Love Poems from the heart that go wonderfully in a message in a bottle

Love Poems from the heart that go wonderfully in a message in a bottle. A butterfly flutters on by, its wings whispers your name, A rose basks in the morning sun, the scent reminds me of you. A gentle breeze caresses my face your touch, gentle. So many times, the words within my heart are unlocked by my soul, and they begin to come out – Love, Passion, Beauty, Grace How I yearn to say these words, But don’t know how, I just have. On opening this bottle, You found a message, Online Sex deep. But more than just a simple verse Find love for you to keep. For hidden down inside the words Is treasure greater than The gentle song of joyous larks Or pirate’s golden plan. The message holds my constant love; The meter holds my heart The rhymes that tie together Will never let us part. So anytime you read it Please know the gold that shines In treasures, buried, can’t compare With the love within these lines No ocean lies between us, But still I see your light That shines just like a lighthouse Through a dark and stormy night. Though now I can’t be with you, Your light will bring me home. I see it from a distance No matter where I roam. Since I’m the one that wanders I have no light to share. But look upon this bottle And know that I am there. The bottle is my lighthouse, The words, my glimmer bright, To draw us close together Each day and every night. Just as your light’s my beacon, And you, my refuge – dear, This bottle holds my loving heart Please keep it always near. You are my harbor, My port in the storm. Your heart is my safety; Your love keeps me warm. When tossed on the waves Or adrift, full of pain, I know in your love I will be home again. Your embrace is my haven. Forever I’ll know Your refuge will hold me Where ever I go. And know in your heart, That you have all my love. You’re my hero, my shelter, My gift from above. I mixed the blue of ocean hues With azure from the sky; The color sings of hopes and dreams That deep within me lie. I placed within the peacock flask, My heart, all nestled deep – Safe from the winds of fortune – For you to hold and keep. Next, wrote this heartfelt message And tucked it down within In hopes the ocean’s sea breeze Would bring it back again. I took this graceful bottle And stood upon the shore, And cast it out upon the tide To open up a door. The door is to your heart-light So you will know inside How very much I love you – It cannot be denied. I humbly ask this favor: If your love is just as great, Please send your own heart back to me Forever I will wait. Love Poemsfrom the heart that look lovely in a message in a bottle.

Keith C DreamWeaver Studios website Poems Speak to Their Heart, Enlighten Their Soul

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