6 Unique Ways To Promote Your Brand Via Morale Patches

From the initial days to date, the embroidered patches have always been our favourite. Their multipurpose nature and heartwarming display are enough to pull out money from our pockets. They have been serving us for over a thousand years. Sometimes in the military, sometimes in peace marches, and sometimes in upcycling our outfits. Moreover, it was after the Industrial Revolution that the patches became more accessible and affordable. These loveable treats are now pushing their limits as if trying to take over all walks of our lives! Gracefully entering into the corporate sector, they have already captured more than half of the market. Here is how:

Embroidered Morale Patches As A Marketing Tool

The aura of these embroidered emblems is so broad that no one aspect can contain them. Their purpose and usage have no boundaries, and this is what we love most about them. The Morale Patches are so flexible that they go along with literally anything… You name it, and the magical cloth fits there!

Below are 6 ways in which you can style them for different locations to support the growth of your business:

  1. Employees: The Finest Brand Ambassadors

Starting with the most significant stakeholders of a company, the employees, often neglected, are the face of every brand in true essence. Therefore, it is highly recommended to begin the charity at home and present a few to the staff members first. It could be the business logo, the name of the personnel, or just the designation as a badge.

Imagine two electricians appearing at your door. One in an appropriate getup and another one in casual clothes. Whom would you be more comfortable with? Of course, with the one in uniform because the impact of an organized and professional dress code is massive. It is enough to upsurge the credibility of an individual within seconds.

Companies that believe in pleasing their employees more than customers know how constructive it is.  

  • Employee Retention: Boosting Self-Esteem

As already said, staff members are the new boss. Our efforts to make them happy are crucial for their motivation and efficient performance. Hence, they must be recognized for the grind they put up with every day.   

Special reward programs hosted annually are the greatest example. The company may choose to bestow its staff with customized brooches with different labels along with the business logo. For example, a reward patch with the number of years served by the worker or a badge with titles like ‘star employee’ or ‘top performer’.

This effort has manifold benefits. Firstly, the worker feels encouraged because of the acknowledgement. Next, they will wear the emblem every day to work as an honor, naively serving as brand advocates. Lastly, such initiatives also ensure the loyalty and retention of the workforce.   

  • Charity: Seize The Occasion

For years and years, corporations have been benefitting from society, but now it is payback time. As responsible and active members, companies can launch campaigns for ethical, social, or medical awareness. All they have to do is simply run a social media drive.

For instance, pick a subject as critical as breast cancer. Then, create a personalized brooch with the help of your creative team. The design should be comprised of your business logo, some noteworthy relevant details, and a catchy slogan. Superb, now you have fundraising merchandise. Get it produced in bulk and then make a social media post. Ask your followers to support this cause by buying this badge. All raised funds go to patients directly.

Alternatively, encourage top influencers to wear the brooch and click-post a selfie with it to show their solidarity. Voila! You just killed two birds with the same stone. 

  • Merchandising: Increasing Brand Visibility

Incorporating sewn brooches in different fashion articles is another clever way of promoting your business, such as heat pressing on caps, hats, bags, and jackets. This is the cheapest and most versatile tool of marketing.

Sleek, intricate, and vivid patterns on headwear accessories catch people’s eyes, and they buy them without second thoughts. Then, they voluntarily become walking advertisements for your merchandise. How effortless! Some Canadian schools are already adapting to this new trend, as Canada patches are tailor-made for students.

Moving on to bags, all sorts of luggage carriers: totes, laptop bags, and backpacks. They act as blank canvases that open wide rooms for creativity. So now, it is your job to mesmerize customers by making the needlework as dramatic and prominent as you can. You are free to play around with hues and exclusive but minimal design.

  • Product Launch: Golden Opportunity

You might have noticed some collectors around you. Yes, such individuals are attracted to original and exclusive objects. However, the limited edition category is the most sought-after. And so you might want to stir the excitement of customers by launching a rare bespoke collection.   

Apart from this, corporations can also exploit some of their grand events to give away personalized patches. For example, while launching a product, the brand can also introduce free iron-on badges that come with the first 1000 orders. This way, the audience can be kept associated with the business in one way or the other.

  • Client Management: A No-Brainer

Customer service is the new marketing. Hence, handle it with care. Here are a few ideas on how to entertain clients for recurrent sales with a few smart techniques:

The initial step is customer loyalty prizes. A scheme where regular shoppers will be divided into a 3-layer system. Customers will be eligible for different titles based on how much they have spent on our products. Every deserving nominee gets a deluxe edition specially crafted patch. Along with the condition that each time a customer wears it to the store, they qualify for a 10% discount. People will rush to buy your products, eager for an exceptional gift.

Furthermore, the brand can also put out an arrangement for referrals. Whoever convinces five new people to purchase an item from our company shall be worthy of a prize. A unique festive brooch that says ‘thank you, buddy!’ Now, who doesn’t want such a memorable souvenir?   

Let’s Sum Up This Patch Guide For Businesses

To conclude, the design of the patch needs to tell a story—the story of your journey and success through the intricate details very finely. The details must be relevant so that they smoothly trace back to your brand.

Lastly, there are innumerable ways you can promote your brand using morale patches. A few are mentioned above for you to explore. Now it is your call to do what you think is best for your business type. However, bear in mind the quality, pricing, and customization variety of the brooches before you select a patch maker.

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