How To Apply For A Schengen Visa With Dummy Ticket

Applying for a Schengen visa, which grants travel within 26 European countries, can be an intimidating process. One of the key requirements is proof of travel plans such as flight reservations or fake tickets – read this article to discover what dummy tickets are and how you can apply for one!

Why a Dummy Ticket?

A dummy ticket or flight reservation document serves as proof that you intend to depart the Schengen Area within its validity period and prevents travellers from overstaying their visas. This requirement exists to prevent travellers from overstaying their visas and ensure they have solid travel plans in place.

Creating a Dummy Ticket:

Creating a fake ticket for your Schengen visa application is a straightforward process; here are the steps:

Decide Where You’ll Fly Out From and In To:

Once your trip begins, identify both the place from where you plan to depart (such as your home country) and which Schengen country you’d like to first visit.

Select a Flight Booking Platform:

When starting to book flights, utilize an online or app-based platform such as Expedia, Kayak or Skyscanner that allows for creating virtual tickets.

Fill Out Your Details:

Provide your personal details such as name, birthdate, passport number and contact info in a similar fashion to making a real booking.

Decide on Your Flights:

Select flights with desired departure and arrival cities, dates, and times that correspond with your travel plans and visa application process. Make sure the itinerary fits within this.

Review and Generate an Itinerary:

Once all the necessary details have been entered, review your booking information before searching for an option to generate or download the round trip itinerary – effectively your dummy ticket.

Save Your Itinerary: Save a PDF copy or screenshot of your generated itinerary for your own records; this document must accompany any visa applications submitted.

Applying for a Schengen Visa with a Dummy Ticket:

Once you have secured a dummy ticket, the next steps in applying for your Schengen visa should be simple and straightforward:

Complete Your Visa Application Form:

Access a Schengen visa application form on the website of the country you wish to visit and fill it out accurately and completely.

Collect Necessary Documents:

In addition to your dummy ticket, gather all of the documents required for visa application. These typically include your passport, application form and photos for visa consideration, proof of accommodation, travel insurance policies and financial documents. When providing accommodation confirmation, always be truthful and accurate. Don’t provide false information or fake confirmation letters, as this can lead to visa denials, bans, or other serious consequences.

Arrange an Appointment:

Contacting the Embassy or Consulate directly in order to arrange an appointment and submit your visa application will save time and hassle later on. Be sure to inquire as to their individual requirements and procedures as soon as possible.

Attend Your Visa Appointment:

Ensure you arrive for your appointment on time at the embassy or consulate and bring all required documents, such as your dummy ticket. Pay the visa fee accordingly.

Attend Your Visa Interview:

In some instances, it may be necessary for you to attend a visa interview. Be prepared to answer questions about your travel plans and provide extra details if necessary.

Wait for Your Visa Decision:

After submitting your application for a visa, the next step will be waiting. Processing times differ by country, so be patient when waiting.

Collect Your Visa:

Once your visa application has been approved, you will be informed to collect it at an embassy or consulate. Be sure to review its details and validity dates before collecting.


Providing accommodation confirmation is a critical component of the visa application process for many countries, including Schengen countries. This document serves as proof to the visa authorities that you have a place to stay during your visit and helps demonstrate your intention to abide by the visa regulations.

Obtaining a Schengen visa with a dummy ticket is a viable option for travellers who are still finalizing their travel plans or have flexible itineraries. After reading this tutorial, you can securely generate a dummy ticket and apply for a Schengen visa. Always provide accurate information and comply with the specific requirements of the Schengen country you plan to visit. Safe travels!

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