MS Excel- Definition, its Uses and Best Features

MS Excel- Microsoft Excel one of MS Office Software and whenever any computer When Microsoft Office is installed in the computer, then all the software of MS Office like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Edge etc. comes in the computer.

On this page you will read and understand the information of MS Excel. MS Word And MS Power Point If you want to understand the information, then read the old post.

What is Microsoft Excel

MS Excel: Getting Started with Excel

MS Excel is a Spreadsheet Program whose full name is “Microsoft Excel” Which is also known as MS Excel or Excel in short.

MS Excel was developed by Microsoft which has 1100 Row and 3556 Column, you can easily Open, Create, Edit, Formatting, Calculate, Share & Print the data.

Where does MS Excel come in handy?

Microsoft Excel is used to display data in the form of a table.

Excel is a software in which, along with organizing the data properly, it is used to analyze the data and generate financial reports.

It is very useful in our personal work as well as in business work.

If you want, you can attract people by coloring Deta for charts and tables.

Hourly work can be done in minutes by applying formulas in Excel, which will save you time.

Features of Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft is very simple and fast.
  • Boxes are already made for doing table work in this.
  • In this, you can easily calculate how much on a single page.
  • Most of the people use Microsoft Excel for professional work.
  • Once you enter a formula in Microsoft, it is saved automatically.

Microsoft Excel is a very useful Office software. Nowadays the workload has increased in Office. Each month we have to prepare a lot of data which is a matter of problem.

If you do more calculations in Office Work, then most people use a calculator for that, but some calculations can be done easily with the calculator, but if you want to do a large level of professional calculation, then there is no better option than Excel for this. Huh.

How to open MS Excel in computer

It is very easy to open MS Excel in computer, you will be able to open Microsoft Excel in your computer or laptop by following 5 steps.

  1. First of all turn on your computer.
  2. Click on Start button.
  3. Click on All Programs.
  4. Search MS Office and click on it.
  5. Finally click on Microsoft Office Excel.

Uses of MS Excel

You can use MS Excel for the following tasks.

  • Data Entry
  • Data Maganmen
  • Accountant
  • Financial Analysis
  • Charting and Graphing
  • Data Functions
  • Formulas and Shortcuts

Apart from organizing the data in Excel, many tasks can be easily done in the right way in less time.

Hope you have liked the information of MS Excel and you will understand it.

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