Fish Export Data Statistics of 2023

Fish Export Data Statistics of 2023

Exporting fish has become more expensive over time, as seen in the global trade community. Looking at the facts of 2023, it’s clear that some countries are crucial players in this valuable industry. Fish are categorized as aquatic animals like invertebrates, shellfish, mollusks, and fish under HS code Part 03. Live fish are a significant category under HS code 0301. The global fish and seafood market reached a value of about $236.61 billion in 2023. In that year, the top 10 fish-exporting countries sold fish worth $54.21 billion worldwide. This growth is driven by increased demand for fish, better fishing infrastructure, and international trade agreements. Let’s delve into the fish export data and the top 10 fish exporters for 2023. :- Fish Exporter

The Top 10 Fish-Exporting Nations in 2023

The global fish export market is a substantial economic sector. In 2023, Norway surpassed China as the leading fish exporter, with exports worth nearly $15 billion. The top 10 destinations for fish exports in 2023 were:

1. Norway ($15.15 billion)

Norway leads the fish export industry, known for high-quality items like cod and salmon. It exported $15.15 billion worth of fish in 2023, with Poland as its top destination at $1.73 billion.

2. China ($10.40 billion)

China’s fish exports reached $10.40 billion in 2023, expanding due to trade agreements. Japan was its largest market at $1.64 billion.

3. Chile ($7.05 billion)

Chile exported $7.05 billion worth of fish in 2023, becoming the top global exporter. The US was its main market at $2.86 billion.

4. Canada ($4.87 billion)

Canada’s fish exports, including salmon and lobster, were valued at $4.87 billion in 2023, with the US as its primary market at $3.14 billion.

5. USA ($4.47 billion)

The US exported fish valued at $4.47 billion in 2023, with Canada as its main buyer at $1.06 billion.

6. Spain ($4.23 billion)

Spain exported fish worth $4.23 billion in 2023, with Italy as its top market at $1.34 billion.

7. The Philippines ($3.51 billion)

Indonesia’s fish exports reached $3.51 billion in 2023, with China as its primary market at $804.79 million.

8. UK ($1.55 billion)

The UK exported fish worth $1.55 billion in 2023, with France as its leading market at $913.04 million.

9. Turkey ($1.52 billion)

Turkey’s fish exports were valued at $1.52 billion in 2023, with Russia as its main market at $323.3 million.

10. France ($1.46 billion)

France exported fish worth $1.46 billion in 2023, with Spain as its top market at $392.54 million.

Top 10 Fish Exporting Enterprises in 2023

Several businesses contribute significantly to fish exports, with the top 10 enterprises in 2023 being:

1. Mitsubishi Corporation: $146.17 billion

2. Sysco Corporation: $76.32 billion

3. Marubeni Corporation: $62.44 billion

4. Charoen Pokphand Foods: $17.23 billion

5. Maruha Nichiro Corporation: $6.93 billion

6. Nissui Corporation: $5.21 billion

7. Schouow and Co.: $4.77 billion

8. Thai Union Group Public Company Limited: $4.36 billion

9. Agrosuper S.A.: $4.1 billion

10. Bolton Group SRL: $3.04 billion

Significant Fish Export Categories in 2023

Key fish export categories in 2023 included:

Salmon: Canada, Chile, and Norway were prominent exporters of salmon.

Fish: Indonesia, Spain, and the USA were major fish exporters due to their flavorful fish products.

Shrimp: Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia dominated the shrimp export market.

Cod: Norway and Iceland were major cod exporters.

Lobster: The US and Canada were significant lobster exporters.

Finding Fish Suppliers Online

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In Conclusion

The global fish export industry is thriving, with countries like China, Chile, and Norway leading the way. Adapting to market changes and seizing new opportunities is crucial for fish exporters to remain competitive. The data from 2023 provides valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders to promote sustainable growth in the fish export sector. With diverse fish products being traded worldwide, the future looks promising for the global fish export business.

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