Elden Ring: 14 Beginner Tips And Tricks

Elden Ring isn’t easy to play, and it takes a lot of work to get good at it. These basic tips for newbies should be helpful.

The latest game in FromSoftware’s “soulsborne” series, Elden Ring, came out recently for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Fans and reviewers alike have said great things about the game, which is why it has a 96 Metascore.

With all of this praise and attention, Elden Ring has gotten a lot of attention, which has led many people to try out their first Soulsborne game. Anyone who has played a Soulsborne game knows that it can be hard to get used to them at first. Games are known for being hard, and Elden Ring is no exception. Here are some tips for people who are just starting out with Elden Ring.

Obtain And Use The Flask Of Wondrous Physick


The Flask of Crimson Tears is Elden Ring’s version of the Estus Flask, which can heal life in the Dark Souls games. Depending on how they play, players can split the number of flasks between the red ones that heal and the blue ones that add magic. But those aren’t the only jars that can be refilled that the player can use. The Flask of Wondrous Physick can be found at the Third Church of Marika, which is east of Limgrave.

This medicine can be changed by using crystal tears that can be found all over The Lands Between. Each tear gives a different bonus.Once these perks are used up, they last for a certain amount of time. Some people use it as a stronger and more effective healing potion, while others use it as a boost in battle or magic. No one should play through Elden Ring with The Flask of Wondrous Physick.

Exhaust NPC Dialogue

Elden Ring’s story is mostly told through the scenery and descriptions of items, but FromSoftware adds a lot of details through the words and phrases that non-playable characters say throughout the game. Make sure to use up all the dialogue when talking to people.

Even though some only have a line or two, The Lands Between is often brought to life by backstories and mysterious retellings. It’s better to accidentally hear the same line and skip over it than to hear a thought and then move on to the next thing that looks interesting.

Buy The Crafting Kit

FromSoftware is known for making high-quality games in the same style as Souls, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get criticized about how they make games. Newcomers to a series can sometimes have a hard time getting started, and the Crafting Kit in Elden Ring is a good example of this. This can be bought from Kale, a trader who looks like Santa Claus, very early on in the game.

This item lets players craft while moving around, so it’s very important to get it as soon as possible. Otherwise, most players think that crafting isn’t part of the Elden Ring experience and miss out on the chance to make things and keep a bit of confidence or understanding as they travel through The Lands Between.

Experiment With Weapons

Most gamers tend to stick with what they already know. If you’ve used straight swords in other games by FromSoftware, you’ll probably want to use them again in Elden Ring. In reality, if you don’t try something at least once, it’s hard to know if it’s fun and enjoyable to use.

There are a lot of different tools, like magic, bows, and different kinds of swords. Each one is different and/or new. In the early parts of the game, you can equip any new toy you find or buy from a merchant. This way, when the game gets harder, your arsenal of weapons can be tailored to your tastes.

Keep An Eye On Equip Load

Some players love the hands-off “show, don’t tell” style of Elden Ring, but others don’t like it at all. Equip Load is a good example of this because some people play the whole Soulsborne game “fat rolling,” which is a term for painfully slow roll animations, without understanding that it isn’t the default animation.

The player’s Equip Load stat affects how fast the roll motion plays. If you want to roll and move quickly, you should wear light gear and level Endurance.

Make Smart Use Of Spirit Ashes

Spirit Ashes are summonable NPCs that help players fight tough bosses and enemies. This is one of the many new ways to play that Elden Ring adds to the Soulsborne series.

Most Spirit Ashes cost FP to use, which means that only magic builds can use some of the best ones. However, a few of them cost HP. Before trying to fight hard bosses, all new players, no matter what type of build they have, should take the time to find and gather Spirit Ashes. Even if players can’t call up some of the best Spirit Ashes in the game that can almost beat a boss on their own, they should still use one whenever they can because they are great delays that let the player get a few more hits in.

