Personal Computer- Definition, Types, Components and Uses

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What is Personal Computer

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PC is a type of computer whose full name is Personal Computer. Single user means the one used by one person. Computer And known as a desktop computer.

All personal computers depend on micro processor technology. For those who make PC, they are all on one thing. CPU Enables setting.

usually one in one pc keyboard, mouse Monitor and system unit. Most personal computers have a network or Internet connection. including external hard drives, scanner, printer. There is also a port for connecting a machine like a digital camera, etc.

History of Personal Computer

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The most important event of 1981 for the personal computer industry was the launch of IBM PC on 12 August. This computer ran a 16-bit CPU on an 8-bit control unit (Intel 8088), with 5 large slots. At least 16 KB RAM was included and also had 2 full-height 5.25 drives.

Before the personal computer (PC), computers were designed for large companies. who connected thin terminals to a single large computer for multiple users.

whose resources were shared among all users. The advent of the personal computer broke the convention of terminal computing.

By the late 1980s, advances in technology made it possible to build a small computer that a person could use to fend for themselves.

According to computer history, the first personal computer was Kenbak-1, launched in 1971. It had 256 bytes of memory and was advertised by Scientific American for $750, although it did not have a CPU and was designed for educational use like other systems.

Personal Computer components

There are usually different parts of a personal computer which are as follows.

  1. Computer Case
  2. Motherboard
  3. CD/DVD Drive
  4. Random Access Memory
  5. Hard Disk
  6. Keyboard
  7. Printer
  8. Visual Display
  9. Pointing Device
  10. Charging Port

Types of Personal Computers

There are many types of personal computers, the types mainly based on their size are given below.

1. Desktop

A desktop computer is designed to be used at a desk. We cannot carry it easily from one place to another.

It consists of a large box called a system unit. Which contains most of the necessary components.

Monitor, keyboard And mouse All can be plugged in using cables (or in some cases using wireless technology).

2. Notebook

A notebook is as its name implies a portable computer. Which is designed to fold like a notebook for carrying and storing data.

A notebook can run most of the software similar to a desktop computer and has the same performance as a desktop computer.

some people it Laptop also say. Notebook personal computers are easy to carry anywhere.

3. Tablet

A tablet is a portable computer with a touch sensitive screen. Which is mounted on a tablet-sized plastic frame with a small computer. There is no keyboard or pointing device in it.

On Screen Keyboard pop-up when keyboard is needed. The tablet is extremely portable and convenient, but it has limited memory and storage capacity.

4. Smartphone

Smartphone is a mobile phone. Which can run different applications and has internet capability. Smartphones usually have a touch sensitive screen.

5. Workstation Computer

Workstation computer is designed in such a way that it can be controlled by only one person at a time but its working capacity is very high.

This type of computer is designed for mathematical or scientific research. It is a high performance computer.

These computers are mostly connected to the Local Area Network. These computers alone control many network systems.

6. Ultra Mobile Personal Computer

An ultra mobile personal computer is a smaller version of a tablet computer. This type of computer is mostly made by Microsoft, Intel and Samsung company.

At present, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 or Linux Operating System and Low Voltage INTEL Atom are used as Ultra Mobile PCs.

7. Pocket Personal Computer

Microsoft company has recently created a new hardware design which is used for computing.

A pocket personal computer is a small-sized handheld device. This Pocket PC to Run Windows Mobile Operating System makes use of.

Use of Personal Computer

The data processing capabilities of personal computers have increased their use.

Nowadays the user of personal computer can have a good knowledge of the Operative Environment and Application Programs.

But it is not necessary that he is interested in programming and is capable of writing computer programs, so most of the software for personal computer is written keeping in mind that it is easy to use and user friendly.

But Software The company has always been providing a large number of new products of personal computers. In short words, the following points have been given in the use of personal computer.

1. Personal computer is used for making spreadsheets, writing papers, playing games.

2. It is also used for tracking our finances, running accounts, running databases and many more.

3. Its use at home and extensively for gaming, multimedia, entertainment, Internet Used for running and much more.

4. If your PC is connected to the Internet, you can use it to browse and chat with friends via Instant Messages. E-mail Can also be used to check, download data or files.

Benefits of Personal Computer

Personal computers play an important role for individuals in both personal and business ways.

There are benefits of personal computers for everyone from school children to older individuals.

The technology of personal computer gives you various advantages by saving your money, time and many other ways.

1. Education

A Personal Computer can be used for school or college, work and House In education purpose can be done. A personal computer can be used to make attendance of students in the school.

Also a teacher can use personal computer to learn about the subjects if he does not have much knowledge in the subject from which he is going to teach in the class.

It can be used in class to play quizzes and learn about other cultures with the help of software programs.

Personal computers can be used to learn new skills, to improve new processes in your presentation and workplace.

Use it at home by students or others computer by using a software program mathematics, Grammer Even more can be done to learn subjects like reading.

2. Entertainment

Personal computers are also used for entertainment. On a computer you can play games with other people through software programs even if it is thousands of miles away.

Apart from this, if one does not want to play the game with anyone, then it provides users with the option to use Single Player Game on the personal computer.

It allows you to watch movies and television shows at any time but you have to download them.

You can also watch online videos by connecting your personal computer to the Internet or network. This way you can manage your body accordingly instead of having television shows control it for you.

3. Communication

A personal computer provides many options for communication with others. As such you can use your computer to make calls over the Internet and not need a separate telephone.

A personal computer is not only used for work but can also be used to share schedules for personal life.

Its use helps employees to share files and leave notes about plans.

Apart from this, it helps in reducing society’s dependence on phones by communicating over computer email and instant messaging.

Communication is possible between humans as well as machines on computers. For example, you can turn off your lights when you are out of your house.

Plus you can set up your DVR to record movies if connected to your computer via a wireless Internet connection.

4. Information

a personal computer Internet Helps people constantly have information at their fingertips by connecting to A computer user can type any website or URL into the search bar of the browser and visit this site in a matter of seconds.

There is a special book and application for those who live online. which are designed to provide specific types of information.

Also you can use offline PlayStation games or digital Incyclopedia software.

Disadvantages of Personal Computer

1. Bad effect on the body

Repeated use of computer can also cause many types of problems related to the body.
Eg: Back pain, Wrist pain and tension, Headache.

Laptop users face difficulties as they need to bend their back to view the screen properly.

It can also be harmful for people who use computers all day as they can suffer from muscle tension, eyestrain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Also with a personal computer people need to sit all day which is more harmful.

2. Internet Addiction

A person who has a deep addiction to the Internet. It can also include addiction to online gaming, cyber relationships, online gambling, etc. Internet Addiction people can use the Internet to escape from loneliness, stress or depression in their daily lives.

Although internet usage within a limit is healthy and normal, people who are addicted to the internet always feel that they should always be on the internet.

This often affects work and reduces students’ school presentation.

What is a Green Personal Computer?

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Green Personal Computer Sleep Mode Supports and consumes less power than normal personal computers.

It is also known as green computer and it shuts down unnecessary components even when the personal computer is not turned on.

Green PC deployment has become a main focus for many organizations. It helps companies and business to reduce carbon footprint and power consumption.

Ongoing efforts in energy It has helped in reducing the usage for and increasing the awareness among the people.

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