A Comparative Analysis Of Bespoke Jewellery Valuation In India And The UK

Bespoke jewellery is very close to heart. There is a reason for why people take additional care of bespoke jewellery pieces. It is because unlike the mass produced jewellery, in bespoke jewellery they add their personal touch. The jewellery is designed and personalised according to their taste and it invokes the feelings and emotions that they have. Even when they are giving this jewellery as a gift to someone, at that time as well, the jewellery shows the strong bond that they share with each other through its intricate designs. Therefore, bespoke jewellery is precious and it needs to be preserved with utmost care. The jewellery is valuable not just because the personal touch is added to it, but also for the metals, stones, designs and the designer involved in making the jewellery. Therefore, when you take bespoke jewellery for the process of jewellery valuation, you will find that its value is higher than the time when you had actually purchased it. Just like the mass produced jewellery, the value of the bespoke jewellery also keeps on fluctuating with the current market value. However, is the valuation process related to jewellery the same in every country?

With this specific question in mind we will do a comparative study of the bespoke jewellery valuations process in India and the UK, the two prominent nations where jewellery has a major role to play. The basic things which you need to keep in mind during the evaluation of your jewellery are that they are in good condition, they do not of any kind of damage, the metal used in designing the jewellery, the stone used in it, the age of the jewellery, the brand or the designer it belongs, whether it comes with hallmark and certificate giving its authenticity. These are some of the basic elements which play a major role not just in bespoke jewellery, but mass produced jewellery as well as other important assets like watches and handbags. While taking it to the valuer, make sure that the person has enough experience and knowledge in this field. Apart from that you can take your jewellery and other important assets to the companies, such as Prestige Valuations who provide you with the best valuers both online and offline. Let us now have a look at the comparative analysis in the evaluation process of bespoke jewellery in India and the UK.

Bespoke Jewellery London

The Valuation of Bespoke Jewellery in India

In India the valuation process of bespoke jewellery pays emphasis to the financial assessment and the artistic and aesthetic appreciation. Intricate designs, skilled craftsmanship, distinctive features in the design, such as how deep the detailing of the design is and how aesthetic the piece of jewellery looks because of this design. Apart from design and craftsmanship, the quality of the metal is also given much importance. It is the purity of the metal which plays a major role in deciding the value of the jewellery. How pure the golden or silver jewellery is, whether it is hallmarked or not, the carat weight of the jewellery and son are examined carefully during the valuation process. Apart from that colour, carat weight, clarity and cut of the stone also determine the value of your bespoke jewellery. These are some of the basic things which are looked upon in India during the valuation of bespoke jewellery. Market trends and proper documentation and certificates are also given immense importance.

The Valuation of Bespoke Jewellery in the UK

Bespoke Jewellery Hatton Garden

Whether you go for the valuation of bespoke jewellery in London or anywhere in the UK, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind. In the UK the professional valuers are given rigorous training to evaluate bespoke jewellery and other important assets. Unless a professional valuer has proper knowledge and experience in this field, he will find it difficult to gain the trust of his customers. The job of the valuer is to understand the financial and artistic aspects of the bespoke jewellery. They have to carefully examine the intricate designs, craftsmanship and the quality of materials used in designing the piece of jewellery. Just like in India, market trends play a major role in determining the value of your bespoke jewellery. Apart from that the gemological assessment which includes the 4 C’s of the stone (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight) are also given importance, just like in India. Another important thing which is considered in evaluating the bespoke jewellery in the UK is that the valuation of the bespoke jewellery is done mainly for the purpose of insurance coverage. A detailed report is prepared for insurance purposes only so that an accurate coverage is ensured to the person during the time of loss or damage.

Summing Up

Culture and religion have a significant role to play in the valuation process of the bespoke jewellery in India, whereas in the UK, the focus is mainly on market demand and contemporary style, therefore whether you go for the valuation of the bespoke jewellery in Hatton Garden or anywhere in the UK, the aspects discussed above are given more importance. Jewellery plays a pivotal role in everyone’s life irrespective of the nation they belong to. There are some differences in the valuation process in different nations, however, there are a few things which remain similar everywhere.

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