How to Start Investing with Small Cases for the Short Term?

Small case offers a new way to invest in the stock market. It provides retail investors with convenient and hassle-free investment solutions. It is a one-stop shop for investors looking to easily invest in a specific theme, strategy, or objective. It is essential to define your investment goals before you start investing—the smallcase for short term goals that can be achieved within one or two years. At the same time, long-term goals may take years to achieve. This article explains a few cases and how to start investing in them.

What Is A Small Case?

A Smallcase is a basket or portfolio of stocks/ETFs representing an idea – a purpose, theme, or strategy. The sector-based micro-cases allow you to track and invest in specific sectors such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG, energy, IT, etc. Thematic micro-cases will enable you to track and invest in themes such as rural India’s growth. More minor cases also give investors an idea of specific investment strategies, such as momentum, dividends, development, and more. Micro portfolios are created using a rules-based approach. This means that the list of stocks/ETFs. Each portfolio is selected based on specific criteria and the underlying strategy. These criteria may include the company’s financial health, growth potential or position in a particular sector.

Who Makes These Little Cases?

Minor cases are created and managed by SEBI-registered investment professionals known as Smallcase Managers. They have years of experience in the stock market. Elements in every micro-case pass through strict proprietary filters that reflect the underlying strategy. Smallcase Manager offers periodic rebalancing updates to Smallcase to ensure stocks/ETFs. The fundamentals and weight of Smallcase remain true to Smallcase’s theme or strategy.

Investing In Ready-Made Themes and Strategies:

Smallcases allow you to invest in themes and strategies. Instead of investing in a single stock, Investing in a single stock doesn’t give you access to an entire theme or strategy as much as it gives you access to the target audience of a single company. The Smallcase is created and managed by SEBI-registered investment professionals so that you can access timely rebalancing updates. This ensures that Smallcase remains true to its underlying theme or strategy. Although it is relatively easy to start investing in the stock market, properly investing in a sector, theme, or strategy requires in-depth knowledge. SEBI-registered investment professionals create all Smallcases offered on the platform, including the Smallcase app. This ensures that small case shares adhere to regulatory guidelines and that end-users benefit from the expertise of licensed investment professionals.

Portfolio Rebalancing and Tracking:

 If you have around 30 stocks spread across 3-4 different investment objectives, track them manually. This cannot be easy, and you will need to spend a lot of time and effort periodically monitoring and rebalancing your investments to ensure your portfolio is aligned with your investment objectives.


Small cases allow you to experience different marketing themes and strategies. It will enable you to invest in an already diversified basket of stocks. However, doing your own research and investing according to your financial goals and risk tolerance is always advisable.
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