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Ever felt hungry or thirsty while you’re out and about but don’t have time to sit at a restaurant? That often happens, especially when your schedule is tight and you need to get back to work quickly. So, you don’t have time to have a full meal or cup of tea and coffee in-house. Vending machines came to change the game since they offer convenience and ease of access to everyone. 

So if you’re walking in town and need a coffee, it’s easier to find vending machines today than ever. Still, those are not the only vending machines available around you. There are hundreds more. Pay attention to this list to take advantage of vending machines’ business opportunities.

Types of Vending Machines  

It is the age where business owners benefit most from vending machines. They provide a great revenue opportunity because of their easy access and automation features. Here are the vending machines available for business owners in 2023:

1. Beverage Vending Machines 

According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages worldwide, after water. These beverages have the following components that make them a favourite among millions worldwide: 

  • Antioxidants 
  • Flavonoids 
  • Healthy biologically active substances

These machines have cold and hot beverages ready for consumption. They also save customers time and money and satisfy their daily sipping urges. So, if customers prefer cold coffee, sugar-free beverages or milkshakes, they find the machine dispensing beverages and quench their thirst. These tea coffee machines are also the best to include in-office cafeterias to improve productivity in the workplace.

2. Food Vending Machines

Today, there’s a surge in food vending machines because of the increased number of people wanting to eat healthy. Besides, these machines are fast and easy to access, yet they provide consumers with snacks and easy meals in minutes. 

That’s why many institutions have food vending machines on their premises. After all, they are automatic, contactless and easy to use for everyone on site. As a business owner, you should consider buying food vending machines and installing them in high-traffic areas to access more people.

3. Personal Care Vending Machines 

Personal care vending machines dispense a wide variety of products in offices, public washrooms, industrial spaces, and restaurants. These machines have hygiene products, including:

  • Gloves 
  • Face masks 
  • Cosmetic products 
  • Sanitisers 
  • Female hygiene products 
  • Contraceptive drugs 
  • Facial wipes 

These vending machines must uphold the integrity of these products. They dispense each in its individual packaging to prevent wastage and maintain hygiene in public spaces. If you are in the personal care products sector, installing a personal care product vending machine is the best move.

4. Stationery Vending Machines 

Colleges, IT hubs and schools are the best place to establish these vending machines. Students, or learners, have a constant need for stationeries. What happens if a kid forgets their pencils at home and cannot return to get them? Such scenarios call for stationery vending machines, which provide different paper sizes, staplers, pens, and pencils for everyone in need.

5. Packed Food Machines 

Does carrying packed lunch exhaust your employees? As an employer, you should consider incorporating a packed food vending machine in the office cafeteria. Besides, these machines are popular among people of all ages and locations. 

That’s why they are so widespread in cities and schools currently. However, you must choose the best machine supplier or manufacturer to increase the variety of confectionaries, bites and snacks available to your target market.

6. Frozen Products Vending Machines 

While some vending machines dispense healthy foods and snacks, others have treats like ice creams, candies, and chocolate bars. At the same time, other frozen products vending machines carry frozen meats and meat products. No more wasting time in queues in grocery stores to get what you need.

How to Choose a Vending Machine Manufacturer

Undoubtedly, getting the best vending machine increases revenue for business owners worldwide. However, that is impossible if you work with underqualified manufacturers and suppliers. Here’s how to choose one from the long list of suppliers:

  • The company’s experience 
  • Customer satisfaction reports 
  • Vending machine management services
  • The company’s brand partners 
  • Costs of the machines  

Vending machines will earn you revenue if installed in the right places. But above that, you must find the right machine type to dispense foods, beverages and personal care products that people love.

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