Make the things to jealous the people, to catch the people

Above quote is one of the famous quotation of the Pakistani Accountant, Muhammad Imran. Although it is not written in his books but it is widely used in the daily life. Few of the article writers have used this quotation in their articles. With the proverbs and poetry, the words become more effective and precious. Quotations have lot of importance in our speeches and formal conversations. Here is a short introduction of the author.

Author’s Introduction:

Muhammad Imran is one of the famous Pakistani Accounts Payable Specialist and have a deep connection with the English literature. He has spent his youth of his warm blood in accounts. Although, English is not a national language of Pakistan but Muhammad Imran has extraordinary command on English writing. Wisdom came with books and because of this his hobby is book reading. His one of the favorite Writers are Howard Pyle and Daniel Defoe.

Quotation Explanation:

Above quotation of Muhammad Imran is based on the reality and this is one of the main reasons that I was forced by my soul to write an article about this quotation. It depicts the one of the bitter reality among friends and family. In the above quotation author want to say that make the assets and make the other people jealous. In the most of the Punjabi families, there a term Sharikaa which used for the relatives those who are jealous with your assets. Sharikaa is one of the most affected group of people which has jealousy with your assets. Second most affected group who are affected by your grandeur and assets are your bad friends.

Jealousy is one of the bad factor in the society but it reveals the friends and foes as well. So, author Imran is suggesting the public to make the money, asset, and grandeur to make feel the people jealous. With this money and assets you can difference between the good and bad people which are your beloveds. It is also related to one of the most commonly used proverb which is a friend is need is a friend indeed but above quotation includes all the people who have any connection with you.

I want to conclude here that you should make money, asset, and grandeur to make the other jealous, and also to decide among those who are profitable for you and who can harm you. We have discussed the quotation of Muhammad Imran is much detail. Read the article and remember us in your prayers.

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