Discover the Best Art and Craft Workshops in Delhi

Best Art and Craft Workshops in Delhi: Delhi is the heart of India and a city that beats with creativity and culture. Having many things to offer from its rich past to its noisy markets makes it a canvas for artists and craftsmen. Whether you would like to improve your artistic skills or just try out something new, Delhi has a range of art and craft workshops. As an artist either already established or still finding your feet, these workshops give you an opportunity to learn new techniques, meet others who think like you do, and find inspiration in a dynamic arts community. Throughout this guide the best art and craft workshops in Delhi have been listed.

Best Art and Craft Workshops in Delhi

1. Arts Shala


The comprehensive range of art and craft workshops in delhi offered by Arts Shala is what made it famous. Situated at the heart of Delhi, it presents numerous workshops catering for different tastes and skill levels. Be it painting or pottery as well as resin art or DIY crafts; Arts Shala provides an environment which nurtures creativity.


Variety of Classes: Choose between painting, pottery making among others.

Experienced Instructors: They are professional artists who offer lessons in various mediums.

Community Focus: Join a supportive group who will encourage your artistic pursuits.

Flexible Schedule: Workshops are held on weekdays as well as weekends to suit your timetable.

Popular Workshops:

Pottery Classes: They are practical where you will be shown how to mould clay and create beautiful pottery.

Painting Courses: This involves different painting techniques like watercolor, acrylic, oil painting among others

Resin Art Workshops: Expert guidance on making stunning resin art works.

2. Creative Hands Studio


Delhi’s art enthusiasts are well acquainted with Creative Hands Studio. This studio conducts a range of workshops focusing on both traditional and contemporary art forms. Therefore, it is the ideal place for self-expression and learning new skills as an artist.


Diverse Art Forms: Offers classes in areas such as painting, sculpture, mixed media etc.

Personalized Instruction: With small class sizes students receive personalized attention.

Creative Environment: It is a motivating workplace that encourages originality and inventiveness.

Popular Workshops:

Mixed Media Art: Blend different materials and methods to produce distinctive pieces of work.

Sculpture Classes: A course on basic sculpting techniques using materials such as clay, stone or wood.

Fabric Art: Some of these include tie-dyeing batik printing and embroidery.

3. Delhi Art Hub


For all your art education, Delhi Art Hub offers plenty of workshops which have been designed with high quality in mind. Essential for artist’s seeking to perfect their artistic skills, this hub lays emphasis on foundational skills and advanced techniques.


Guidance by Experts: Workshops conducted by highly qualified artists and teachers.

Enhancement of Skills: Classes that improve both technical and imaginative aptitude.

Art Shows: Places where you can display your craft during exhibitions and occasions.

Popular Workshops:

Advanced Painting Techniques: Develop the expertise to handle water color, acrylic or oil paints.

Portrait Drawing: Detailed instructions on how to make the best portraits ever.

Urban Sketching: Sketch buildings and cityscape like an artist capturing their essence completely.

4. Craft Village


While allowing for contemporary interpretations, Craft Village is a unique art and craft workshops in delhicenter that emphasizes traditional craftsmanship. Situated away from the city’s noise, it is a serene place where one can easily get lost in creative endeavors.


Traditional Focus: Workshops highlighting Indian traditional crafts

Green Practices: Emphasis on sustainable art

Cultural Exchange : Opportunities to learn through interactions with artisans from different parts of India.

Popular Workshops:

Block printing: Examine the olden days of block printing for clothes.

Pottery and ceramics: Practical workshops focusing on traditional pottery crafts.

Handmade Paper Making: What does it require to make handmade paper that is environmentally friendly?


It has a rich and diverse art scene which is evident in its numerous art and craft workshops in Delhi. Whether you want to learn a new skill, indulge in artistic hobbies or simply meet fellow lovers of art, these workshops have something in store for everyone. With Arts Shala offering very many interesting courses while Craft Village keeps up the tradition of craftsmanship in India there is no shortage of options available.

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