13 Things You Need To Know About Elves In The Witcher

Elves are a big part of magical stories, and The Witcher is no different. What interesting things do you know about them?

In medieval fiction books, elves have always been a big part of building the world, and in The Witcher, they play a big role in the overall plot. They are usually the same as elves in other books, movies, and TV shows. They are beautiful, live long lives, and have sharp, long ears. In The Witcher story, their difference comes from where they stand in society.

Other elves, like those in Dungeons & Dragons or even The Lord of the Rings, live high up in their shiny lands and look down on humans, but the elves in The Witcher are almost all squatters and beggars. This is one of the subversive stories in the series, and it’s a much better way to look at elves. Since this is the case, they also need a more in-depth exposure to their differences from other elves.

They Believe They Were Created To Have This Form From The Get-Go


No matter what series they are in, most elves think they are better than humans. It’s a common trait of this race’s people, and it’s been used over and over again, with different degrees of success. But The Witcher goes the extra mile and actually makes this way of thinking make sense in a way that is both unique and plausible.

Elves have always been this way, unlike humans, who came from apes and changed over time. They think that they are the best race and that people are just hairless monkeys who can have babies fast. So, they look down on humans. However, the fact that this alien species drove them out of their homes is also a big reason why they hate humans so much.

They Used To Worship A Goddess Of Harvest And Fertility

Melitele is the name of a god that everyone on the Continent knows. People honor this god with great devotion. She is the goddess of birth and fertility, and it seems that the elves had their own way of thinking about her before humans became the most common species.

These elves also used to worship a goddess of crops and fertility, but after humans came and took over their land, they forgot all about her. It’s too bad, because fans of this series would love to learn more about the history of the gods that elves in this series believed in and adored.

The hatred between humans and elves has been going on for a long time. People from both races have been taught to hate each other, creating a vicious circle that has led to a lot of mistrust in the world. This can be seen in the simple stories that are told to both children and adults. The tale of Lara Dorren and Cregan of Lod’s love story is a great example of this.

In this story about a human and an elf who fall in love, both sides try to make the other side look bad. The human version of the story says that Lara was a witch and that the elves killed the sly human who had the nerve to get involved with an elf woman. The elves, on the other hand, say that it was the humans who killed Cregan and sent Lara away, which has made both races hate each other even more.

They’re Practically Aliens

In The Witcher series, elves are an alien race that has made its way into the human world, especially the unnamed “Continent” where all the medieval fantasy kingdoms are located. They used portals and their magic ships to do this. Aen Seidhe were the elves who grew used to living on the Continent and had children there.

They didn’t seem to have been in that world before, and the Conjunction of Spheres event was another way for them to get to the Continent. In The Witcher saga, this is the thing that brought together some people from different worlds or realms. It’s also the same thing that brought monsters and other magical animals, like races that aren’t human, into the world of humans.

They Did Colonize The Continent Before Humans

Even though elves are from another world, they have just as much right to the Continent as humans do because they were the first people to live there. They got there thousands of years before there were any people on the continent.

In fact, they built their own society and mostly controlled the land peacefully. Some monster races went to war, but most of the time, the elven countries on the Continent were much more peaceful than the human kingdoms. So, in retrospect, they were the first and most powerful rulers of the Continent. They weren’t just poor, helpless refugees who ran away from their home world to live in human countries.

They Have A Homeworld

Some of the books and The Witcher 3 gave more information and light on where the elves came from. There are stronger and more powerful elves on their original homeworld or planet. They call themselves the Aen Elle, and they didn’t leave or move to other worlds like the Aen Siedhe.

The Aen Elle ruled their world because they were good at magic and lived for a long time. All of them seem to be run by a single king, which makes their state stronger and more stable than the human kingdoms. Only because of the deadly White Frost did their society fall apart, and they tried to take over other worlds or kidnap Ciri so they could use her power to control time and space.

Only The Younger Ones Are Fertile

The Witcher gave the elves a new twist to make them more interesting. One more thing about their bodies is that they can only have babies when they are “young.” It’s not clear what age they consider to be young, but most fiction books say that the first 100 years of their lives are their youth.

This made it harder for them to have children, since most elves lived long lives and could not die. This is also one of the reasons why the humans on the Continent slowly won over the elves. Even though people are mortal and don’t live forever, they make up for it with how many of them there are. With this, they were able to beat the elves and build a new society on the rubble of the Aen Siedhe kingdoms.

Elves Destroyed Their Own Kingdoms In The Continent

So, not only humans destroyed the elven cities on the Continent, but so did the elves themselves. Once the Aen Siedhe realized that the humans had more weapons and more people, and that they had no chance of winning, they were afraid for their history and science.

So, the Aen Siedhe destroyed all of their once-proud buildings and inventions so that humans wouldn’t steal them. Because of this, there are a lot of mysterious elf ruins all over the map of The Witcher 3. Since then, the number of elves on the Continent has gone down to what it is now in the books and games.

They’re Often Oppressed In The Continent

When it comes to elves on the Continent becoming poor and a shadow of who they used to be, it’s a lot worse for those who live in human towns. People who live in Novigrad or other big towns treat the Aen Siedhe like dogs or hurt them in pogroms.

Elves became outsiders, just like dwarves. So, some of them joined the Scoia’tel, a group of radical rebel elves who, based on who leads them, are either out for revenge or want to free elves who are being mistreated. No matter what, mean or ignorant people continued to treat elves badly because of their race or social status.

They Barely Have A Sovereign In The Continent

Some elves, on the other hand, were able to stay away from the towns. They do a little better, but because people are greedy, their future looks pretty bad. Elven sovereignty and birthright were recognized by the human countries of the Continent, so elves were given two domains.

The first one is in Dol Blathanna, but that elf state was given to them by Emhyr var Emreis and is at the mercy of the Nilfgaardian throne. The second one is in the Blue Mountains, where elves live alone and are dying out because they are cut off from the rest of the continent. Aside from these two places, there is nowhere else for elves to live where they are safe from humans.

Elves Can Interbreed With Humans

Some of the Aen Siedhe did find strange or surprising ways to keep their bloodlines going. It turns out that their genes can be mixed with those of people and even dryads. This is how half-elves and quarter-elves were first seen.

This is also one reason why there are so many half-elves in human places, even though humans don’t like them as much as they do pure elves. Since they are rejected by both of their parent races, they might have it even worse. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see half-elves who are thieves or prostitutes because they are often looked down upon more.

Some Of Them Think Lowly Of Humans

Some elves, especially the older ones, still hold on to their old ways and position in Penalty Kick Online. These elves look down on humans and sometimes call them “apes” because of how cruel they are.

Still, the human countries are still fighting wars with each other, making just as many enemies among themselves as they do with other races. In The Witcher 3, Avallac’h showed that the Aen Elle elves are even more direct and don’t try to hide the fact that they think humans are stupid.

They Invented Make-up In The Witcher

A lot of the human kingdoms borrowed technology from the Aen Siedhe. Even though the Aen Siedhe destroyed the secrets of their beloved race, some of the technology still got to the human kingdoms. Makeup is one of them, because in the world of The Witcher, elves came up with it.

Elves did come up with many things, some of which were magical and some of which were science. One of the most common things that humans took from elves is the use of makeup. In the world of The Witcher, this is now popular among human royals and, to a lesser extent, sorceresses. The same is true for websites.

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