Lydie Livolsi wants JPMorgan & Chase to invest $7 billion in MYDENTALWIG to build her AI DentalChips™ industrial campus in the U.S.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Neo-technology and innovation and where it marries with one of the oldest professions in medicine, Dentistry. As you know, medicine is no stranger to technology, considering there have been too numerous innovations and inventions that have improved medical care in America and in the world.

Today, even Dentistry is getting in on the AI or artificial intelligence business.

 MYDENTALWIG with its patented Dental Chips™, is looking to put itself in the forefront of AI Dentistry by first raising capital in order to build its giga campus chip factory. Lydie Livolsi the CEO has a very ambitious plan which includes raising only $6 billion, (compared to the seven trillion dollars needed by Open AI CEO Sam Altman to build its chip factory)  in order to build her giga campus plant that includes its own IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturing) facility that designs, develops and packs its own custom dental chips, its own cloud center (given the large amount of data to be collected), its own solar farm, its own STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Academy to train its Dentalwig technologists, and more. By having its own chips plant, MYDENTALWIG is in a far better position than it would be, without having to worry about global supply chain disruptions.


MYDENTALWIG, a U.S company with its headquarter based in Los Angeles is one of the leading developer of products designed for the health industry. Its patented non-invasive DentalChips™ technology of embedding hybrid powered chips in dental devices such as its patented and FDA cleared dentalwig, dental implant, dentures, crowns etc. ,to collect data 24/7* (even when Bluetooth is off) from all body’s systems (nervous system, digestive system, skeletal system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, reproductive system, endocrine system, urinary system, integumentary system, muscular system) , send to its own data center, combined with AI, will allow the company to identify the process of the establishment of serious diseases such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, seizures, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, addictions etc. With the scientific knowledge (data collection) of when, how, where and why these diseases occur, we will be able to prevent them, develop custom efficient treatments for existing cases, thus building a world a world free of diabetes, cancer, seizures, stroke, mental health etc.

Its latest line of products combines software and hardware to deliver cutting edge results to the global health industry. By using AI or Artificial Intelligence technology its iDentawig™ (Intelligent dentalwig), iDenture™ (intelligent denture), iDentalimplant™ (intelligent dental implant), and iCrown™ (intelligent crown), MYDENTALWIG products will be able to collect valuable data 24/7* and make it accessible to its users, on electronic devices such as watches, cellphones, computers etc.

“The combination of smart dental devices such as iDentalimplant™, iDentalwig™, iCrown™, iDenture™ etc. with AI-based software, will allow us to collect quantitative and qualitative metrics, become a data-driven business making it possible to deliver fact-based and reliable outcomes.” Say Lydie Livolsi.

What is the plan to rise to the top of the Dental AI and Health AI industries?

MYDENTALWIG’s first step was to develop the technology that harnesses the power of AI to enhance people’s lives by making it possible to detect problems with their health and find reliable and long-lasting solutions Then, the company decided to follow that up with an ambitious plan sets to propel it to the top with the:

i)- Manufacturing its own custom chips: the same way as Neuralink, MYDENTALWIG will design, develop and make its own chips.

2i)- Creation of B2C business model where the majority of its line of products are sold directly to consumer

3i)- Creation of B2B model where dentists are its distributors of iDentalimplant™ and iCrown™.

4i)- Creation of its STEM school that will teach people how to make the dentalwig, the iDentalwig™ etc. The idea of MYDENTALWIG ACADEMY is similar to the American Airlines Cadet Academy.

5i)- Patented “MOBILE DENTAL LAB” to scale the business nationwide and globally.

6i)- Sustainable business model: MYDENTALWIG is a sustainable business due to the fact that the dental acrylic material used to manufacture its iDentalwig™ is FDA cleared, combustible, combined with its solar farm, making it an environment friendly.

By building a factory to produce the chips that go into AI products, the company doesn’t have to worry about the most common issue which includes supply chain problems and quality assurance.

APPLE, NEURALINK, MYDENTALWIG: What do these companies have in common?

It is important to note that the dental chip™ is not in contact with the gum. It is embedded in the dental device.



One of the best things about MYDENTALWIG AI DentalChips™ technology is that it is far less invasive than other devices seeking to obtain body’s data such as Elon Musk’s brain chip developed by Neuralink.” Our chip will collect data 24/7™, without having to undergo an invasive surgery. Compared to Apple’s watch, the iDentalwig™’s data is collected from the gum tissue that has the same capillary as the small intestine tissue instead of collecting data from the skin. Therefore, the data collected from the gum is more accurate.”

What are the opportunities of investing in MYDENTALWIG?

MYDENTALWIG has a legal and active Reg CF opened to non-accredited and accredited investors from around the world. In 2024, an accredited investor is a person who is making at least $200,000 usd (two hundred thousand) per year in income, or a couple that is making $300,000 usd (three hundred thousand) a year, or finally a person who has a cumulated asset of at least $1 million usd. You can also invest for your minor children or any person that you want to bless. The minimum investment amount at this round is $1,000 usd (one thousand) with a $30 usd (thirty) fee. After you have been market “verified” by its legal 3rd party and the company receives your investment, you will receive by email your subscription agreement filed with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and your ceremonial Certificate as legal proof of your investment in MYDENTALWIG. Therefore, you become its legal investor.

An accredited investor is legally allowed to invest any amount he or wants. The investment opportunity is offered to individual or to company.

For more information, send a domestic text message or WhatsApp at +1 562 279 5770.

In Conclusion

Lydie’s vision of building a word free of serious diseases such as cancer, stroke, diabetes, seizures, mental health, Alzheimer’s, addictions, etc. using her AI DentalChips™ patent is definitely going to make a long-lasting and sustainable global impact.

She wants to raise funds from the federal CHIPS Incentives, JPMorgan & Chase, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley etc. especially that all these organizations including the U.S. Federal government have the obligation to execute the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) not only upon employees, but also over startups founders and CEOs like Lydie Livolsi who is a 5 time-minority (1- minority because she is Black. 2- minority because she is a woman. 3- minority because English is her 4thlanguage. 4- minority because she is a 1st generation Immigrant to the U.S. 5- minority because she is smart.).

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