Mini Computer- Definition, its History, Uses and Advantages and Disadvantages

According to the computer size, the main four types are Super Computer, Mainframe Computer, Mini Computer and Micro Computer.

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Come on in this post Mini Computer Will read about all the information like: what is mini computer, its uses, features, advantages and disadvantages.

What is Mini Computer

This way computer In which all the features of an ordinary computer are available but it is small in size.

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Mini computer is smaller than mainframe computer and bigger in size than micro computer i.e. we can say that it does less work than mainframe computer and more work than micro computer.

Although its size is small but it has a lot of storage capacity and at the same time its working speed is also very fast.

Mini computer in colloquial language Mini also say. this time sharing Operating System Offers its service to hundreds of users simultaneously.

In today’s time, we do not call this type of computer as a mini computer, we know it as a server. Mini computers also called MID range servers are considered a part of the network itself.

This computer consists of a multi user system. The speed of a mini computer ranges from 10 to 30 MIPS. Equipment from this type of computer such as printer And plotter etc. can be added.

History of Mini Computer

The history of minicomputers is illustrious. The mini computer was invented in the 1960s. Then it was named mini computer and this computer was called ibm company was created by.

At that time the purpose of making this computer was to help small traders. Which later became very beneficial for small traders.

This computer was made bigger than the microcomputer, due to which its value was also kept slightly higher than the microcomputer.

Before the 1960s, the usefulness of computers was much less than it is today. At that time computers were made using small transistors and core money technology. Whose performance and ability to work was very less and the cost to make it was also very high.

The first mini computer was made using a transistor, which cost about 16000 US dollars. Which is very high according to Indian currency. The first mini computer was named PDP 1.

PDP-1 This is a very popular mini computer and it is also used a lot. Business This computer was made keeping in mind the application and services. The performance of this computer was almost equal to the mainframe computer.

It was a small interactive computer developed by Benjamin Curley. This mini computer was sold for 120 thousand dollars.

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that the PDP-10 was the cheapest computer at that time which was sold for 120 thousand dollars.

Mini Computer price

At one time mini computers were available for about 100,000 USD dollars, but as technology advanced, mini computers became very cheap, which is also available for 20000 USD today.

Mini Computer names

Some examples of mini computers are given below.

  1. Control data’s CDC 160A and CDC 1700
  2. Data general Nova
  3. DEC PDP and VAX series
  4. Hewlett Packard HP 3000 series and HP 2100 series
  5. Honeywell Bull DPS 6/DPS 6000series
  6. IBM mid range computers
  7. Interdata 7/32 and 8/32
  8. Norsk data Nord-1, Nord-10 or Nord-100

Types of Mini Computers

Nowadays Mini Computer is available in the form of various gadgets, let us know about the types of these.

1. Smartphones

The concept of Smartphone was presented by Apple on 29 June 2007. Since then the smartphone has taken over the world.

Smartphones are very common nowadays. Its popularity among the people is very high. Smartphones are mainly used for gaming, watching videos and other technical work.

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Nowadays smartphones are operated by the Android operating system but there are other devices used in smartphones. Operating System is also.

Such as the Windows Operating System used in the Microsoft Operating System and the IOS Operating System used by Apple, etc.

Thus smartphone is a type of mini computer used extensively. There are also some companies making smartphones like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Jio and others.

2. Tablet PC

Tablet is also a type of mini PC. Which is used for the purpose of entertainment, artistic and other work of computer.

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Nowadays tablets have become extremely useful and affordable. Therefore its use in the business sector has increased significantly. Usually the size of the tablet is 7 to 9 inches.

3. iPad

The iPad is a tablet PC supplied by Apple that is used for gaming entertainment and other computer functions. It is powered by Apple’s iOS and iPadOS operating systems.

iPadOS 14 introduces new features designed specifically for iPad - Apple  (IN)

It also does the job of multitasking along with very good performance and graphics. The iPad is a trendy gadget among the students.

4. Netbook

Netbook General laptop is a shortened form of. Its screen size is small and the keyboard is also small. A Netbook can perform all the functions like a personal PC. But due to its small size, it also has some limitations.

It has less RAM and high drive But every day new improvements are being made in technology and it can do many other types of tasks. Like photo editing, playing games and many other office tasks are also included.

Mini Computer usage

In general, mini computers are used by small businessmen, but in the present time mini computers are used on a very large scale. The uses of mini computers are given below.

1. Mini computer is mainly used by any company to control the process of any work. Process control has two primary functions. Acquiring data and responding to it.

Example:- Mini computers are used to control the manufacturing process in any factory. If there is any change in the process it recognizes that change and notifies us.

2. Whatever mini computer we use for data management, we can do any work related to data management like taking data or creating it or restoring it.

3. It is used by various departments of companies to unload the work of mainframe computers.

4. It is used in today’s time for online work like blogging, digital marketing etc. is also done for

5. It is also used for tasks like database management and file handling.

6. We can also use it in our everyday life like making videos, playing games etc.

7. It also has audio and video connections. You can also use it as a multimedia server. Using this we can also do video conferencing.

Advantages of Mini Computers

  • It is smaller in size than the mainframe computer, due to which it can easily fit anywhere. Being small and portable, it can be easily carried anywhere.
  • It is very fast for its size.
  • It does not require more trained people to operate, due to which a large number of people can use it.
  • It keeps charge for a long time.
  • This mainframe and super computer are less expensive.
  • It can perform multiple tasks at the same time, it can be used by many people at the same time.
  • A Mini Computer usually desktop pc Consumes about 10 times less power than
  • Its maintenance is also very easy and cheap.

Disadvantages of mini computer

  • In some mini computer USB Port does not exist.
  • Anyone in Mini Computer CD & DVD Drive are not.
  • its screen and Keyboard Size is smaller than normal. Due to which typing on it becomes a bit difficult.
  • Mini computers are not with much storage space. Therefore they are unable to collect large amount of data. Apart from this, Mini Computer is less RAM come with.
  • Due to different operating systems, those using Mini Computer find it a bit difficult to run it.

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