What are Computer Input Devices, their functions and examples

computer Or laptop is incomplete without input device, so by reading this article we will understand the information of Computer Input Devices.

What are Computer Input Devices?

Any computer either laptop A device that assists in inputting data is called an input device.

In simple words, a type of input device computer hardware Which helps us to communicate with the computer.

like :- computer mouse With this we can select, move or delete any file and computer keyboard With this we can write any text etc.

Functions of Computer Input Devices

It is an electro-mechanical device that helps the user to input raw data into the computer.

The input device converts the raw data into a language that can be easily understood by the computer. The converted data is sent to the primary memory and for further processing. CPU is sent in.

In other words, the main function of input devices is to take raw data from computer users and convert it into a language that can be easily understood by the computer with the help of input devices.

Examples of Computer Input Devices

There are many types of Computer Input Devices available in the computer. Following are the examples of commonly used input devices.

1. Keyboard

Keyboard is an input device with the help of which we give instructions to the computer, its main use is to write text.

On pressing the button on the keyboard, the same letters, numbers or symbols are typed which are written on that button. It is similar to Typewriter but has more buttons than Typewriter.

Before keyboards, paper tapes and punch cards were used to enter data and commands into computers.

2. Mouse

The real name of mouse is Pointing Device. It is mainly used to select, move towards, open or close items on the computer screen.

Through the mouse, the user gives instructions to the computer and through this the user can reach anywhere in the computer.

The mouse has two or three buttons.

Nowadays most of the desktop computers USB Optical mouse with port is being used which we can easily hold in hand.

3. Joystick

Joystick is used to control video games.

It is also used to give instructions to the computer.

It is similar to a stick, hence it is called Joystick.

Now Joystick is being used in many places along with playing games. For example: Joystick is also used in places like Machine, Train, Areophane, Train, Wheelchair, etc.

4. Light Pen

Light Pen works to give command to the computer. It is also called electronic pen.

Light Pen is used as a Receptor while working on the computer.

This creates Pixels on the screen. The electronic device attached to it produces an image from the light on the screen. With the help of a light pen, you can work on the computer in the same way as is done with a pen on paper.

5. Trackball

Trackball is used to input motion data into a computer or other electronic device.

It is similar to a mouse but its upper part is designed like a moveable ball which can be rotated in any direction.

The detector inside it reads the instructions entered by us and works on that basis. It is now also used in laptops and notebooks.

6. Scanner

Computer Input Devices

Scanner There is an input device that works to scan documents. Such as Photographs and Text Pages etc. After scanning, it converts the documents into digital format. You can connect the scanner to the computer. USB Can connect via Firewire, Parallel and SCSI.

Whatever document we scan through this device. We can store it in any storage device and we can edit it later if we want.

7. Graphic tablet

Graphic tablet is also known as Drawing tablet and Pen tablet. It is a type of input device. This device is like a flat surface which is the size of a normal tablet.

We can draw on a graphic tablet with the Stylus pen just as we draw on paper with a pen. It is commonly used by Engineers, Artists, Graphic designers, Fashion designers, Photographers and Teachers.

8. Microphone

Youtube se paise kaise kamaye

Microphone is such an input device that converts the voices spoken by you into electronic signals. Mostly it is used in Film Industry, Public Speech, Seminar or Presentation and Political Speech.

For this, it is given in the form of voice in the microphone. Then accepting the microphone input is heard in digital form to many people. If we want, we can store this digital sound in digital way by storing it in memory or computer.

9. Touchpad

A touchpad is a type of input device also known as a Glide Pad, Glide point, Pressure Sensitive Tablet or Trackpad.

It helps the users to move the cursor anywhere in the computer with their finger. It can be used in place of an external mouse. It works according to the movement of the fingers and the pressure exerted by them.

10. Stylus

The Stylus is a pen-shaped device with a round rubber piece. Which runs smoothly on Touch Screen Devices. This device is used to navigate on a phone or tablet.

