Exam Revision Tips To Prepare For 11 Plus Exams, GCSE and SATs

Exam revision tips will help your child go through the course. Let’s learn the SMART exam revision to nail the exams.

Exam revision tips and well-planned preparation can minimise the workload. Thereby ensuring your child gets good grades. Revision has a poor reputation. Pupils often approach it with reluctance since it is both tiresome and stressful. However, the time leading up to examinations isn’t always dull. With 11 Plus tuition, you will get resourceful and eligible online tutors that can support your child in preparing for the 11 Plus exam, GCSE and SATs. 

Tutoring Support For SATs, 11 Plus and GCSE

Tuition for SATs often focuses on strengthening core skills in these subjects. Tuition centres or private tutors in the Barking area may offer targeted lessons to help students improve their understanding of key topics, develop exam techniques, and build confidence in preparation for the SATs.

In Barking, students may seek GCSE tuition to receive additional support in specific subjects where they may need extra guidance or to reinforce their understanding. Tuition providers can offer subject-specific lessons, practice exams, and personalised assistance to help students achieve their desired grades.

Tuition for the 11 Plus exam often focuses on developing students’ reasoning skills, practising exam-style questions, and providing guidance on specific exam requirements. Therefore, parents get support from expert 11 Plus tutors in Barking at Adnan Khan Tutoring, specialising in exam preparation for Grammar Schools.

How To Start Preparing and Revising For GCSE, 11 Plus and SATs? 

SATs (Standard Assessment Test), GCSE (General Certificate Secondary Education), and 11 Plus exams define a child’s study progress. Here are 7 exam revision tips for helping your child prepare well for the examination. 

1. Hunt Down Past Papers For Exam Revision

It makes no difference if your child studies for GCSE Maths or 11+ English or SATs. Hence, solving past papers is essential. Pupils can get a sense of what to prepare by looking at previous test papers. Such papers contain many practice quizzes. Furthermore, past exams are the only way students can uncover what they don’t know. 

Barking exam boards maintain extensive online records of past papers for GCSE and SATs students. Suppose your child is taking the 11 Plus exam. You can explore internet resources with tangible books that contain sample questions. Such exam revision tips can lead to more fruitful results. 

2. Create a Revision Schedule

It’s all too easy for children to focus on what they’re good at while ignoring what they find challenging. You can avoid this with the use of a revision schedule. Sit down with your child. Together, make an effective revision plan.

The plan should cover the entire course spectrum before they begin revision. As many people are most attentive in the early hours. Therefore, scheduling challenging topics for the students before noon results in more productivity. 

3. Concentrate on Maths and English to Ace Exam Revision

Suppose your child is preparing for 11+ exams, SATs or GCSE. Then, the first thing to keep in mind is to focus on Maths and English. Reading and conversing in English can improve their grip on English. 

Plan spelling and vocabulary activities for your child. Do it in a pleasant and creative fashion. Practice is the best solution to getting good at Maths. Try to make a routine for your child to do Maths and build their numerical proficiency. 

4. Have Fun! 

Studying isn’t for everyone. Hence, many students come under pressure during exam weeks. So, plan some fun and interactive activities for your child.

Try out different learning activities that are fun for your child. It makes them feel comfortable while preparing for the exam, SATs, 11 Plus or GCSE.

The advent of test season can cause children and teenagers to lose their focus and confidence. Parents should do everything they can to decrease stress. And keep them from getting burned out. 

5. Consider One-on-One Tutoring

Let’s say your child has difficulty with a particular subject. They are jittery before tests and are working hard to achieve high scores. It’s a good idea to think about private lessons. Likewise, one-on-one sessions are a quick and effective means of learning. Moreover, it can boost pupils’ trust and confidence.

Teenagers often waste a lot of time before the exam battling problems and feeling puzzled. And you can’t help them right away since you will not have a qualified tutor at hand. Sometimes even a few tutoring sessions are enough to solve any issues they’re facing.

6. Take Routine Breaks

According to studies, we focus most on the first 30 minutes. Scheduled breaks are necessary whether your child is studying for 11 Plus English Science or SATs Maths. Therefore, tell your child to take a break and do something else if they sit at their study table for hours. So, a visit to the playground or a short game of pool is good to refresh the mind and charge cognitive skills. It will give the brain rest and fresh air needed to improve focus

7. Don’t Rush With Maths During Exam Revision

Mathematics is a tricky subject. Hence, some students prefer to take on Maths early on; only academically talented students who have the gift for Maths can do this. But for the others, it will mean developing expertise without a firm basis in the fundamental concepts. 

There is no sense pressing your child too far, too quickly. 11 Plus exams rigorously test your child’s ability in different Maths concepts according to the secondary school curriculum. Hence, they’ll do better if they understand the fundamentals.


These exam revision tips can help children advance in their study careers. Moreover, with time management and a proper schedule, children can achieve much more than anticipated. However, if they need additional guidance, then 11 Plus Tuition can give them the care and attention students cannot get in the classroom. 

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