Exploring the Exciting World of Kids Alarm Clocks

Welcome to the world of innovation and technology. At Give & Take, we believe in providing the parents with the peace of mind and the kids with the various kinds of time keeping devices to ensure that both the parents and kids make the best use of time keeping technology and good habits are inculcated in the youngsters. Here in this article, we will be discussing what are the various kinds of alarm clocks available for kids these days. Additionally, we will also be talking about how these alarm clocks are extremely important devices for hostels and residential schools.

The hostels and residential schools are the places where the children are made into self-sufficient, disciplined and better individuals. What can be a better device than a kids wake up clock to teach the kids discipline and the value of time from a very young age.

How are Good Mornings Important?

Mornings are the time which marks the beginning of your entire day. Therefore, to begin your day on a good note, a good start of the day is equally important. Waking your child up can be a hectic task as most of the times they do not feel like waking up and subsequently get late for all the other activities of the day. You can easily buy cheap alarm clocks from an offline or online store and the best part is that these days they are available in interesting designs and patterns which will make you child happy and excited for waking up to the tunes of these alarm clocks.

bedside alarm clocks

Types of Kids Alarm Clocks

Traditional Analog Clocks with a Twist- These are just the old traditional alarm clocks which were used by us in your younger years. The only twist is that these days kids alarm clock comes with various alarm tones and according to your choice, you can choose and set one.

Digital Alarm Clocks with Fun Features- The digital alarm clocks come with the digital screen for telling the time. Additionally, they have night lights, sounds of nature or of your kid’s favourite cartoon character, etc. You can set these tones as your kid’s alarm and they will wake up to the tone of their favourites, the next day.

Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clocks- Mimicking the natural sunlight of the mornings, the sunrise simulation alarm clocks are best ones these days. They have the light installed in them which gives the appearance of the virtual sunlight and helps you kids start their day in a positive note even when the sunlight does not enter his or her room.

The Importance of Kids Alarm Clocks in Hostels and Residential Schools

  1. Promoting Responsibility- In a world where the time is of utmost concern, discipline and responsibility matters the most. The child in the hostels and residential school should be from a very young age taught the value of time management. This will ensure that the child grows up to be a disciplined and sincere individual.
  2. Creating Consistency- Consistency is very important for living a healthy and successful life. It is said, “early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Therefore, kids in the hostels should be taught consistency. Sleeping and waking up on time is extremely important. It will make sure that your child has enough time for all the tasks and he or she gets all of them done easily.
  3. Empowering Independence- A child becomes independent because of the use of alarm clocks. Once the child masters the skill of sleeping and waking up on time just with the help of an alarm clock, he or she has mastered the skill of being disciplined. After this, they can set the alarms for various other activities as well such as playing, studying every subject, timely breaks, etc. These habits will also instil the habit of self-control in the kids and they will have a successful life ahead because of these small lessons which the child was taught at such an early age.

Time management is the key to leading a successful life and therefore Give & Take makes sure that every child must learn this.

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