10 Ways Employee Monitoring Tools Improve Employee Productivity and Efficiency

Employee monitoring tools like order management software, task management software, and others help businesses streamline their workflows. Beyond this, the software also improves employee productivity and efficiency. Find out how in this blog post! 

Employee monitoring software is an automation tool that optimizes your entire business workflow. From field force task management to expense management, employee monitoring tools of the software streamline all operations. Every company must invest in employee monitoring systems to improve the productivity of their field force. Find out different ways in which the software improves employees’ efficiency in the upcoming section! 

10 Ways Employee Monitoring Tools Improve Employee Productivity and Efficiency

Employee monitoring apps improve employee productivity and efficiency in many ways. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Identify Errors

A field employee monitoring software focuses on tracking employee activities and the total time in which they have been completed. As a result, it becomes easy for the management to determine areas where the employees are struggling and resolve them. Beyond this, the software also enables employees to identify errors in different business workflows. Once you collect all the factors impacting your employee’s productivity, it becomes easier to overcome them and improve their performance in the long run.

  • Monitor Attendance Effectively

It is undeniable that the employer often finds it challenging to understand whether the employees are at their personal work or are on the worksite. In other words, time fraud is the most common practice among field employees.

This is where employee monitoring tools like attendance and leave management software come in handy. It is a great tool that enables you to set up a geo-verified attendance marking system. In this process, the software will automatically capture their attendance only when they reach a client’s site. Furthermore, the software provides automated timesheets to ensure transparency in the working hours of field employees.

  • Enhance Safety and Compliance 

It is critical to get visibility into the security measures taken by employees to protect sensitive and confidential data from insider threats. An employee monitoring software alarms management if any field employee attempts to breach private or restricted company spaces.

  • Effective Task Management 

Managers outline the project schedule and timeline before assigning the tasks. An employee task monitoring app can help managers track the time and activities performed by field employees. It enables the manager to determine if these employee activities align with the project or not. Additionally, the manager can also discover the well-performing employees and manage ad-hoc tasks requirements efficiently.

  • Enable Prompt Actions 

Taking care of employee needs is a healthy approach to a satisfying workplace. If an employee has a medical emergency at home and must leave the office immediately, a prompt response to their request will bring them a sense of satisfaction. A field employee monitoring software sends real-time alerts and notifications to employers. Therefore, employers can check the requests whenever they are submitted and act on them quickly.

  • Manage Payroll Effectively

A few employee monitoring tools, like TrackoField, simplify payroll management for businesses. It automates the entire process, which enables you to clear employee payments with a single click. Nonetheless, you can also generate and share invoices to make payments using employee monitoring software. 

  • Optimize Communication

Smooth communication among team members is very significant for every business. In cases of concern that arise during a project, you must consult the manager to resolve it efficiently. Therefore, an employee monitoring app like TrackoField is the best solution to simplify team communication. You can use the software to share files, text messages, and voice notes on a single platform.

  • Transparent Performance Appraisals

Effective performance appraisals are the best motivation for field employees. When monitoring employees’ performance manually, the chances of errors are likely to increase. However, field employee monitoring software ensures transparent employee performance appraisals. It records target vs achievement reports for field employees in real time. Thus, the manager can recognize and appreciate the best performers efficiently. 

  • Create Orders From Anywhere 

A sales representative working in a field usually has targets to bring orders and generate sales. Sometimes clients are ready to place orders on the field but deny them later on. Therefore, employee monitoring tools enable field employees to create orders on the spot. Likewise, the manager can accept and process the orders quickly using the software.

  • Defined Procedures 

Overall, field employee monitoring software optimizes the entire business workflow. Whether you want to streamline a task management process or employee’s claim and reimbursement processes, the software does it all. Henceforth, automation in complete business operations leads to enhanced workforce productivity.


Employee monitoring tools are great solutions that help employees enhance productivity and improve their efficiency. The management can use these innovative solutions to determine the activities of field employees during work hours. If you are wondering which might be the best employee monitoring software for your business, invest in TrackoField. Book your demo with us now!


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