The Best Physical Therapy Treatment  for Ankle Pain in Twin Cities

Physical Therapy Treatment for Ankle

As per an estimate from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, about 25% of athletic injuries occur on the foot and ankle joints. That’s a concerning number!

We’ve all faced that dull “pain” or sharp “stabbing” in our foot that makes you stop your enjoyment shortly and causes additional discomfort. Whether you’re a state athlete battling a sprain or a runner battling some persistent pain — ankle pain physical therapy can make your life better!

And now, you may be asking, “So, what will help my specific ankle condition?” Sit back as we explore various ways of curing your ankle pain.

What’s Hurting You and How to Treat It?

PT will tackle those specific ankle foes that might be plaguing you. We’ll be using Loon State Physical Therapy’s expertise (since they’re some of the best physical therapy Twin Cities providers) to showcase how PT vanquishes common ankle pain. Let’s first understand 4 major reasons behind your ank and the treatment plan for them:

  1. Ankle Sprain

Ah! The ankle sprain is a danger for both casual joggers and those who love exercise. It happens as you twist or rotate the ankle, injuring and breaking the connective tissues that affix the ankle joint. What is the result? Pain, inflammatory processes, and difficulty standing on your foot.

How PT Helps With an Ankle Sprain: 

  • Early Intervention is Key: More climbing and faster recovery is what PT mode brings immediately after a sprain injury. The PT therapy will reduce the inflammation and restore the range of motion and the supportive muscles of the knee to prevent re-sprains.
  • The Buddy System – Bracing and Taping: The PT can guide you to use bracers or tape at the wrist for the healing process only, and it allows you to move safely.
  • Exercises for Strength and Stability: PT, through a custom-designed exercise plan, will compile strength-building and stability-reconstructing exercises that can be used towards regaining the strength and stability of the muscles and ligaments surrounding the ankle joint.
  • Balance Training – Your Secret Weapon: Weakened muscles or altered coordination makes people more prone to a sprain. To avoid it later, balance exercises become important.
  1. Achilles and Calf Pain

The Achilles tendon is a narrow band of tissue that connects the calf muscle with the heel bone. Achilles tendonitis can happen if the tendon ruptures due to recurrent labor or excessive use. Calf discomfort is yet another foot ailment that arises from tension or tightness of the muscles in the leg or calf.

How PT Soothes Achilles and Calf Pain:

  • Manual Therapy Magic: PT utilizes massaging efforts not only to improve blood circulation, decrease inflammation, and relieve the pain in the Achilles tendons and calf muscles but also to reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain.
  • Stretching for Relief: All well-developed calves can be the reason for Achilles pain. PT will tailor these stretches to ensure there is improved flexibility and prevent any further strain.
  • Strengthening the Supporters: This kind of activity also contributes to pain relief, as well as strengthening the calf muscles that support the Achilles tendon. Thus, the chances of future foot and ankle joint problems are reduced.
  1. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a state of the plantar fascia that triggers pain around the heel and bottom of the foot. This pain usually strikes early in the morning and feels like someone shoved a knife into your ankle.

How PT Soothes Plantar Fasciitis:

  • Night Splints for the Win: The best physical therapy Twin Cities providers will show you the advantage of wearing in-the-night splints that will keep your foot gradually flexed, making it possible to stretch the plantar fascia and thus decrease the pain.
  • Manual Therapy for the Sole: As with other joint injuries, one of the responsibilities of the PTs is manual therapy techniques such as blood flow improvement, reduction of inflammation, and pain easing of the Plantar Fascia.
  • Stretching and Strengthening: People who experience heel pain should do exercises that target plantar fascia and calf muscles because they help to soothe the pain and also prevent problems. PT won’t forget to implement some strengthening activities for the arches to improve their ability to give more support to the plantar.
  • Orthotics for Added Support: In certain situations, custom orthotics can distribute the pressure evenly across the foot, thus preventing unhealthy pressure buildup around the fascia of the plantar.
  1. Shin Splints

This is an overuse injury that results in pain in the inner edge of your shinbone. Runners and those who participate in high-impact activities are more prone to this condition.

How PT Stops Shin Splints in Their Tracks:

  • Rest and Modification: PT might recommend reducing or modifying your activity level to allow the shinbone to heal.
  • Proper Footwear: Your PT might assess your footwear and recommend shoes with good arch support and shock absorption to prevent future issues.

To Summarize

In the end, never let ankle pain be something that hinders you. Specialized ankle pain physical therapy from an expert is all you may need to beat your aches and get back to enjoying a full life with all that our lively city has to offer. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the importance of early intervention, so please consult a licensed PT like Loon State Physical Therapy and start moving pain-free today!

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