Efficient Strategies for Data Recovery from NAS Devices

NAS is the abbreviation for Network-attached storage. A NAS is a dedicated file storage device that is connected to a network so that it can serve multiple users. NAS devices can also function as heterogeneous client devices. The primary use of a NAS device is to retrieve requested data from a centralised database. NAS devices are generally connected to a LAN network. Users who hold pre authorised access rights can access the files on a NAS device using a standard Ethernet connection.

What Does a NAS Device Look Like?

NAS devices don’t come with a display or a keyboard. NAS devices are managed and configured using a browser-based utility. Every NAS device is placed on the Local Area Network in the form of an independent network terminal and entails a unique IP address as well.

What Are The Benefits Of A NAS Device?

The primary benefits of a NAS device are as follows – 

  • NAS devices are easy to use.
  • NAS devices come with high storage capacities
  • NAS devices are cost-effective storage solutions suitable for small, medium and large-scale organisations.
  • NAS devices enable users to share data efficiently.
  • NAS devices also promote collaborations.
  • NAS devices are ideal for remote access especially when projects are being worked on by people from different time zones.
  • NAS devices can connect with wireless routers thus making them perfect for remote professionals to access pertinent data using a PC or mobile device paired with a standard network connection. 
  • NAS devices are perfect for organisations that want to set up their private cloud infrastructure in a bid to keep their data under their control and not under the thumbs of a tech company.

How To Recover Data From A NAS Device?

NAS data recovery without professional help is not recommended. However, if one is curious enough to learn how they can recover data from a failed or failing NAS then they would need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • According to the NAS data recovery expert associated with the leading provider of NAS data recovery in Perth services, an end-user would first need to install and start a data recovery program that is designed to recover data from NAS devices.
  • The next step is to locate the assembled RAID that holds user data. One must remember that the RAID with the largest size has user-accessible files.
  • The third step is to assemble the RAID manually, especially if the structures that describe the RAID configuration are corrupted as NAS data recovery tools might not be able to successfully reconstruct corrupted RAID configurations automatically. 
  • The next step is to check the file system of the NAS device in a bid to evaluate the state of the data one is willing to recover. If the state of the files is perfect then it means that the previous step (#3) was successful.
  • The next step is to scan the NAS device in a bid to locate the lost data using the toolbar of the NAS data recovery tool. Please make sure that you are deselecting unnecessary file systems and only then click on the “start scan” button.
  • After the scanning is completed by the tool, select and copy the files you need to the destination folder of your choice but make sure that the destination folder is on one of the source drives of the affected NAS.


For the best results, always leave NAS data recovery for the professionals as this simple step would eradicate the chances of data destruction. For more details about professional NAS data recovery, please contact the best data recovery firm in your vicinity today.


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