Guest Post – Common Mistakes to Avoid in the IELTS Writing Section

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized English language test that you need to give whether it’s for studying abroad, immigration, or work-related purposes. 

The IELTS exam is divided into four sections: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. 

While the entire exam is difficult, the IELTS Writing Section is one of the most challenging sections. No matter whether a test-take has a good command over spoken language, some often fail to express themselves in writing. They make common mistakes that cost them valuable marks. 

To qualify for a PR visa as a skilled worker,  you have to get an overall 6.0 band, which is the minimum IELTS band required for Canada or CLB 7. For that, you must aim for 6.0 bands per section.

IELTS Writing Section: Format, Duration, Time & Tasks

Ask yourself, how are you going to give an exam you don’t know the format or structure of? Well, most test-takes are guilty of skipping through the format part – which makes it more difficult to understand. Also, the IELTS writing part is only 60 minutes long, so you don’t have a minute to waste. Make sure to practice this part before you take the final exam so you know how the exam is going to come and save time.

If you wish to get PR in Canada, you will need to take the IELTS General Training. 

You will be given two topics of general interest:

Task 1: A situation will be given to you and you’ll be asked to write a letter requesting information, or explaining it in detail. 

Task 2: You’ll be asked to write an essay in response to a point of view, problem, or argument.

7 Mistakes in the IELTS Writing Section to Avoid

Mistake #1 – Not fulfilling word count requirement

The IELTS writing part has a word limit that you have to meet. If you don’t, your bands will be impacted. If you do not write the required number of words, it can leave the impression on the examiner that you are not well-versed in the topic or even don’t know how to explain the situation or the topic in a proper format. Therefore, you should try to structure your answers before sitting for the IELTS exam. 

Mistake #2 – Exceeding the word count limit

If writing less than can impact your score, writing more can also be marked negatively. The examiner will deduct your marks if you exceed the work limit, directly impacting your overall IELTS score for Canada. Don’t be in this misconception that if you write more words, you get more marks. Avoid stuffing words to make your answer lengthy for the sake of it to reach the desired limit.

Mistake #3 – Not answering what has been asked 

Many IELTS test-takers make the mistake of writing an answer that does not answer what has been asked. If you do not answer the question in your answer then your structure and word limit do not matter. You must read the question twice before starting to make sure you don’t stray away from the actual question and answer accurately.

Mistake #4 – Making grammatical errors

The IELTS exam is to test your proficiency in English language, one of Canada’s official languages. No matter how much knowledge you have of the language, it is also important to show if you know the proper grammar rules. If you make too many grammatical errors, it can lead to lower scores. You can join IELTS coaching classes to learn about different rules of grammar.

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Mistake #5 – Overuse of Cohesive Devices 

Well, cohesive devices are also known as transitional phrases, transitions, and linkers – basically words that help to join the parts of an essay. For example, words like therefore, meanwhile, typically, etc. IELTS says how to use these works followed by grammar and should not be in excess in the overall context. Ensure to use less of these terms. To improve, try taking offline and online IELTS coaching classes which can help you write better without cohesive devices. 

Mistake #6 – Using limited vocabulary on the test

One of the most common mistakes in the IELTS for Canada PR writing section is using similar vocabulary throughout the passage. Even if you use new words, you have to make sure you know the meaning and correct usage of them. Avoid using the words you are not sure of. Consider reading passages each day or going through different ones online to improve your vocab. Listen to English shows for improvement. 

Mistake #7 – Including Personal Opinions

Another common mistake that candidates who want to apply for Canada PR from India make on the IELTS writing part is to include personal reasons and opinions. Don’t treat the exam like your personal blog. Write passages with the intent of moving abroad in mind. Make statements that help you get higher scores and therefore, avoid doing this. Try and stick to the facts and make your answer as knowledgeable as you can.
There’s no doubt the IELTS exam is not as easy as it looks. But with the proper training and understanding, you can do wonders and get higher scores. Remember, a 6 band in each IELTS section will boost your chances to immigrate to Canada. Plan your essays, follow the word limit, use varied vocab, punctuate correctly, use examples, and answer what has been asked. Connect with Nationwide Visas, the best immigration consultants in India to get FREE IELTS coaching!

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