Output Device – Definition, Functions and Examples

In this article, we will read the information about the device that provides the output after the data is processed.

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what is output device

output device of computer
output device of computer

output device computer system There is a part of the computer which takes the data or instructions to the users after processing.

Output devices provide data in many forms, some of which include audio, visual, hard copy media, text, graphics, audio or video.

For example, when we use computer input devices like keyboard either mouse etc., give some data or instructions to the computer, then that output device like Monitor And printer gives us its result.

In simple words we can say that the part of computer which takes data and instruction is called input device and that part of computer which gives its result is called output device.

output device functions

Output device helps to perform different essential functions of the computer so it is considered as an important part of computer system. Output devices get updated by receiving signals from the computer and use that signal to provide output in different forms.

You can understand the working of an output device by the process given below:

  • When we press any one button on the keyboard, it sends a signal to the computer.
  • The computer further processes the input and sends a signal to the monitor.
  • The monitor then outputs to the screen.

From the above process, you must have understood what is the function of output device in computer.

Even if there is no output device connected to the computer, we will still be able to press the button on the keyboard and the computer will be able to process it. But we will not be able to see which button we have pressed. Because in order to give output, it is necessary to have an output device in the computer.

Examples of output devices

There are many output devices in a computer system, some examples of them are given below:

1. Monitor

It is the most common computer output device. It creates a visual display using which users can view the processing data. Use it through video card computer For viewing videos and graphics created by. It is also called visual display unit.

It shows all the data and information on its screen as a soft copy. This CPU and acts as an interface between the users. Dot peach is used in the monitor. The lower the numbers on Dot peach, the clearer and darker the image appears on the screen.

Monitors come in different sizes. Monitors used to be bulky in the olden times and were made using cathode ray tubes but nowadays they are usually LCD These monitors are made using technology and are light and thin.

2. Printer

Printer is the basic and common output device used in offices. It takes electronic data and gives the output in the form of hard copy. You can use it to print photos on paper.

The most common types of modern printers use Inject or Lazer technology. Color print and black white print are also available in the printer.

At first printers had their own ports, but modern printers can be accessed through a computer’s USB port or Wi-Fi connected to the computer through Apart from this, there are printers also available which Bluetooth Or connect via Wi-Fi.

3. Speaker

Speaker is a computer output device that is used to listen to audio from a computer. It is available in different prices with different qualities.

There are some special types of speakers that can only be connected to the computer while other speakers can be connected to any device. Signal of sound emanating from computer speakers is made by computer sound card.

Speaker is not a technical term. The real name of this device is Dynamic Head. This speaker can now be found in many devices. For example in TV, Radio, Telephone, Children’s toys and others.

4. Headphones

Headphone is a hardware output device. It is also known as Earphone. It generates audio after being connected to a smartphone or computer through a wireless connection. It is used to listen to audio.

Headphones take audio input from the sound card and convert it to audio output in the form of wave sound. It allows anyone to listen to music, movies, and other audio privately without disturbing other people. The first purpose of using headphones or earphones is to listen to the audio privately.

5. Projector

A projector is an external hardware device used to allow a large number of people in a room to experience computer-generated visuals. It can project moving images onto a blank wall, screen or any other surface.

Using Projector, we can show audio, video, image and different information simultaneously on a large screen from a laptop or computer. Therefore it is extensively used to show presentation in the office.

Modern digital projectors are often used to watch a movie, show a presentation, or help teach more children at a time. it from computer HDMI port is connected through.

6. Videocard

Video card is also called graphic card and graphic processing unit. It is the hardware part of the computer which Motherboard is connected to. video card or video adapter computer and laptop is part of.

Due to the video card, whatever photos, videos or games are in the computer, we see colorful. If you have to install a video card from outside in your computer or laptop, then for this separate slots are given in the computer or laptop in which you can install the video card from outside.

Nowadays professionals use an external video card to work in video processing programs, to do high definition games, 3D modeling video design and to work in 3D games.

7. Plotter

Plotter is an output device that prints graphics with high definition photos in multiple colors. It is similar to a printer but has more features than a printer. It is more accurate and faster with high resolution graphics.

The printer prints only on paper but the plotter can print on cardboard, fabric, film and other synthetic materials. It is mainly used in engineering, building construction, city planning, maps etc. A plotter is very expensive as compared to a printer.

8. GPS

GPS provides time and location information in all weather conditions and helps you find any object or place on the map, no matter where on Earth it is. The main output location of GPS is to provide weather conditions and tracking.

Almost every modern person has his smartphone or tablet even laptop But GPS Navigation is also used. The need for GPS can arise at any time for people with different business needs.

9. Sound Card

Sound card is the output device of the computer which is inside the computer. The sound card processes the signal from the motherboard and converts it into audio. If you want to listen to music, watch videos, play games, record audio calls then you need a sound card.

10. Speech Synthesizer:

Speech Synthesizer is also an output device consisting of several modules. It helps to generate Voice Output from the text given on the computer screen. Speech Synthesizer is also known as Speech Generating Device and Voice Output Communication Apps.

11. Touch Screen

Touch Screen is a display device. Which helps users to interact with the computer with the help of their fingers or Stylus. Touch screens are used on a variety of devices. Such as computer and laptop displays, smartphones, tablets, cash registers, etc.

It is used in various places. such as ATM Arcade Games, All in one computer, Car GPS, camera Car Stereo, Cash Register, Digital Computer, E-book, Factory Machine, Fitness Machine, Gas Station, Handheld Game Console, Ticket Machine, Signature Pads etc.

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