Sleep mode- Definition and its benefits and harms

Today we will talk about Sleep Mode. Many times it happens that when we computer But we are working and when we keep many files open in our computer.

During that time we have to take a break of half an hour, then we do not turn off our computer because if the computer is turned off then all our files will also be closed and then our time will be wasted in opening those files.

In such a situation, our computer keeps running in excess and the electricity also keeps on going in waste. Keeping all these problems in mind, some such features have been given in all computers and laptops, by using which you can save both electricity and your time.

one of those features sleep mode and on this page you computer Let’s read the information about Sleep Mode in detail.

What are sleep modes

Sleep Mode works as Power Shaving in the computer, if we are doing any work in our computer and during the same time we have to take a small break, then we can put our computer or laptop in Sleep Mode.

By doing this, you have the advantage that whatever work you are doing in your computer or laptop, everything stops there, that is, it gets paused and our computer goes into power mode.

So that the consumption of electricity is also very less and then as soon as we finish the break and bring our computer to normal mode, then our computer starts working again as before.

But there are also some disadvantages of using Sleep Mode in a computer or laptop. If we talk about the disadvantages of Sleep Mode.

So whenever we keep our computer or laptop in sleep mode and if at the same time the electricity or laptop battery runs out, then in such a situation you have lost your computer or laptop. computer Or laptop In whatever documents are opened, then all the data is lost because all that data RAM Which is a Temporary Memory.

Let us now tell you how to turn on your computer in Sleep Mode.

How to turn on Sleep Mode in computer

It is very easy to put your computer or laptop into sleep mode. To see the option of sleep mode, you have to first click on the Windows or Start button appearing on the screen.

After that click on Power Button. And in the next options you will see the option of Sleep, clicking on which your computer or laptop will go into Sleep Mode.

If you do not see this option in your computer or laptop, then the reasons may be as follows. Be sure to check them out.

  • You do not have Administrative Access.
  • Power Saving Mode Off in BIOS setting.
  • Video Card in your PC does not support Sleep Mode.

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