Accelerate Your WiFi Range with Netgear Orbi Router

Nowadays, we are receiving many queries on how to accelerate the WiFi range of their existing home network. The reason is, their existing networking device is not able to fulfil their daily internet needs. Sensing this need, we suggest our users to opt for Netgear Orbi router. Yes, you read it absolutely right! This device have grabbed many eyeballs of tens of millions users across the globe. If you also want to give your existing WiFi range a boost, just opt for the device in discussion, do Orbi login and configure it.

Now, after configuring the Orbi in a successful and proper manner, there are still a lot many things that you have to do to enhance your WiFi connectivity. To know them, you have to stick to this 5-minute read. Given that, continue reading and know how to accelerate your WiFi range with Netgear Orbi router.

Tips to Accelerate Your WiFi Range

The topmost tips that will help you accelerate your WiFi range up to 70 percent are outlined underneath. Scroll down a little!

Set up Your Orbi Properly

This is one of the utmost tips when it comes to accelerating your WiFi range. Yes, that’s true! Orbi setup process is the first step that you can use to boost up your WiFi range. So, to must consider the best Orbi setup tips in order to get the device configured without hindrance.

Keep Orbi and WiFi Range Satellite Closer

To make the most out of your Orbi, it is important to keep it closer to the satellite and sync them. The optimal distance between your Orbi and satellite should be only 10-15 feet (not more or less). And, once you are done with placing them at a safe distance, press the sync button on your Orbi and within 10 seconds, press the sync button on the satellite.

Check the Placement of WiFi Range device

Your Orbi and satellite shouldn’t be placed in corners, or closer to doors and windows. Doing so, will hamper your WiFi experience. Apart from this, you must avoid placing your Orbi and satellite near to:

  • Baby monitors
  • Bluetooth speakers

Also, DO NOT install/ place them:

  • Inside a cabinet
  • Beneath your study/ computer table
  • Behind curtain or a device (that could be any)

Frequently Power Cycle the Orbi

To keep your Orbi up and running and to make the most out of it, we suggest you keep giving a fresh start in a month or two by power cycling or restating it.

The instructions to reboot/ restart/power cycle the Orbi are as follow;

Step 1: Turn off your Orbi.

Step 2: Keep the Orbi turned off for at least 15 minutes.

Step 3: Now, turn the Orbi back on.

Step 4: Sync your Orbi and satellite again. Why? Because while executing the power cycling process, your Orbi and the satellite have got disconnected. So, you have to sync them again using the instructions given above.

Be in Touch with Your ISP Always

For the well-working of any networking device, your ISP plays a utmost role. So, iff you feel like your Orbi is not performing well, or the Orbi is connected but you are getting no internet to access, contact your ISP right away. And, if you find that your ISP is the cause behind hampering your WiFi experience, ask him to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Perform Orbi Firmware Update on a Regular Basis

Updating Netgear Orbi firmware is one of the important tips that you can consider in order to keep the device’s performance to a hike. Orbi firmware update process helps in fixing bugs with the device and other technical issues. So, get ready to enjoy the boosted WiFi range all over your house by updating Orbi’s firmware.

To prevent Orbi firmware update failed issue, we suggest you:

  • Do not interrupt the process by turning off your Orbi.
  • While the process is going on, avoid going online or clicking on any link.
  • Do not disconnect Orbi and the satellite.
  • Avoid refreshing the web page, existing from firmware update page, or going back.
  • Do not disconnect your client device (computer or laptop) from the Orbi’s WiFi.

Your Netgear Orbi router will reboot automatically once the firmware update process meets its successful end.

To Conclude

Now, we are going to wrap up our article with this hope that by applying the tips mentioned here, you will be able to accelerate your WiFi range with Netgear Orbi router. In future, if you wish to seek assistance regarding the same, refer to this article. And, for this, you have to save/ bookmark this page.

Thank you for reading and applying the tips provided here!

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