It is used by placing it on the surface of the touch screen. Like we use our fingers on a touch screen. The Stylus can work like a computer mouse to select, open and close items on the screen.

11. Touch Screen

Touch Screen is a display device. Which helps users to interact with the computer with the help of their fingers or Stylus. Touch screens are used on a variety of devices. Such as computer and laptop displays, smartphones, tablets, cash registers, etc.

It is used in various places. such as ATM Arcade Games, All in One Computer, Car GPS, Camera, Car Stereo, Cash Register, Digital Computer, Ebook, Factory Machine, Fitness Machine, Gas Station, Handheld Game Console, Ticket Machine, Signature Pads etc.

12. Camera


A digital camera is a hardware device. Which takes pictures and stores those photos in the form of data on the memory card. many digital cameras Along with taking pictures, they also record videos.

We can consider a digital camera as both an input and output device because it can also take pictures and send them to your computer. It is also a portable device. We can easily carry it anywhere by keeping it in our pocket.

13. Webcam

Webcam is a type of camera that connects to a computer. It captures photos or videos while staying in one place. Nowadays most webcams are on the display in laptops or are connected to the computer via USB or Fire Wire Vote.

These cameras come with software that needs to be installed on the computer. The webcam helps in transmitting its video over the Internet in real time.

14. Paddle

Computer Input Devices – Paddle is a simple input device. Which is extensively used in playing games. It is like a wheel which is held by hand and it is used to increase and decrease the volume. It is also used extensively than Joystick.

15. Light Gun

Light Gun is a Pointing Input Device. Which is used to shoot and shoot in a video game or arcade game on a computer. The Light Gun was first used on the MIT WhirlWind Computer.

16. Remote

Remote is a type of hardware device designed to control various functions.

For example a TV remote is used to change the channel, decrease and increase the volume.

Zenith invented the first wireless TV remote Dr. Robert Adler did in 1956. It sends electromagnetic waves to communicate with any device.

17. VR

The full name of VR is Virtual Reality. This is the Artificial or Virtual Environment which is created by the computer.

A person can create an artificial environment with virtual things by using some input devices like Headsets, Gloves, Headphones etc.

For example he may find himself walking on the beach, playing a football match and walking in the sky without doing anything.

18. Bar Code Reader

Barcode Reader also known as Barcode Scanner is a type of input device. Which is used to read barcodes. Barcodes are data written in the form of dark and light lines.

The barcode reader scans the barcode image using the light and then the signals are decoded.

19. QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader also known as QR Code Scanner. Is a type of input device used to read QR codes.

QR codes are patterns created by computers that store data. These do not require a database to store the information separately. QR Code Reader is almost identical to Barcode Reader in functionality.

20. Magnetic Ink Character Reader

MICR computer input device is designed to read text written by magnetic ink. It is used extensively in banks to process checks and other organizations where security is needed.

It can test three hundred times in a minute with hundred percent accuracy. Whatever details are in a check are written by Magnetic Ink.

21. Optical Character Reader

OCR computer input devices are designed to convert images of text written by hand into digital text. It is used extensively in the office and library to convert documents and books into electronic files.

It copies the physical form of the document using the scanner. Converted documents can be edited if needed.

22. Steering wheel

It is used as an input device to drive a car in racing video games such as Car Racing.

Here one can turn left and right like a real steering wheel. Thus it makes the racing game highly enjoyable.

23. Gesture Recognition Devices

This device takes your gestures as input.

There are many devices that work with gestures. This feature is also available in some smartphones and tablets where you can perform certain tasks. Such as Swapping, Preaching and taking pictures using finger gestures etc.

24. Biometric Devices

Biometric is a process in which a person is identified through his physical features such as fingerprints, cornea of ​​eyes and face shape.

This process is done using a biometric device.

25. Desktop Image Scanner

It is a device that uses optical technology to send photos or text from one place to another in the computer.

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