Always Carry Rainbow Stones

Rainbow Stones are a great item that some skilled players don’t know how to use to their full potential. The item’s description says that they are “useful markers when placed on the ground,” which makes them seem kind of useless since Elden Ring already has map markers. But their best use is explained in the next sentence: “can also be dropped to measure how far someone falls.”

The open world of Elden Ring has a lot of secret drops and falls that will kill the player. It’s also hard to tell if some falls are far enough to kill the player. This is why Rainbow Stones are always useful, because players can throw one off any ledge to see if it breaks. If it does, the fall is fatal.

Focus On A Specific Build

Because action-RPG games have become more popular in recent years, leveling systems are now in a lot of popular games. But some of these ways to level up don’t have much meaning, which makes players choose how to level up randomly.

This is a big mistake in Elden Ring, where every rising choice is important and needs to be thought through carefully. Also, it’s a bad idea in the game to just level up every stat evenly, since they cover a wide range of ways to play. Instead, players should start the game with a specific build in mind and make sure that their class, weapons, armor, and leveling decisions all fit with that build.

Rolling Is Better Than Blocking

Because there are so many shields in Elden Ring, new players might think that they are a must-have for attack builds. Even though they are useful, rolling is a much better way to defend yourself if you are quick on your feet and can spot patterns.

Rolling through an enemy’s attack gives you a chance to counterattack and stops you from losing a lot of stamina from blocking powerful attacks, which can break your posture and leave you open to an incoming hit. The lack of a shield also lets players use their weapons with two hands, which does more harm.

Move On From Tough Fights

The open world is the biggest change between Elden Ring and the other Soulsborne games. Doodle Baseball gives players full control over where they go and what they do, and they can fight bosses and other enemies at any time.

So, if a player is stuck on a boss and only doing a small amount of damage, it’s best to move on to another area, as this is a clear sign that the player isn’t strong enough. Many new players are having this problem with the Tree Sentinel, a boss that is much too hard for them to fight. This is supposed to teach them how important it is to move on from hard opponents.

Players shouldn’t keep fighting the same fight over and over again. Instead, they should go to a different place and level up a few times before coming back.

Mark The Map

Soulsborne series newcomers are surprised that Elden Ring doesn’t have a minimap, guided locations, or a log of completed quests. In open-world games, these are standard features, but FromSoftware has stayed true to its goals of immersion and challenge.

Players can, however, place different kinds of marks. In Elden Ring’s huge open world, it’s easy to get lost, so it’s important to put these marks at places like bosses that the player wants to come back to later.

Learn Enemy Attack Patterns

When talking about soulsborne battle, people often say, “It’s like a rhythm game.” This doesn’t mean that players need to dust off their Rock Band guitars. Instead, it means that almost every enemy and boss has attack patterns that can be learned and countered in small windows of time, giving one-on-one fights a rhythmic feel.

So, when facing an enemy, it’s important to learn how they attack so you don’t make the rookie mistake of trying to fight fire with fire.

Thoroughly Explore Each Area One At A Time

One thing about Elden Ring that is getting a lot of praise is how well thought out and different each place is. So, some new players are making the bad habit of trying to rush through places as quickly as possible because they want to see the whole map.

This is a mistake, though, because players won’t be very strong in these new places if they skip a lot of boss fights. They’ll also miss out on important items like Golden Seeds and Sacred Tears.

Obtain Margit’s Shackles

The game’s first major boss is Margit, the Fell Omen. The boss is a great example of “gating,” since his high level of difficulty is there to make sure that players have built and leveled their characters enough to handle the tasks that come next. Even after taking the time to level up, some new players are still having trouble with Margit.

People like this should look for Margit’s Shackles, which will hold Marigt down and make it easy to hit her a few times. To get the item, go to Murkwater Cave and fight Patches, who soulsborne veterans will have seen before. Patches will ask for forgiveness during the fight. If you agree to forgive him, he will sell the chains for 5,000 runes.

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