It can easily read barcodes placed 24 inches away and if you use a laser scanner of Long Range it can read barcodes up to 30 feet away.

This barcode scanner scans barcodes quite fast, around 500 Scan per second.

4. CCD Reader

The full name of CCD is Charge Coupled Device. It is also known as LED Scanner. A CCD scanner has a better read range than a pen and wand scanner and is often used in retail sales.

Its shape is like a gun. The only disadvantage of a CCD reader is that it cannot read the barcode if it is larger than its input interface.

5. Image Scanner

Image scanner Also called camera reader. This short video to capture barcode camera and then uses digital image processing technology to decode the barcode.

It can read barcodes up to a distance of about 3 to 9 inches and is generally priced less than laser scanners.

use of barcodes

Barcodes are used to perform the following functions:

1. Fast Checkout

Barcode Reader makes things like shopping in stores or malls easy. The barcode reader captures the data which is calculated by the computer in milliseconds. If there was no barcode, today any work in the supermarket would not have been done quickly. The barcode also makes the job of the cashier easier as they do not need to type anything into the computer as the barcode reader feeds the information automatically.

2. Internet Banking With Phone

Nowadays most of the mobile companies use barcode readers. Their application contains a barcode reader that works with the help of a camera to read the payment barcode. Apart from this, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have systems that allow the user to pay for the item through a barcode reader.

3. Business Tracking

Businessmen use barcode readers in their business. Expensive things like electronics and furniture are installed with a secret barcode. When these items leave the gate, the barcode reader triggers the alarm system. This helps to catch thieves or deter employees from stealing. Apart from this, it can also be used to track how many times employees are working.

4. Library Management

Barcode reader is very important in library management. It is one of the most important item to protect books from being stolen. All books come with unique barcodes that store their type and other information. To speed up the process of distributing book copies, Librarians scan the code using a barcode reader. These scanners help Librarian to find out the exact number of books that are missing or available.

5. Inventory Control and Management

Barcode scanners are very useful in tracking the goods from factory to warehouse. Barcode scanners send the information directly to their computer when all goods have arrived at their location. Inventory management is very important for companies as it helps them to earn profits.

6. Ticket Verification

Tickets can be barcoded to help reduce fraud and long lines. A barcode reader is used to verify the ticket. It is a fast, secure and easy way to manage tickets. It is applied at various venues such as stadiums, live shows and airports.

7. Food Tracking

Apps are built using barcode reader technology to track the food you eat. They help you maintain your health by suggesting foods or vitamins.

8. Gaming Industry

Barcode readers are used exclusively in gaming in multiplayer mode and other gaming consoles have inbuilt sensors and barcode scanners. Which allow the player to play using Joystick.

9. Safe Communication

Barcode Reader allows for secure file sharing and communication between two or a group of people. Modern apps like Flasher provide fast file transfer between two devices. Barcodes are used to prevent hackers or third party apps from entering the communication.

10. Biometrics

Biometrics has inbuilt barcode readers which scan the Employer ID. Records whether an employee arrives at Workplace. It is also used in schools to monitor the attendance of students. The inbuilt barcode reader uses light rays to capture an ID card barcode and send this data to a computer wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable.

Advantages of Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner can have the following advantages.

  • These are used for almost all retail items around the world. So using a barcode reader the product can be read wherever it is present in the world.
  • Human mistakes can cause many problems. In such a situation, by using a barcode reader, the mistakes made by the users can be reduced. A barcode reader is considered more accurate than entering data by hand.
  • Barcode data is always easily displayed as the information is scanned directly. Within a second, all the information related to the product is given in it. This is especially beneficial in grocery stores where customers buy multiple items and each needs to be scanned. So very little time is wasted by using it.
  • The barcode reader is very easy to use so employees learn to use it within a short period of time.
  • The barcode reader makes Inventory Control so precise that the information related to the items that are scanned is immediately sent to the computer so that they can be calculated through Stock Inventory.

Disadvantages of Barcode Scanner

Following are the disadvantages of using a barcode scanner.

  • Buying a barcode reader using barcode technology is quite expensive. It costs even more if you use a 2D barcode scanner.
  • It cannot be placed more than 15 feet above the barcode label for the barcode reader to be used. If it is placed at a greater distance than this, then there is a problem in scanning the barcode reader.
  • If a part of the barcode label is damaged, it will be very problematic when scanning it and will not be able to scan with the barcode reader.
  • Not all barcodes are original. Barcodes can be setup by cyber criminals. If a person scans a wrong barcode then the system can be hacked by the hacker.


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