The 13 Best Jackbox Games For Large Groups

The best games for 8 or more people to play on Jackbox.

The first Jackbox Party Pack came out in 2014 and changed party games for good. It had a bunch of fun games that anyone with a cell phone could play without much trouble. This led to the creation of a gaming powerhouse that made many more Party Packs and famous games. If you had a party and between four and eight people wanted to play, you were going to have a good time.

But parties can get big sometimes. That is, really big. Sometimes you need to keep everyone in an auditorium or on a live show interested. These are the best Jackbox games for big groups if you want to play with everyone there.

Lie Swatter

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
1-100NoneTriviaParty Pack 1

Not every game on Jackbox is a huge hit. Some are just quick games that a lot of people can play at the same time. In Lie Swatter, players have to figure out quickly if a fact in front of them is true or not.

Surprising about Lie Swatter is that it can be played by more than 100 people at once. That means it’s a great way to get a lot of people to play together. Even though Lie Swatter isn’t the most memorable Jackbox game, it gets the job done.

Push The Button

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
4-10NoneMysteryParty Pack 6

Among Us has to be one of the best games to play with a group of people. Even though that is the best of games like Mafia or Werewolf, Jackbox tried their hand at the genre with Push The Button. Every time it’s your turn, someone is chosen at random to be the captain. Then, they will pick people to take a certain test to see who is really an alien.

This seems easy, but aliens will often get a slightly different prompt than the other players, and they will have to explain their often strange choice. Even though Push The Button doesn’t have an audience, it can be played by up to ten people at once.


Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
4-910,000Writing, ActingParty Pack 9

Roomerang from Party Pack 9 makes you feel like you are on a reality show. In five rounds, everyone will answer questions to get points and vote to get rid of someone. The winner is the person with the most points.

This is different from other fill-in-the-blank games because each person is given a description of the character they play on the show, like “Loves Fast Food” or “Thirsty Architect.” This can affect how they act and what they decide to do. And if you lose a round, you will come back as a totally different figure. Roomerang can be a lot of fun if everyone is willing to do some strange things.

The Drawful Series

GameNumber Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
Drawful3-8NoneDrawingParty Pack 1
Drawful 23-810,000DrawingStandalone
Drawful: Animate3-1010,000DrawingParty Pack 8

In a pack full of quiz games, the first Drawful game was a wonderful breath of fresh air. One person draws a question, and the other players try to guess what question was asked or just give a funny answer. Drawful 2 and Drawful Animate are two follow-up games to this.

Even though the last two games have added help for the audience, any form of Drawful is fun to watch. The answers can get really funny, and it’s always fun to see the drawings, especially when they’re really bad. Drawful is always a hit with people and can make anyone smile, no pun meant.

Tee K.O.

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
3-810,000Drawing, Head To HeadParty Pack 3

One of the best things that came out of Drawful was the creation of more drawing-based games, like Tee K.O., in which players make t-shirts and put them in a fight to see which one is the best.

This is a lot of fun for a big group because not only can the crowd decide on which drawings they like best, but at the end of the game, you can buy any of the shirts. But if you don’t want to buy your own T-shirt, you can download the patterns into Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So Tee K.O. will always be with you, even after this game is over.

Split The Room

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
3-810,000SurveyParty Pack 5

Split the Room is a yes-or-no question game for one person. The goal is to divide the other players into as many groups as possible. When you add a cool look like The Twilight Zone and a cute cat host, you have the makings of a really unique game.

In Split the Room, it’s fun for bigger groups because everyone in the room becomes a single player and votes on what to do. This means that everyone in the crowd is no longer just an onlooker but also a part of the game. Even though they can’t all act on their own, this lets them care even more about what’s going on screen.

The Quiplash Series

GameNumber Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
Quiplash XL3-810,000WritingParty Pack 2
Quiplash 23-810,000WritingParty Pack 3 Jackbox Party Starter
Quiplash 2 InterLASHional3-810,000WritingStandalone
Quiplash 33-810,000WritingParty Pack 7

Quiplash is the perfect game to play with a big group of people on a Jackbox. Players get two questions and try to answer them in the funniest or smartest way possible. The answers are then put side by side, and people vote for the ones they like best.

The crowd is very important because each person gets to vote for the answer they like best. This means that the audience has a lot more power than the players, so the players will have to play a lot more toward the crowd. The best thing about Quiplash is that every form is fun and funny, especially when there are a lot of people around.

Champ’d Up

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
3-810,000Drawing, Head To HeadParty Pack 7

Champ’d Up from Party Pack 7 picks up where Tee K.O. left off by having two drawings fight to be the best. Here, the difference is that the first person draws based on a prompt, while the second person draws in reaction to the first without knowing what the prompt was. It’s funny to look at other people’s art, but it’s even funnier when the artist totally misses the point of the prompt.

With more people, Champ’d up is even more fun. Not only can they comment on how good or bad the drawings are, but they can also see how the votes change for the drawing they want to win. It makes you feel like you’re at a professional wrestling match. And if you like a certain drawing a lot, you can order a card game with it so you can take it home.

Talking Points

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
3-810,000PresentationParty Pack 7

Do you have a lot of friends who are very friendly and outgoing? Then you’ll really enjoy Talking Points. Talking Points puts one player in the middle of the other players and has them give a speech on the spot based on the title and slides chosen by another player. Everyone else responds in real time by giving a thumbs up or down on their phone to the person speaking.

Funny Shooter 2 is also a fun game to play in front of a crowd because it is set up like a talk. It is one of the few Jackbox games that is best played in front of a live crowd.


Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
3-1610,000SurveyParty Pack 4

In Bracketeering, each player must answer a single question. Then, each answer is put into a tournament-style group to find out which one is the best. The next rounds follow the same pattern, but the question can change at any time. Your answer may not be so good after all.

You can see the answers fighting each other in a cool energy beam effect, just like in Champ’d Up. But what makes this game great for big groups is that up to 16 people can play at the same time. It lets a lot of people play at once, and the games don’t take too long because each player only has to make one entry at a time.


Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
1-1010,000TriviaParty Pack 9

Quixort is one of the few Jackbox games where players work together. Your group of friends will be split into two teams, and it will be your job to sort things based on clues like putting game systems in order of when they were made or putting peppers in order of how hot they are on the Scoville scale. The score for each team will be based on how well they do.

But if you don’t want everyone to get competitive, you and your friends can play in “forever mode,” where everyone works together to find the right answer. Quixort is by far the most team-based of all the Jackbox games.

Trivia Murder Party 2

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
1-810,000TriviaParty Pack 6

Trivia Murder Party has become one of the most popular games on Jackbox because of its amazing theme and fast-paced gameplay that makes you feel like you’re really trying to escape from a serial killer. It’s become a fan favorite and is sure to make anyone happy, no matter how big the group. The second part is just as good.

Trivia Murder Party 2 is different from the first one because the crowd can come in at the end and win the game. So not only does this game have a lot of tension and a dark atmosphere that makes it fun, but now the viewer gets to be a part of it. It adds a lot to a game that was already great.

The Poll Mine

Number Of PlayersAudience?Game TypeJackbox Pack
2-1010,000SurveyParty Pack 8

The Poll Mine game from Party Pack 8 is great for a huge group of people. Players are stuck in a magical mine and have to find their way out by going through different doors. Which door is right depends on the different answers to a question and which answer the crowd and players liked the most.

The Poll Mine can be played by up to ten people, and it can also be set up so that everyone plays against the crowd. This means that the crowd is your only opponent and not just a spectator or another participant. This gives them even more control and makes them care about what’s going on on the screen.

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