12 Best Digimon Card Game Cards From Xros Encounter

To get these cards, you will need quite a bit of money.

Digimon Card Game cards tend to be cheaper than most popular card games, but that doesn’t mean that getting a beautiful card won’t make you a nice profit.

Most of the high-value cards in BT-10 Xros Encounter are the different art cards that everyone wants. Most of the time, these cards are thought to be the rarest ones. So, players are always on the lookout for these shiny, rough pieces of cardboard. If you want to gather them, you can get one of these cards for a fair price, but if you want to play with them, you’ll have to pay a lot.

Canoweissmon (Alternate Art) – $22.17


After Japanese Digimon players got RB-01 Rising Wind, the first copy booster, the price of Canoweissmon went through the roof. Gammon has always been a good but not perfect deck. A bonus card here, a little bit of Digivolutions in this set there, but never enough to make the deck self-sufficient.

With Rising Wind, the Gammamon deck is not only playable but also very powerful. Every fan of Ghost Game bought this card right away while it was still cheap.

Omnimon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art) – $23.27

Omnimon is a card that wasn’t given much attention when BT-10 came out. Most players put it aside because the earlier Omnimon (X Antibody) was still used in many decks. They also thought it was a “win more” card that could only be used in certain situations. That is, it only worked if you were already winning the game. You couldn’t use it to stop one of your opponent’s moves.

It started to be used a lot in the famous MetalGarurumon (X Antibody) deck because it gave the deck the shield it needed to go with its already powerful sword. After decks like MetalGarurumon X started using it and BlackWarGreymon X made it a tech choice, the price of the beautiful sky blue card went up.

Jesmon GX – $24.88

Jesmon GX is one of the most important cards in the metagame and one of the two Secret Rare cards in Xros Encounter. Even though not many Jesmon decks choose to include this card, Jesmon GX can be a great way to end a game. It can also be used to spice up other decks with Royal Knights trait cards, making them more fun.

This card is likely to stick around for a while, since it is Secret Rare and has both black and red colors.

MetalGreymon (Alternate Art) – $24.98

MetalGreymon and all of its different forms will always be a fan favorite, so Bandai will always give it an Alternative Art look. This includes the Blue Flare MetalGreymon.

This card shows that the Blue Flare deck is not to be messed with. It has beautiful art by Naochika Morishita, who is known for making a lot of artwork for Gundam model kit box art. This beast of a card is ready to stun everything in its way.

Sistermon Ciel (Alternate Art) – $25.10

After this set, Jesmon is likely to become a max rare deck that costs a lot to play. The new Sistermon Ciel card from BT-10 has an alternate picture, just like the Sistermon Blanc and Sistermon Ciel cards from BT-06.

Some people might think the regular art is cuter because Ciel is hanging out with Lillymon, but you could say that the theme of the alternative art is closer to the BT-06 cards. If you want a deck with the most rare cards, you have to stick to the theme.

Sparrowmon (Alternate Art) – $28.38

Even though the limit on Shoutmon X4 hurt the Xros Heart deck a lot, it didn’t slow down its ability to draw cards. People who liked the deck kept pushing its limits, especially since they knew that BT11 Dimensional Phase would give them a lot of new things to play with.

The price of the Sparrowmon Alternate Art was sure to go up when it got new Shoutmon X forms and even won the World Championship. And to think that when it first came out, this card was only worth as much as a cup of coffee…

Bloomlordmon (Alternate Art) – $29.71

Bloomlordmon is another work of art by Naochika Morishita. It looks like a king and is ready to flood the battlefield with strong plants and wipe out its opponent with a single attack. This card’s alternate art is beautiful, especially when you look at the background and see all the flower petals floating around.

This card is a must-have for anyone who likes the green archetype, especially when EX-03 Draconic Roar comes out with new cards like a new Pomumon and Hydramon that will make the Bloomlordmon deck even better than it is now.

Minervamon (Alternate Art) – $33.94

The most fun art in the BT-10 set by a long shot. Minervamon will be played a lot in the top-tier meta as a loop deck, so it makes sense to give the boss Digimon herself a fun Alternate Art card design for what is probably the most interesting deck in the format.

The usual art is still great, and they are both drawn in a similar style, but the Alternate Art cards should always show an Olympos XII member jumping around like a child and giving the character a bit more personality.

Venusmon (Alternate Art) – $38.66

At the start of the format, Breakout Game players weren’t sure how to make a Venusmon deck or how good the floodgate-heavy archetype would be, but one thing was clear: people wanted this card. When this card was revealed, players were quick to point out that it would be one of the most wanted cards, and they were right.

The art on Venusmon (Alternate Art) is beautiful. Peak card design is something about full-art cards that don’t look too busy and can still be read. Plus, you get a very cute Puttimon to float around.

Sakuyamon: Maid Mode (Alternate Art) – $42.76

Sakuyamon: Maid Mode is having the same kind of success that Venusmon is. The only change is that Venusmon is a little bit easier to play than Sakuyamon.

With a deck that has been around since EX-02, Sakuyamon: Maid Mode can compete with some of the best decks in the format right now. With the addition of the Four Great Dragons archetype in EX-03, its ability to recycle options will become even stronger. Its value also goes up because it is one of the three main characters in the famous Digimon Tamers series.

Jesmon GX (Alternate Art) – $50.61

The style of Jesmon GX (Alternate Art) isn’t as complicated as that of Jesmon (X Antibody) (Alternate Art), but that doesn’t mean the art is bad. It’s a great-looking card that sticks to the yellow and pink colors that most Jesmon versions have without making the card too busy.

This card shows Jesmon GX rising gracefully from the digital plane, ready to use the power of the Royal Knights, including his master Gankoomon, to burn through your opponent’s security cards.

Alphamon (Alternate Art) (Gold) – $859.85

Alphamon is actually a BT-06 card, but in BT-10, it is printed in a special gold rare version and is the set’s chase card. This card will be the most wanted card in this set without a doubt. Bandai did this before with BT-06 Double Diamond. It came with a Ghost Rare version of BT-01 Omnimon. It was said that about one out of every three times, that card was pulled.

This amazing card should be a little bit easier to pull this time around, since the odds are better in maybe one out of every two cases, but it will still cost you a lot of money.

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