16 Tips For Building Spectacular Houses In The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, building homes is one of the most fun things to do, but it can look hard. These tips make building beautiful homes easy and fun.

A big part of The Sims 4 is giving the Sims a place to live. This is just as important as playing with the families and making them happy (or sad). The easiest thing to do is just move the new family into a house or apartment that already exists. But the player can start from scratch if they like building and decorating houses and want to have fun making a unique house for each family.

In The Sims 4, it can take a lot of time and work to build a new house, especially if the player wants it to look great. There are ways to make sure that the result looks like a place where Sims would want to live.

Spruce Up The Roof With Details

Once a house is done, most players might not think about the roof. After all, sometimes just putting a roof on that looks good is enough work and effort. Still, adding a few small artistic touches can make a huge difference when the whole house is seen.

This works really well with traditional houses and castles that have a Gothic style. Why not put a few gargoyles on the roof of the next vampire family’s home to protect it?

Add Ceiling Paint

One of the newest, but not very important, features is the choice to paint the ceiling. Most players don’t really care about ceilings, since they are usually not visible when they are playing the game.

But people who like to take pictures of their builds from the inside may find it annoying that the ceiling isn’t the same color as the walls. The new ceiling paint tool, which you can find in the normal flooring area, can help fix that.

Divide Rooms With Fences Or Half Walls

There are more ways than just building more walls to divide up a house. In fact, choosing fences or even half-walls over more walls or none at all can make the inside of a building feel a little more lively and interesting.

Plus, when the space is small, it gives the impression that certain rooms, like the kitchen or living room, have their own spot. For bigger builds, it’s a good idea to get rid of any empty space that’s left over. This can be a problem for new builders who overestimate how much room their Sims need.

Use The Terrain Tool

The outside of the house is just as important as the inside, and taking advantage of everything the terrain tool can do is a great way to make even boring lots look cool. Players can make big holes and mounds of land, as well as small pools of water.

There are a lot of things that can be done with the land here, so the sky is the limit.

Use Platforms

When it comes to building and decorating indoors, platforms, which were added with the Snowy Escape extra pack, can be a real game-changer. Even though they work best with Japanese-style building, platforms can be used to add layers and interest to any house.

Use platforms to add depth and divide small sections of large rooms. With that and the fact that half walls come in a few different heights, players should be able to build a wide range of modern and classic structures.

Try Different Shapes

Because the Build Mode tools in The Sims 4 are so realistic, players have a lot of freedom when it comes to the shape of their houses. Roofs, in particular, can be changed to be completely round or sloped.

If a player is stuck or doesn’t have any ideas, they can play around with these choices to find something new and interesting. It’s not realistic to keep building the same house over and over, so try round porches, platforms, and roofs instead of the normal angled ones.

Hide Mistakes With Plants

The Sims 4’s Build Mode playground isn’t perfect, and putting on roofs can be especially hard for new players. Even the best builders have trouble with this, but they have come up with clever ways to hide walls and edges with plants.

With the moveobjects on cheat, players can put these plants just about anywhere, even on the walls and tops of houses. Rocks can also work well for this, but plants make structures look more natural and realistic, so they’re a great go-to option.

Use Object Placement Cheats Generously

When it comes to the moveobjects cheat, use it a lot. With this very simple cheat, you can get around most of the game’s restrictions on creativity and design. It lets players put items and decorations wherever they want, without being limited by walls and other objects.

Combine that with the ALT key, which lets players place items outside the grid. This means that players can put things inside each other and even make new things if they are feeling daring. This is a great way to put plants, rocks, windows, doors, and other important building elements.

Work On The Garden

Even though the house is still the most important part, beautiful settings can make a big difference in how the whole thing looks. This is great for houses, but not so much for flats.

The Sims can use the outside room of their lot to make anything they want, like a beautiful garden, a maze, or a playground for their kids. No matter what the player picks, it will look better than an empty lot with no trees or other plants around the house.

Create A Porch

A porch is another outside feature that can add a lot of charm to a building. This will look great if the player wants to play more like they are in the country, like with the Cottage Living update.

Once the porch is there, guests will have a place to stand while ringing the bell, and the player will be able to put furniture there if they want to. A grill, a bench, or even a chess table are all great things to put on a deck.

Pick A Color Scheme

It can work to use a lot of different colors, but it’s usually better to choose a color plan and stick to it. Even if the color plan is the same for the whole house, you can give each Sim’s room a little bit of a personal touch to make it feel like it belongs to them.

This will make the house look more stylish and make it easy to build and decorate. If players know what they want the room to look like and how they want it to feel, it’s easier to choose decorations.

Don’t Just Use One Building

To make Wordle Unlimited a little more real, players can build more than one building on a lot. The main house is a must, but it’s fun to let your imagination run wild and build a few smaller structures on the land.

For example, how about an art workshop where the hard-working mom can go to relax? Try building a yard shed to store the family’s tools or a playhouse just for the kids. Again, there are many options, and each one will make the build look more interesting and impressive.

Use The Attic And Basement

When a player is focused on building the best bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and other rooms, it’s easy to forget that they can build a lot more. For example, if the house has both an attic and a basement, it will be even more interesting.

The basement can be closed off or left open (without a roof) and used to store tools or grow plants. The Sims can put things they don’t need right now in the attic. It can also be used as an art or music workshop, an extra bedroom for family or friends, or both.

Water Is Great

Pools have a bad name in The Sims because players have used them to kill their poor Sims many times. But adding a pool or other water feature, like a waterfall, a small pond, or even a lake, can give the lot a lot of charm.

Pools are great for Sims who like to swim or just lay out in the sun, and ponds are great for Sims who want to learn how to fish. Mermaids will also like having a lot of water on their lot, since they need it even more than human Sims do.

Use Custom Content

Some players like to spend a lot of time making their houses, while others just want to get it done as quickly as possible and start playing the family. In the second case, it helps to use custom material to build houses in the game that are very detailed and look great.

People who play The Sims 4 are creative, and they share their great builds in the gallery, which makes it easy to find and download new builds. Different websites that focus on The Sims 4 custom material are another option. For example, modthesims has both home lots and community lots for all Sims games, not just The Sims 4.

Get Inspiration From Real Life & Fiction

Part of what makes The Sims fun is trying to make things that already exist in the real world or in well-known stories. So, the player doesn’t have to start from scratch, but it’s still a lot of fun to try to build the Buckingham Palace, the White House, or maybe even the Taj Mahal.

Fans of different titles can also create new lots based on their favorite piece of work. For example, Harry Potter fans could try to build Hogwarts or the Weasleys’ Burrow, and Star Wars fans could make a house that looks like the Death Star.

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