Jewelry Appraisal: Planning To Sell Your Precious Pieces

Are you planning to sell your precious jewelry pieces? Before you find a buyer for your coveted jewelry items, it is essential to know their true worth. For this, you can get a jewelry appraisal which helps determine the accurate value of your jewelry for selling, estate management or insurance purposes. Let’s learn more about the benefits of jewelry appraisal when selling your items.

Why You Need Jewelry Appraisal?

Jewelry appraisal in NYC is required to know more details about the piece, apart from its true value. It helps in knowing the quality of metal, diamonds and gemstones, along with its interesting history and craftsmanship. When you buy an insurance cover for your jewelry, the insurance company will ask for a certified jewelry appraisal document. When you want to sell your jewelry, then also it comes in handy. It helps you to know the asking price that you can start with. Accurate appraisal will give you the price that you can get in the market for say, a heirloom bracelet or your engagement ring.

Jewelry valuation has been there for ages, earlier local jewelry shop owners used to evaluate the true market price of pieces. Later, certified jewelry appraisers started valuing jewelry professionally.

Prestige Valuations is a leading jewelry appraisal company in NYC. They have expertise in valuing antique, vintage and contemporary jewelry. They also offer luxury watch and handbag appraisal services online. They are skilled and you can be rest assured of the accuracy of appraisals for insurance or estate management. They provide certified appraisal documents with comprehensive details.

Before Getting A Jewelry Appraisal

  • The first step is to find a professional jewelry appraisal company. Ensure that the company is renowned and has experience in appraising jewelry. They must have qualified appraisers. Read the testimonials on their website.
  • Know the purpose of the appraisal. Why do you need a jewelry appraisal? Is it for the sale of your jewelry? Is it for the insurance company? Do you need it for estate management? Various types of appraisals are available for various purposes.
  • Before getting an appraisal done, you need to prepare your jewelry items. Clean them so that they look presentable.
  • Certificates and documents will be required to prove your ownership. Carry a purchase receipt, it will also come in handy in knowing the price at which you bought the jewelry piece.

The Process of Appraising Precious Jewelry Pieces

The process of jewelry appraisal in NYC includes various steps. The appraiser being an expert will look at the four Cs of diamonds (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight). These are the essential factors that directly impact the value of your jewelry.

Hallmarks and maker’s marks are also significant. The condition of your jewelry item can also impact its value. Pristine looking pieces will have more worth as compared to the ones with scratches and marks of wear and tear.

A unique heirloom piece can fetch higher value because of rare design, gemstones and craftsmanship. Any historically significant piece will be considered more valuable. For example, if the piece was earlier owned by a celebrity, it will automatically get a higher premium.

How to Sell Your Jewelry Pieces?

  • Get a professional appraisal. As mentioned above, you must first find a certified and qualified appraiser to help you find out the accurate market value of your valuable pieces.
  • Know the market trends. The next step is to keep an eye on the market. The market fluctuates and with that, the value of your jewelry items will also change. So stay aware and make sure that you sell when there are chances of getting the best price.
  • Find where to sell your jewelry items. You can sell on various online platforms or you can sell at a local jewelry shop.
  • Make a listing of your items on the website you have finalized. Click and upload good quality pictures of your pieces. And mention all the details about the coveted pieces. Don’t forget to mention the asking prices of the pieces.
  • Look for potential buyers on various platforms, online or offline. You need to find out that one buyer who will be ready to buy your jewelry. Stay alert from fake buyers and make sure it’s a fair transaction.

Hope after reading this article, you will be able to easily sell your coveted piece at a lucrative price.

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