Computer parts and their functions

In this article you computer parts and understand their working information that all computer users need to know.

Computer is made up of many different parts like Monitor, CPU, UPS, Keyboard, Mouse e.t.c.

if you all computer parts And if you know about their functions, then you can make your own personal computer.

So let’s understand by reading the information about the parts of the computer.

computer parts

The computer consists of the following parts.

1. Computer Case

Computer Case is also known as Computer Chassis, Tower System Unit or Cabinet.

It’s computer parts like Motherboard, hard drive And power supply Keeps it inside.

Its size is usually determined by the form factor of the motherboard and can come in different sizes.

Its function is to protect the parts of the computer from damage. Apart from this, it helps in easy access to the computer from one place to another.

2. Motherboard

Motherboard Also called Main Board, Main Circuit Board, System Board, Planner Board, Logic Board or MoBo. It is a Printed Circuit Board from which all computer hardware is added to.

Computer parts

It is important part of computer system like CPU, memory Hard Drive, Optical Drive, Video Card, Sound Card and Expansion Card directly or via cable.

It is also responsible for delivering electricity to different parts of the computer.

3. CPU

CPU Which is called Main Processor, Microprocessor, Central Processor or just Processor Also called.

CPU is the central processing unit of the computer and without it the computer cannot do any work.


The CPU handles all the instructions received from the hardware and software running on the computer. its main function Keyboard, Mouse, Printer etc. is to take input from computer program and give output. It controls all the parts of the computer.

4. CPU Cooler

computer parts such as CPUChipset, Graphics Card And Hard Disk Drive etc. gets hot. Therefore, to keep the temperature of the computer balanced, we need CPU Cooler.

5. Input Device

in the computer input device There are those which help the users to communicate with the computer.

Like keyboard is an input device with the help of which we give instructions to the computer, its main use is to write text.

computer keyboard But there are many buttons, on pressing them, the same letters, numbers or symbols are typed which are written on that button.

Mouse There is also an input device whose real name is Pointing Device. It is mainly used to select, move towards, open or close items on the computer screen.

Through the mouse, the user gives instructions to the computer and through this the user can reach anywhere in the computer.

6. Output Device

Whenever we give some instruction to the computer with the help of input device, it gives its result but if the computer has output device Otherwise we cannot see that result.

Monitor is the most common computer output device. It creates a visual display using which users can view the processing data.

It shows all the data and information on its screen as a soft copy. It acts as an interface between the CPU and the user.

7. GPU

GPU full name Graphic Processing Unit Is. It is a special electronic circuit designed for the output of a display device.

It has become one of the most important types of computer technology for both personal and business purposes.

GPU natively 3D Graphics It was designed to speed up rendering. But over time this technology is being used to solve problems on a large scale.

It can be used for Embedded System, Mobile Phone, personal computerWorkstation and Game Console.

8. RAM

RAM The full form of Random Access Memory. This is the short term memory of the computer. It stores data temporarily.

It stores the data that is being actively worked on by the CPU. it usually Motherboard is found in the memory slot.

Its role is to serve as the computer’s working memory for the information created by the program. The faster the RAM works, the faster is its processing speed. Due to its speed, it is used for quick access to information.

9. ROM

this one memory device It is a storage medium that stores data permanently. It is the random access memory as well as the primary storage device of the computer.


This Read only memory It is called because we can only read the data and program stored on it but cannot write on it.

10. Storage Device

We need a storage medium in the computer so that it can store the data when the power is off. Storage device does the job of storing data.

storage device It is also known as storage, storage medium, digital storage, or storage media.

It works to keep the data either Temporary or Permanently. It can be used anywhere inside or outside the computer system.

11. PSU

The full name of PSU is Power Supply Unit. SMPS also say. PSU is a hardware component of the computer that works to deliver electricity to all the parts of the computer. It works to convert AC into low voltage DC.

If your computer does not get enough power or the PSU malfunctions, then many problems can appear like your system may not boot or the whole system may freeze etc.

12. Operating System

Operating System One Software Which acts as an interface between the parts of the computer and the users. Every computer system has at least one program to run other programs. Operating System It is necessary to be

Operating system helps you to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer language. Without this it is not possible for the users to use any computer or mobile device.

13. Video Card

A video card is known as a Display Adapter, Graphic Card, Video Editor, Video Board or Video Controller.

It controls the information displayed on the monitor. It is used to create images on the display. It connects to the motherboard of the computer.

14. Sound Card

Sound card is known as audio output device, soundboard or audio card. It converts it into audio by doing signal processing from the motherboard. It is mainly used for audio, CD And to listen to music.

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