Advantages of Charter Buses for Field Trip

Field trips have never ceased to excite the young and old alike. The mode of transport, though, has been an even greater excitement. Road transport has been the most favoured for distances that involve only a journey of a day or two. We look at the advantages of charter buses for field trips. Why more people prefer charter buses over any other form including rental buses. This does not mean that only they are to be used on field trips.

Rental buses for field trip

Rental buses for field trips are surely not the most sought after options because most all rental buses do not come with the comfort expected on long journeys. Who prefers rental buses for field trips? Mostly the school children from the lower classes prefer these since it gives them the freedom to scream out in full flow, which often is not possible in a charter bus. Again, only institutions with meagre budget tend to choose rental buses for field trip. Most rental buses are older and rattle much, never mind which part of the globe it be that the trip is being planned. These buses lack the tinted glass or curtains used to assure privacy and blocking the sunlight.  In addition, they have no extra space for the luggage that goes with the travellers on a field trip. However, in areas where the tyres used are more rugged and large sized, the charter bus for field trip often comes a cropper. Rental buses for field trips are the screamers – who in addition to school students include football teams returning successfully from local tournaments. Rental buses are the norm for those looking to standing up in a bus and gupshipping with the fellow mate in the back seat. A site-seeing of London, for example, is best accomplished in rental buses for field trip with its top cut off, bringing the nostalgia and recreating the feeling of the yesteryear trips along the same roads. A ride down Piccadilly Circus is best done in a rental bus than in a charter bus. The benefit is again the nostalgia of yester years. Can a charter bus trip down the same road create the same nostalgia? 

Charter buses

A charter bus, on the contrary helps travel in style and much more comfort. Charter buses often have body paint that is soothing and often with one or another scene painted on it. The door stops passengers view the road scenes in front of them. Some of the comforts in a charter bus for field trip would include having an airconditioner. In addition, most charter buses do have wi-fi and television, comforts that many crave for when they are tired.  Another would be the availability of a undercarriage to stow all the luggage. Most all charter buses either have tinted glass windows or curtains to keep the sun away and also for added privacy. In addition, a charter bus for field trip would offer plenty of leg space to stretch out. On overnight rides, charter buses offer the choice of more drivers ensuring overall safety.  The silence inside the charter bus  for field trip is a delight for guides, since they offer the atmosphere to guide the occupants on the various sights and sites en route to their destination – a heaven for most tourist guides. 

Advantages of charter bus for field trip

However, a charter bus for field trip would not go where the terrain is rocky or undulated. Rental buses for field trips break the tape on uneven terrain. The natural question then is why charter bus for field trip is preferred over rental bus on the same?  Except on adventure field trips the passengers prefer a comfortable ride. Throughout the journey the plush seating of the charter bus for field trip is preferred – be it teams or corporates or groups looking for an easy comfortable journey. A charter bus for field trip carries more passengers while rental bus for field trip would ferry lesser number of passengers and thus more buses would be needed. In Canada, however, more and more revellers utilise the charter bus for field trip since the tree-lined boulevards have not much history or nostalgia. The choice of charter bus or rental bus on field trips is essentially dependant on the kind of people travelling. Most renting agencies have all kinds of buses, depending on their location and the needs they service. 


Comparing the right type of buses for field trips would be a futile exercise. While the Charter bus for field trips has many positives, it also has many demerits. Does that mean that the rental bus has more negatives than positives? Quite to the contrary, the rental bus for field trip is loaded with positives, much the same as the charter bus. Aun Bus Canada owns both varieties of buses and is therefore capable or providing both the varieties, depending only on the customer’s choice.Aun Bus Canada is the ideal choice for any ride in Canada. Book them for your field trip, as much for the wedding party or even the school ride for students. The buses are well-kept and maintained. The drivers are very courteous. The ride in an Aun bus is sure to reach you to your destination all rested or even all hyped up, just the mood you choose. Accessible anywhere in the nation is what Aun bus is all about.

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