There are many specialised software for managing projects, but Microsoft Excel is still a popular choice. Excel is flexible, easy to use, and has many features. One of the best things about Excel is that you can use tables to organise data quickly and Remove Table Formatting Excel easily. Excel Courses are the best option when you need to learn more about Excel features and uses.

In this blog, we’ll discuss using Excel tables to track project management assignments.

Why Use Excel Tables for Project Management?

Structured references, easy data editing, and the ability to filter and sort data are all features of Excel tables that make it easier to keep track of the changing information that comes with project tasks. They give you a set of powerful and flexible tools for keeping track of different project parts, such as budgets, timelines, resources, and the state of tasks that have been finished.

Setting Up Your Project Management Table in Excel

Step 1: Define Your Table Structure

Open a new Excel file and write down what you want to keep track of. Some standard columns in a table for project management are:

  • Task Name: Description of the task.
  • Owner: Responsible for completing the task
  • Start Date and End Date: When the task is expected to start and finish.
  • Status: Current status of the task (e.g., Not Started, In Progress, Completed).
  • Priority: Importance of the task (e.g., High, Medium, Low).
  • Comments: Any additional notes or comments about the task.

Step 2: Create the Table

In the first row of your Excel document, type in the names of your columns.

  • Pick the range that has your headers in it.
  • Either click on the “Insert” tab and choose “Table” or press Ctrl + T to quickly access it.
  • In the next box, make sure the “My table has headers” box is checked, then click “OK.”

Step 3: Customise Your Table

Excel tables can be changed in a lot of ways. Here are some improvements you might want to think about:

  • Formatting: You can change your table’s style and colour scheme on the “Table Design” tab to make it easier to read.
  • Calculations: Add columns to do calculations, like how many days are left until the due date or what percentage of the job is done.
  • Dropdown Lists: To make comments more consistent, use data validation to create dropdown lists for columns like Status or Priority.

Managing Project Tasks Using Tables in Excel

Tracking Progress

Add new entries to your table regularly to show how jobs are progressing. You can sort or filter tasks by state, due date, or owner for each part of your project. This regular update helps you find problems and set job priorities in the best way possible.

Visualising Data with Conditional Formatting

You can use Excel’s conditional style to make tasks stand out based on certain conditions, such as tasks that are almost due or tasks that are behind schedule. One rule you can set will make chores stand out in red if the due date is in less than a week and the status is still “In Progress.”

Automating Updates with Formulas and Functions

Add methods to automatically determine things like how many days are left until a task is due or the percentage of completion based on subtasks. Functions like IF, VLOOKUP, and DATEDIF can be very helpful in the context of project management.

Integrating Excel Tables with Other Tools

Excel tables can be used as part of a more extensive system for managing projects, such as:


You can summarise your data with PivotTables, which will help you see how tasks are assigned and how the project is going.


You can make Gantt charts or pie charts to see how tasks are distributed or project dates.


A single Excel report can contain all the details of a project, as several tables and charts are combined.

Tips for Success in Excel Tables

Keep It Simple

Don’t make your table too complicated. Start with the most essential information and add more as needed.

Regular Updates

Updating your data will help you clearly understand where the project stands.

Backup Your Data 

Save and back up your files often to keep from losing them.


Excel tables are a powerful tool for project management because they allow you to keep track of important project data. Because Excel has powerful features, project managers can keep a clear, up-to-date view of the project and motivate their teams to finish it on time and successfully. For more information visit: The Knowledge Academy.
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