Set Up Your Events In a Safer and Innovative Way with Sinoswan’s LED Stages

If you are looking for the best LED stages for your event, then you are at the right place which is Sinoswan, your event success partner. Whether you are looking to rent or buy a trailer with an LED screen regularly, select the Best range of stage trailers with a specific need. We made all the security measures possible for our customers so that no tragedies or mishaps are involved outside stage trailer installations.

Sinoswan is designing and building portable stages, Mobile LED screens trailers etc. in order to improve the image of your brand. In addition to trailers, we provide mobile stages, event technology, and innovation to our clients. Our technical focus is on the creation and production of Mobile LED screens and steps with superior quality and constant innovation.

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Roadshow Mobile LED Stage

These excellent LED stages are also suitable for use in roadshows. A large hydraulic stage for performances and shows, an HD large LED video screen that can be raised to a great height, and a large area that can be transformed into an experience area, product display room, interactive entertainment space, etc.  For campaigns and events including mobile exhibitions, product launches, brand activations, experiential marketing, training, roadshow campaigns, political rallies, elections, and mobile video advertising, among others, these roadshow series offer a one-stop shop.

HD LED mobile screen

Flexible truck and trailer chassis support the LED screen, which is integrated with a live broadcast and audio system and features a quick hydraulic working mechanism.  It takes less time and manpower to prepare our movable LED screen truck and trailer. These days, mobile LED screens are extensively utilized for all kinds of event rentals, including broadcast live events, concerts, sporting events, charity events, school days, openings, graduations, and more.

Why should someone pick or choose the trailers from Sinoswan?

We have been creating and producing mobile stage and mobile led screens for more than 20 years. We continue to gain knowledge and refine every model.  We appreciate all of our international owners and users, who have provided us with feedback full of priceless and wise suggestions.  Our clients and I are connected by our shared belief in high-quality products and services. Every vehicle is a valuable asset to you, and we are responsible for ensuring that it remains operational at peak efficiency in order to keep your income stable over the course of time.

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We guarantee that you are prepared for all of your events and campaigns by offering free technical training at our factory at any time. You may reach us by phone or online around the clock.

Organize your activities in a creative and safe manner, Ever easier, quicker, and most importantly, safer event staging and audio-visual production is possible with Sinoswan Innovative mobile stage and mobile LED stages screen trucks and trailers.


You have greater freedom to select the location of the event since you can drive to any event venue with ease and move our mobile stages and mobile led stages. No need to shift the gears in or out. It increases their adaptability to individual needs.

Quick Setup

We guarantee that our mobile led display, led stages, and mobile stage will save you a great deal of time that you would have otherwise spent putting them up. Bring extremely high efficiency for events with a tight schedule, and make it possible for you to book a lot more events, particularly in the peak season.inimum Wage

The mobile stage and LED screen truck and trailer can be simply operated by less no of people, thanks to our clever and reliable mechanical system. Save a ton of work.

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Greater Safety in Production

The crew does not need to exert any effort during the entire process due to the preassembled structure and hydraulic drive operation, which eliminates the requirement for machines. It increases the safety of the mobile led screen setup and mobile stage.

we offer a range of options from which you may design the LED stages of your desires. You may also order live broadcast equipment, decorations, speakers, generators, and other items. You could use Sinoswan as your supplier to help you create a customized trailer.

Global clients have improved our R&D capabilities. Thanks to the advantages of our extensive product line, we can offer expert business solutions that will help you expand your company’s reach and engage more consumers with your brand. You can host concerts for your audience without having to worry about the stage and occasionally display your newest items anywhere with the help of our movable stage solutions! You’ll find information about our products that are relevant to your needs on our website.

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