BigCommerce Web Designers Tell All: Common Questions, Answered

As one of the most popular SaaS platforms for eCommerce, BigCommerce has a lot of users. Assuming only one common question for every ten users, that would still account for thousands of questions.

So, we got the answers to some of these from the BigCommerce web designers at 1DigitalⓇ Agency (

Can You Customize BigCommerce Without Code?
Yes, BigCommerce has an Intuitive Page Builder visual editor that makes it possible to customize certain page elements without knowing any coding. The site builder also allows users to create websites from the ground up with pre-integrated payment processors.

On the design side, the Page Builder makes it easier to adjust certain page elements and BigCommerce is configurable with a wide range of free and premium themes.

What Code Does BigCommerce Use?
BigCommerce is compatible with Ruby, PHP, Java, and Python and also utilizes popular code libraries like HTML and CSS. BigCommerce web designers and developers with knowledge of these languages can make extensive customizations to BigCommerce.

How Many API Calls Are Allowed?
That depends on the subscription, but for trial stores along with Standard and Plus plans, 20,000 API calls are permitted per hour. For Pro plans, 60,000 calls per hour are permitted. API calls are unlimited for Enterprise plans.

This is important because API calls are necessary to ensure the fluid operability of all systems integrated with your BigCommerce store.

Does BigCommerce Integrate Easily with Apps and Tools?
Yes, BigCommerce has a relatively open API that makes most basic integrations simple; several compatible apps and tools can be integrated with just a few clicks. This is a great feature of the BigCommerce platform and makes it possible to create a unique store that offers a lot of functionality beyond the basics of the platform.

How Many Apps Are Available for BigCommerce?
BigCommerce offers a lot of functional tools to users and as a result, it is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the industry. As a result it supports a huge “BigCommerce ecosystem” that supports a lot of designers, developers, and marketers. This ecosystem has produced more than 1000 apps that are compatible with the platform.

Can BigCommerce Web Designers Code and Install Custom Apps?
This is more of a job for a BigCommerce development team than a design agency, but yes, designers and developers can code custom apps for BigCommerce and then integrate them.

Is BigCommerce Similar to WordPress?
In some ways, yes, but WordPress is open-source whereas BigCommerce is a Software-as-a-Service. BigCommerce, however, has a useful page builder and is compatible with a wide range of apps that make expanding the functionality and usability of the platform much easier.

Which BigCommerce Web Design Trends Are Most Important for 2024?
There are a wide range of design trends over which those interested in developing a custom website that offers a greater user experience should keep watch. Some of these are:

– Users increasingly prefer clean, modern, minimalistic designs. Blue and green are popular colors.

– Mobile and responsive designs are imperative.

– Users prefer options in payment gateways.

– Web designs should not clutter the space available.

– Contact information should be easily available.

– The cart icon should be easily accessible from all pages.

– Search functionality should be visible and easy to use; both mega menus and search functionality are in order.

Hiring an Experience BigCommerce Web Designer
If you’re looking at hedging your bets before hiring a BigCommerce web designer for your online store, go with a partner that has a lot of project management experience and has worked extensively with the platform.

Consider 1DigitalⓇ Agency, from whom we got these answers in the first place. They are Elite BigCommerce website design professionals and offer supporting BigCommerce SEO, PPC, social media and other marketing projects as well.

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