Axis Bank: Paving the Way for Easy Funding of Overseas Education

Choosing the right lender for an overseas education loan can be confusing, but Axis Bank offers options suitable for various needs. Established in 1994, Axis Bank is the third-largest private bank in India, committed to financial empowerment. It provides education loans for students pursuing higher studies abroad.

Axis Bank education loans without collateral and with collateral provide an easy way to finance the aboard education for students. This option opens doors for students who may not have significant assets to pledge. Additionally, Axis Bank provides education loans with collateral, allowing borrowers to use assets such as property or investments to secure the loan.

Both options come with benefits tailored to students’ needs. The loans cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other related costs, easing the financial burden of education. Axis Bank’s transparent process and competitive interest rates make it a preferred choice among students seeking financial support for their studies. In this article, we will delve into the benefits and more, making it easier for students to pursue their academic aspirations without worrying about financial constraints.

Benefits of Taking an Overseas Education Loan from Axis Bank

Discover the myriad advantages of securing an education loan from Axis Bank, where unparalleled benefits await.

    • High-Value Loans
      Axis Bank offers education loans starting from Rs 50,000, covering tuition fees and living expenses, ensuring comprehensive financial support for your academic endeavors.

    • Attractive Interest Rates
      Benefit from competitive interest rates linked to the Repo Rate, ensuring affordability and transparency in your loan repayments, thereby reducing financial strain.

    • Pre-Admission Sanction
      Obtain peace of mind with pre-admission loan sanction, ensuring timely financial support and eliminating last-minute hurdles in securing funds for your education, facilitating a smooth admission process.

    • Margin on Education Loans
      Enjoy the flexibility of a 15% margin requirement on education loans exceeding Rs. 4,00,000 for overseas education, alleviating financial pressure on students and their families, and making education more accessible.

    • Wide Range of Subjects
      Whether it’s engineering, medicine, or arts, Axis Bank’s education loans cater to a diverse range of subjects, ensuring inclusivity and support for students pursuing their education.

    • Easy Loan Disbursal
      Experience swift and hassle-free loan disbursal within just 15 working days, enabling you to focus wholeheartedly on your studies without worrying about financial delays, enhancing your academic journey.

These are some of the benefits that you can avail if you pick Axis Bank for a foreign education loan. But one of the most important factors is the eligibility criteria. So, let us proceed.

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria for an education loan from Axis Bank hinge on several key factors:

    • Citizenship Requirement – Applicants must hold Indian citizenship.

    • Academic Performance – Demonstrating good academics is crucial, with a minimum of 50% marks required in both Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and graduation examinations.

    • Course Selection – Eligible courses encompass a broad spectrum of career-focused disciplines such as medicine, engineering, management, etc., spanning both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

    • Admission Criteria – Students can secure admission internationally through entrance exams for specific universities, and English proficiency tests.

    • Co-applicants’ Financial Standing – A co-applicant—be it parents, siblings, or a guarantor—must furnish verifiable proof of consistent income, ensuring good financial backing for the loan.

Axis Bank’s assessment of eligibility criteria is in line with its evolving policies at the time of application and disbursement, ensuring that students receive tailored financial support while adhering to the bank’s stringent standards and procedures.

Summing Up

Axis Bank offers accessible options for education loans tailored to student’s needs, including those planning to study abroad without collateral. With competitive interest rates, swift loan disbursal, and comprehensive financial support covering tuition fees and living expenses, Axis Bank simplifies the process of obtaining an education loan for overseas studies. Applicants must meet eligibility criteria, including academic performance and financial standing, to avail of these benefits. Thus, if you want guidance on how to get education loan for abroad studies without collateral or with collateral, you can reach out to some of the top overseas education loan advisors.

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