How to Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Prescription Safety Eyewear Program?

Every year, thousands of mishaps affect eyes in USA workplaces, with 10-20% resulting in partial or total blindness. Wearing protective eyewear could avoid 90% of eye injuries. Safety eyewear doesn’t only keep workers safe, but it also saves employers millions of dollars in injury lawsuits, lost workdays, and lost revenue.

10 Tips to Enhance Prescription Safety Glasses Program

A basic and straightforward plan increases wearer acceptance and commitment. Let’s look at the most typical issues in a crucial component of occupational safety and how to deal with the prescription safety glasses program. If your program generates hassles due to paper-based documents, complex e-vouchers, or advance payment, here are a few quick and cost-effective methods to streamline it.

  1. Make your program specific to the risks

The right partner will evaluate your circumstances and offer expert advice on lens colors, materials, and constructions. Therefore, you can be confident that your workers’ safety glasses suit the risks they face.

  • Maintain regular eye exams

Your program should ensure your employees have frequent eye exams and receive the necessary prescriptions. If you utilize an online system to manage your eyewear program, automatic alerts can be sent to each employee when their next eye test is due. The program provider recommends sending automatic reminders one year after an eye test to ensure users have an accurate prescription.

  • Develop relationships with local optometrists.

A successful scheme will allow you to collaborate with your community so that workers can visit their favorite local opticians. Your program does not have to be limited to major national organizations.

  • Provide a diverse range of frames

The selection of frames is critical. Your employees would want to wear nice stuff that they believe flatters them. Give them more options with a program that includes a wide range of frames. Include a variety of choices for all genders.

  • Get lifetime guarantees on eyewear.

Your safety eyewear plan should provide a two-year guarantee on glasses, similar to the ‘life’ of your employees’ eye tests.

  • Make it simple to get prescription glasses.

Check your messaging to ensure everyone understands how to find their safety eyewear. The entire process should involve a fast turnaround from the first eye test to scheduling for glasses fitting. Make everything quick and easy.

  • Eliminate paperwork and adopt online.

Wherever possible, endorse paperless projects. They are both environmentally beneficial and more effective in managing and saving energy and time.

  • Streamline pricing and billing.

Create a plan with a simple payment structure, business price cuts, and no prior payment demands. Rely on direct invoicing to avoid the administrative bother and extra cost of credit cards. Check that you pay for the protective eyewear you purchase each month, a common issue created by a few e-voucher plans that want advance payment.

  • Make use of online reporting.

Online reporting can assist you in more efficiently administering your programs. It is simple to view order history, trace order status, and keep submissions in a computerized system. Reporting also ensures that you pay just for the protective eyewear you purchase.  

  1. Connect your program to online procurement systems.

If you haven’t already, consider using an e-procurement platform. Prepare for this by implementing a program that can interface with your online procurement system and provide numerous user access.

The Benefits of the Corporate Safety Eyewear Program at Eyewebsafety

Are you looking for a service provider who recognizes your company’s risks and requirements and knows how to streamline the process as simply as possible? Contact the specialists at; we can assist you. We have proven ourselves to several shoppers and maintain your employees safe.

Wearing proper safety eyewear reduces occupational injuries and liability risks. You can save time and money using a simple purchasing technique with substantial discounts. We carry a vast selection of first-rate, OSHA-certified safety glasses. We offer a wide range of different safety gadgets from which to choose.

You can deliver protective eyewear to any colleague who may experience an eye injury. Thus, a person with or without rx safety eyewear can protect their eyes, and you certainly conform with the standards. Many organizations allow team members to bring their own OSHA-compliant eye protection.

We will also serve within your financial constraints. You can select the amount you will pay and ensure your safety glasses meet your budget. EyewebSafety also covers all customer support requirements, allowing you to focus on growing your business. As a result, the following measures will be included in your prescription safety glasses program.

  • Define work arrangement 
  • Evaluate work dangers 
  • Implement effective measures 
  • Gather feedback for progress.

Our corporate safety eyewear program is efficient and straightforward to implement, making it an attractive choice for management and staff. Thanks to a specific purchase system, you may relax knowing that your employees have easier access to the best safety eyewear available.

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