Top Premium Watches Every Woman Should Own

Every woman is able to create her own era with her grace and resilience. A beautiful reminder of the time that women invest in their success and in taking care of their lives is a watch. Watches for women are not just timepieces but can be luxury assets and premium style statements. A woman could wear her precious time and good luck on her wrist with a premium ladies’ watch. 

The ladies watch is not just a decorative and delicate timepiece, but it is also a prized possession that ladies of worth wear. In this article, you will get to know about the best premium watches for women and why they are unique. If you are a watch collector and want to bring out the feminine grace, then take notes from the pieces mentioned below. 

A moment of grace and elegance- premium women’s watches 

Below are the best women’s watches in the premium category that can delight your eyes and grace your wrists for the best look and feel. 

E Class Women’s Rose Gold Dial Round Case

The executive class women’s Rose Gold dial Round case watch is a perfect piece for the modern businesswoman who knows the worth of her ideas. It is a classic rose gold watch that has a vintage charm and a high-class finish. Although it has a premium feel, it does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

The dial is made of durable stainless steel with a rose gold coating on top of it. It is an analogue watch with water-resistant properties. The closure type of this watch is a bracelet, so you can just slide it onto your wrist and close it with one hand. The rose gold case and dial are stylish and vibrant. For more vibrancy, there are four rhinestones attached to the inner dial. This is a great watch to wear with business attire and for everyday work. 

Women’s Blue Dial Round Case watch

One of the Timex watches for women that can be classified as a premium watch is the rose gold case blue dial watch. The Rose gold case is made in a slimmer fashion and with dainty, tightly knit chain-like bands to create a more feminine and elegant illusion on your graceful wrist. The Rose gold colour is well contrasted by the inky blue dial inside. 

The inky blue dial shines like a jewel and adds a pop of colour to your outfit. The inner detailing is done in brass, and the dial looks very minimalistic. The Blue dial round case watch is one that you can wear for an important meeting or for a dinner party. The classic rose gold watch will go well with white or light-coloured outfits. It can also go well with solid-coloured clothes. 

Fria Women’s Mother Of Pearl Dial Square Case

The list of women’s luxury watches is not complete without mentioning the Mother of Pearl Dial Square Case watch. The watch in itself is very unique as it has a brass case with a rose gold finish. The square case watch has a central dial, which is made in the design of a rounded square corner and set eccentrically. 

Moreover, it has thin chains with smaller rose gold attachments and blue stones inside. The angled and embossed finish of these designs is what makes the watch very different from other watches. It is one of the premium ladies’ watches from Timex watches. It can be worn to dinner parties and special occasions, and it is brilliantly worn to complement your dress or eye colour. 


Premium trendy watches are made with durable and classy finish cases and unique dials. The watches are made with utmost care for the lady who wears them on her beautiful wrist. Ladies’ watches are made with care so that the dials are safe for women’s hands and bring out their beauty more. 

By owning a premium watch, you add a stylish and beautiful accessory to your wardrobe. You can wear these premium watches with your evening gowns, business attires or other formal outfits. Premium Timex watches can be heirloom possessions that can be passed down to a new generation of women after you.
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