Between absorbable chromic catgut and absorbable gut, which is the better absorbable suture? 

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Surgeons can use either absorbable chromic catgut or plain catgut, two popular types of absorbable suture materials, to close wounds. Naturally, the body breaks down both types of sutures, which are composed of collagen. Still, when choosing the appropriate suture for a certain treatment, surgeons need to take into account some significant variances in their properties and behaviors. 

Strengthening and Absorbability with Time: 

If compared to absorbable chromic catgut, catgut absorbable breaks down faster in the body. Simple catgut usually becomes absorbed in 4-6 weeks, losing roughly 50% of its potency after 7 days. While absorbable chromic catgut is completely absorbed in 6–8 weeks, it only holds onto 50% of its potency for 14 days. It can preserve wound integrity for a longer amount of time during healing because chromic catgut degrades more slowly. Nevertheless, in some circumstances where wound support is only required temporarily, the quicker breakdown of simple catgut might be preferred. 

Security of Knots and Tissue Response:

The acute tissue inflammation caused by absorbable chromic catgut is lower than that of plain catgut. Less swelling, redness, and pain at the suture site are caused by the chromic salt coating on chromic catgut, which minimizes the body’s reaction to foreign bodies. Furthermore, since chromic catgut loses strength more slowly than plain catgut, its knots also become more stable with time. Therefore, when wound support is needed for a longer duration or wounds with severe tension, chromic catgut is a safer option. 

In certain circumstances, plain catgut could be a superior option even if chromic catgut is typically preferred. For instance, ordinary catgut’s reduced inflammatory response may lessen the chance of tissue injury during microsurgery, which involves suturing particularly fragile tissues. Furthermore, as plain catgut absorbs more quickly than other materials, it may be able to stave off infection for a shorter period if the surgery is performed in an area where infections are common, like the oral cavity. 

Efficiency in Terms of Cost: 

It is generally less expensive to purchase ordinary catgut as opposed to chromic catgut. The extra steps necessary to treat the suture material with chromic salts are the main cause of this pricing discrepancy. Because ordinary catgut is less expensive and has a faster absorption time than other options, it may be a more sensible option for treatments carried out on a large scale or in environments with limited resources. Chromic catgut does, however, frequently provide advantages above minor additional costs in the majority of other clinical situations. 

Surgeon’s Preference and Background:

The experience and education of the surgeon also affect the choice of sutures. Certain suture materials may feel and handle better than others, according to certain surgeons. Moreover, training programs frequently impart established methods, which affect familiarity and default decisions. A proficient surgeon’s preferences should also be taken into account, even if the research generally points to chromic catgut as the better choice in many cases. For any treatment, the surgeon’s preferred suture should always be used. This is the most crucial consideration. 

All things considered, absorbable chromic catgut suture is superior to plain catgut in terms of strength, tissue reaction, and knot security; yet, there are certain circumstances in which plain catgut may be better due to its quicker absorption. The choice of absorbable suture should also take the experience of the surgeon, financial constraints, and the specific clinical situation into account. 


Adhesive suture materials that work well include both absorbable chromic catgut and regular catgut. When it comes to slower disintegration, less tissue reactivity, and longer-lasting, more secure knots, chromic catgut has advantages. Except in cases where very short-term wound care is needed, absorbable chromic catgut is usually regarded as the best option for the majority of surgical procedures. To properly suture each patient, surgeons must consider the specific requirements of the procedure as well as the patient.

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