Tips for 12th-class students to prepare for the IELTS exam 

Studying in 12th and preparing yourself to travel abroad? If yes, we appreciate your dedication towards your goal. You are on the right path and surely, with the right strategy, you can prepare yourself for the IELTS exam without making any compromise on your regular studies. But before we go ahead, let us inform you that your exam prep journey is going to be incredibly remarkable for you when you are working in the right direction. 

The article will focus on the incredible tips that 12th-class students can follow to prepare themselves to achieve an incredible IELTS band score. We will try to keep the language as simple as we can in order to help you understand things better. We hope that you will follow these tips wholeheartedly and make your way to wonderful IELTS band scores.  

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Tips for 12th-class students to prepare for the IELTS exam:

Let’s have the knowledge of the tips that a school or college student should follow to prepare himself for the IELTS exam along with his regular studies. 

Sentence  formation 

Sentence formation is very important when it comes to learning the English language and to ace the exam, you must have a good level of English proficiency. Therefore, start learning the art of forming sentences in the English language, and for this, you would require the knowledge of:

  • Sentence syntax
  • Gerunds and infinitives 
  • Sentence structure 
  • Tenses 

Don’t worry! If u find it hard to learn all these on your own. In fact, you can turn to the YouTube platform as this wonderful platform has a huge plethora of learning tutorials for you. These tutorials are prepared by the experts and you can easily learn the English language with the help of these tutorials.

It is highly advisable to go ahead with the 10 or 15-minute long tutorials as long-duration tutorials could kill your interest in learning. 

Solve a sample paper daily 

We advise you to solve an IELTS sample paper daily for 10 minutes to boost your understanding of the IELTS exam structure. For sure, with the passage of time, when you keep on solving the sample papers, things will become quite easy for you and you will be able to adjust your exam prep in sharp accordance with the top requirements to pass the exam. 

Focus on the question types, the instructions, the grading system, etc. when you are solving the sample papers. 

Listen to interview 

The listening section is an incredible part of the IELTS exam and you should prepare for this section separately in an interesting way. Such as listening to the interviews of your favorite celebs will help you boost your knowledge of the pronunciation of the words. You can also watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show or Little Big Shots to boost your English listening skills. 

Know that to ace the listening section. You must have sharp attention to the words being spoken to you and along with that, you should also have knowledge of the pronunciation of the words as well. 

Learn three words a day

Now, we are going to define the best strategy that will not only help you ace the IELTS exam but also help you excel in your career. Establish a routine to learn three words a day from an incredible dictionary that is famous for its authenticity. Also, when you are learning the words, take a look at the examples and the pronunciation of the words. 

Apart from this, sit in a perfect location, get a notebook, and start writing the examples of the words that you have learned today. 

If you get hampered by the tough structure of the IELTS exam while demonstrating your English proficiency, opt for the PTE exam. For excellent PTE exam prep, you can link with the most prominent PTE Institute in Patiala which is strongly recognized for its PTE exam guidance. 


We highly advise you to go ahead with the IELTS exam and for sure, with the right guidance, you will be able to score well. Work on your goal with sheer sincerity and apply all the tips that we have defined above.

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