What is the Microcomputer, its types, uses and benefits

The term microcomputer is used in such a way computer which includes very little microprocessor, program memory, data memory and input/output (I/O). These computers are very small in size. Microcomputers have a microprocessor embedded inside the CPU.

What is Microcomputer

Microcomputer is an electronic device in which CPU As microprocessor is used i.e. CPU is in the form of a single integrated semiconductor chip.

This Semiconductor Chip is capable of doing all Logical and Arithmetic works. For memory also, Semiconductor Chip is used in it and data can be stored in Semiconductor Chip installed for memory by program.

History of Microcomputer

The term microcomputer first appeared in the 1970s. The Intel 4004 microprocessor in 1971 and later the Intel 8008 and Intel 8080 microprocessors in 1972 and 1974 contributed to the creation of microcomputers.

The first microcomputer was the Microl which was released in 1973 by Realisation D’etudes. Based on the Intel 8008, it was the first non-kit computer based on a microprocessor.

In 1974, the Intel 8008 based MCM/70 microcomputer was converted to Microcomputer Machines lnc. (later known as MCM Computer).

As the design of the microprocessor chip matured. By the way, the processing capacity of the microprocessor also increased.

By the 1980s, microcomputers were being used more for games and computer-based entertainment. Personal Computer It was being used extensively in work stations and academics.

By the 1980s, microcomputers were being produced as pocket-sized personal digital assistants and later in the form of cell phones and portable music computers.

Types of Microcomputers

1. Desktop

Desktop microcomputer plays a major role in our life as the person using it can perform many complex tasks in no time without any hindrance.


this computer is placed on the table and it keyboard, mouse And Monitor And through the system unit is connected to different components. This computer via Wi-Fi or Lawn Cable Internet able to connect.

But it has some drawbacks like other desktop microcomputers (laptop, PDAs, smartphones and notebooks) and is not portable. A certain area is needed to keep it.

2. Laptop

Laptop microcomputers are also known as notebooks and are designed like a stylish briefcase.

It can also perform various difficult tasks like a desktop computer and is capable of running on its inbuilt battery as well as a wall outlet.


These laptop microcomputers are more expensive than desktop computers because various smaller sized components have been made in it.

such as keyboard touchpad, LCD display and other internal parts Motherboard, CPU, hard disk e.t.c. Its best advantage is portability.

3. Tablet

Tablet microcomputer is a handheld portable device with a touch screen or touch face and is smaller in size than a notebook device but larger than a smartphone.

In this, users can do both the activity (input and output) on its LCD screen. He Internet to use Wi-Fi and other cellular networks.

Mini Computer

Many applications such as Word processing and Spreadsheets can be run on the tablet. Sometimes users may have problems due to the lack of its keyboard.

But he can use an external keyboard if needed more. There are some types of tablets available in the market such as Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface or Amazon’s Kindle fire etc.

4. Smartphone

A smartphone is a touch screen mobile phone that is capable of performing various functions similar to a computer, such as Operating System Installing apps, downloading individual apps, accessing data, etc.

5. PDA

PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant and is a handheld device. Which has great portability as well as smaller in tablet form top and same size as a smartphone.

It has a small LCD screen to perform both input and output functions. like other computers laptop is able to communicate with the desktop and other

6. Workstation

Workstation microcomputers are also known as one side computers and set computers and have many Microprocessor There are CPUs. Mostly this microcomputer has been designed by a user to do specific research.

They are used in places like banks, railways, airports and government offices.

7. Server

It helps many networks such as local area networks and wide area networks present open data to another terminal.

Each type of server microcomputer is designed for specific purposes. Like a web server to run all the web pages on the internet, etc.

8. Mini Tower

This type of computer is made in the form of a small tower. Being smaller in size than other computers, this computer does not take up much space on the table.

Different controller units are used to output input to this computer.

9. Full Tower

Full tower microcomputer is considered an advanced version of mini tower microcomputer. in this computer Motherboard, storage device, Graphics cardThere are many other components like power supply, etc.

Use of Microcomputer

The use of microcomputers has become common nowadays and due to the small and low cost of microcomputers, their use is becoming more:

We are telling you the use of microcomputer below:

  1. It can be used for many household items like Microwave, Oven, TV Remote, Control Unit, Cooker, CD Player, personal computer is done in running.
  2. We can also use it in our office work.
  3. We use microcomputer to play games, watch videos.
  4. We can use it to do calculations, create documents, Internet Can also do in the field of running and banking.

Advantages of Microcomputer

  1. Due to its small size, we can easily carry it anywhere and use it.
  2. Microcomputers cost less than other computers. Due to which it easily fits in the budget of the common man.
  3. It does not require specially trained people to operate it. Even less educated people can run it easily.
  4. Maintenance of microcomputer is possible everywhere. Many times those who use it solve the problems of microcomputer by themselves.
  5. Microcomputer is very useful for students. A microcomputer that is connected to the Internet, due to which it gives information on different subjects on a large scale.
  6. Because of the Internet, microcomputers allow their users to connect with other people from anywhere in the world. For this, there is the facility of audio or video calls, chatting applications and email.

Disadvantages of Microcomputer

Along with the advantages of microcomputer, it also has some disadvantages which are given below.

  1. Most microcomputers are low power Processor are equipped with. because of which their performance super computer And mainframe computer is less than.
  2. For example, you cannot run such applications. In which a high amount of computational power is required.
  3. Microcomputers are sensitive to many threats. It cannot provide strong protection. Any hacker can access your computer and steal your personal information or virus Can damage your important files.
  4. By default microcomputers come with less storage. In this you cannot save any big data.
  5. Having a microcomputer in the home can lead to addiction and habit spoilage. Especially students find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. Their attention may shift here and there again and again.
  6. Prolonged use of microcomputers can cause physical harm such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache and it can also damage the eyes.

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