Securing California: Unveiling the Top 5 Most Trusted Unarmed Security Companies in the Golden State!

The third most populous state in the US, California, is famous for its sandy shores, busy towns, and economic power. The huge population and variety of the landscape mean that there is a great demand for very efficient security systems that will protect every person and company.

Today we are going to talk about the 5 leading unarmed security companies in California that are trusted by many. The list comprises companies that have been found to offer excellent security solutions all over the Golden State, based on three factors; reputation, dependability, and historical background.

Follow us closely and find out how these security guard companies are ensuring the security of California.

1. OnGuard Security Services

A very reputable unarmed security company in California is OnGuard Security Services, which is situated in Los Angeles. It has been able to win over customers from different sectors by combining excellent customer care with very competent security personnel.

To begin with, they are very thorough when hiring and this ensures that they only engage individuals who have gone through a clean training and are then assigned to clients after passing. This feature alone makes them offer dependable and very professional services than any other company out there.

The security company is proud to use state-of-the-art technology aimed at improving the safety provided. It ensures that they use the latest technology in surveillance such as CCTV cameras which are available twenty-four hours a day.

2. Securitas Security Services

Another reputable security service provider with vast experience spanning three decades is Securitas Security Services. It serves various sectors such as retail, homes, health and social care, and ministries.

What makes Securitas different is how much it invests in developing close ties with its customers. The company provides tailor-made security packages that match the particular demands and specifications of every client. In this way, they make sure that the clients get individualized and efficient security services.

The guards provided by Securitas are well trained and experienced to handle any issue professionally as well as effectively. The company ensures that clients are protected every minute by its personnel who may be engaged in various activities such as guarding property, watching CCTV, or offering door entry services.

3. Allied Universal Security Services

With more than 200 branches spread across California, Allied Universal Security Services ranks top when it comes to security provision. It offers multiple services like guards (armed and unarmed), mobile patrols, event security management, and fire safety response teams among others in California.

The uniqueness of Allied Universal is seen through the modern technology solutions that they have in their security services. Some of these include; advanced video analytics, artificial intelligence-powered cameras, and remote guarding services among others which are meant to improve the client’s security.

Apart from its technological progress, Allied Universal prioritizes excellent customer service and satisfaction. They offer a helpline to assist clients at all times and employ well-prepared security personnel who can handle any issue of concern.

4. G4S Secure Solutions

For over 90 years, G4S Secure Solutions has offered security services in California and globally. It attends to security requirements in various industries including; health, retail, transportation, and banking among others.

One thing that sets G4S aside is the effort it puts towards training its staff to be the very best. The company offers a very strict training program which consists of many different courses such as what to do in case an emergency arises, how to deal with fighting employees or customers, as well as how to provide good client service.

In addition to this, G4S makes use of technology enhancements within its security team. For instance, they boast of an up-to-date Operations Control Center which uses live information and GPS tracking systems to keep watch of security officers while on the field.

5. Cypress Private Security

One more reliable unarmed security company in California is Cypress Private Security. It provides various services such as business and store security, event planning, bodyguard services, and many others.

The company boasts of very competent and well-trained personnel who are skilled in first aid, CPR, and AED use among other crucial training. Moreover, their staff are kept on their toes through refreshers so that they know what is happening concerning security in recent times.

Apart from their highly prepared guards, Cypress ensures that clients can reach them at any time of the day or night. The emphasis put on clients’ contentment and confidence has contributed to its ranking among the top non-armored security firms within California.

The Bottom Line: Security Companies

To sum up, the security of people and their belongings cannot be taken lightly nowadays. Luckily, there are non-arm security guard companies in California that offer excellent services aimed at ensuring maximum security and tranquility of people.

These companies have always shown that they can be trusted because for years they have continued to work towards making sure that the Golden State remains safe. It does not matter whether you are in business or just in need of some personal bodyguards; deciding upon any of the 5 best options will guarantee a tight protection net around you.

Therefore, what are you still waiting for? Protect California today using the most excellent unarmed security solutions!

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