Capturing Moments: Live Action Video’s Impact on Social Media Engagement

Whether you know it or not, we want to tell you a fact about the video. In the United States, adults spend five hours watching videos every day. Moreover, you can engage your audience on social media via videos, such as real (non-animated) or a live action video.

In this post, we are going to talk about how real (live) action videos can impact social media engagement. Before that, we want to talk about why you may use videos on social media. 

Why Use Videos on Social Media?

When it comes to videos, customers are ten times more likely to interact with them than just texts. Whether a video is about learning a product or for entertainment only, people love watching it. Additionally, you can capitalize on the popularity of videos on social media for marketing.

In fact, it is an excellent strategy to use videos, like non-animated videos for social media marketing. Moreover, you can utilize the videos you create on different social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, to name some of them. 

Furthermore, you certainly can create informational and tutorial videos to engage your audience on social media. Nevertheless, you can also create live-action (non-animated) videos to engage your audience on social media.

Next, we shall briefly talk about how you may use a live action video on social media.

How Can You Use a Live or Real Action Video on Social Media?

There are different ways you can use live or real action videos on social media to engage the audience. We have talked about them below:

  • Create a video to make an announcement to your audience.
  • Come up with a video with behind-the-scenes looks about your brand.
  • Promote your product to the audience on social media.

Not to mention, videos entailing live action not only engage the audience but also let them interact with them.  

How Do Live (Real) Action Videos Impact Social Media Engagement?

Live-action or non-animated videos are excellent video types for engaging the audience. Additionally, they allow you to create a conversation with your target audience. We have already mentioned about different types of videos entailing live action that you can create. Partnering with one of the reputable live action video services, you can create such videos.

It is time we tell you how live action videos impact social media engagement. We have shared some reasons below in this respect to help you know the power of real action videos:

1.      Live or Real Action Videos on Social Media Let You Stand Out in the Competition

You might not have yet invested in videos for social media marketing. If you have not, you are probably behind in the competition. This is because your competitors can take advantage of it, as videos on social media engage the audience. By the same token, you should not waste any time creating videos entailing live action on social media.

Moreover, you should see how your competitors have created their videos for social media marketing. Accordingly, you can come up with a real action video that surpasses the quality of the video of your competitors. Besides, your competitors may also use videos on their websites, in addition to social media. So, you may do the same to engage your target audience not only on social media but also on your website.

2.      They Engage and Go Viral Easily

When it comes to popular content types on social media, videos are one of them. Moreover, social media users watch videos to get information from them that they seek. Using live action videos on social media while creating them well, you can also engage your social media audience.

Not to mention, your target audience will engage with your social pages, provided that you have videos on them. If your target audience likes your video, they will share it among their circles. Further, it will go viral eventually, reaching a wider audience. Thus, you should use videos on social media to engage your audience and reach a wider audience.

3.      Video Entailing Live Action Enhance Engagement

Videos, entailing live action, in particular, can enhance engagement with your brand. As a result, they can encourage your audience to interact with your video (live action) content.

As a matter of fact, videos on social media can increase your brand association to 139%. For this reason, brands capitalize on these videos for social media marketing to win more leads for their business.  

Furthermore, we have already mentioned how videos can easily go viral on social media. The same holds for live action videos as long as they have the power to impress your target audience. So, another way these videos can impact social media engagement is boosting it.

4.      Real Action Videos Also Drive Results

Real action videos can help your business grow online if they have the power to convince your audience. Moreover, these videos also allow your business to win your customers’ trust. This is because your customers believe in your product or service when they see real people promoting it. Still, it does not mean animated explainer videos cannot do the same, which are cost-effective to create.

Moreover, the following statistics justify the power of videos, such as real action videos, on driving results for businesses:

  • Videos can ameliorate conversation rates to up to 86%.
  • According to 90% of customers, they make purchase decisions after watching videos.
  • More than 40% of shoppers buy products they discover via YouTube.

Contingent on what we have said already, you can comprehend how videos enhance the audience’s engagement. Furthermore, videos entailing live action not only benefits businesses with enhanced audience engagement. But also help them drive sales in the long run.


You can successfully engage your target audience on social media with the aid of videos, such as live action videos. Using videos on social media means your audience is ten more times likely to interact with them compared to texts. Live or real action videos let your brand positively impact your target audience and benefit it eventually. They can help your brand to stand out, go viral, and drive sales for your business. To finish, live action videos are a powerful tool for businesses to capitalize on for social media marketing

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