TV9 (Associated Broadcasting Co. Pvt Ltd) Hiring For SEO Specialist: Apply Now!

TV9 is inviting applications for the position of SEO Specialist for the year 2023. Learn about the role, responsibilities, and how you can boost your career in the world of search engine optimization.

About TV9

TV9 Hiring For SEO Specialist

TV9 Network, promoted by Associated Broadcasting Company Pvt Ltd (ABCL), is the largest news network in our country. It operates one national Hindi news channel, TV9 Bharatvarsh, and five regional channels, including TV9 Telugu, TV9 Kannada, TV9 Marathi, TV9 Gujarati, and the recently launched TV9 Bangla.

TV9 Bharatvarsh recently made history by becoming the undisputed leader among National Hindi news channels, ending a legacy of 22 years. The network’s other regional channels also hold prominent positions in their respective markets.

In addition to its success in the news broadcasting industry, TV9 Network has made significant strides in the digital news space. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the group embarked on an ambitious expansion drive, hiring 700 new employees. As a result, the network quickly achieved 100 million unique monthly visitors on its digital platforms and continues to experience growth.

TV9 Digital has become the fastest-growing language publishing platform and has now ventured into the English space with News9Live, offering news, narratives, and debates. Additionally, TV9 Digital stands out as the only mainstream news platform providing multilingual personal finance services through Money9.

The network has recently announced its next major venture, News9 Plus – India’s first English news magazine OTT service. This service is expected to shape the future of news delivery.

TV9 Network takes great pride in its pro-India identity and prioritizes the interests of the country’s 1.3 billion people in its approach to news reporting. The group is grateful to the millions of viewers who continuously support and inspire them to strive for excellence.

Roles & Responsibilities SEO Specialist

  • To stay up-to-date with the latest SEO and digital marketing trends, it is essential to monitor and analyze ranking performance and understand organic traffic patterns. 
  • By doing so, you can optimize your SEO campaign and improve organic performance. Creating action plans based on the analysis will help achieve better results.
  • Another critical aspect is identifying and resolving technical SEO issues, such as problems with indexing and crawling, core web vitals, site structure, schema markup, and international SEO considerations.
  • Conducting thorough research on competitors is crucial to expand keyword targeting and gain a competitive edge in the market. 
  • By understanding what keywords and strategies they are using, you can refine your own approach for better results.
  • Utilizing tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Semrush, and Ahrefs is vital for gaining insights and data to make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcomes in your SEO and digital marketing efforts.

Required Qualifications and skills

  • Technical SEO: You’ll be in charge of identifying and resolving technical issues that could impact our website’s visibility on search engines. This involves ensuring our site is properly indexed, crawlable, and optimized for different regions.
  • On-page SEO: You’ll work closely with our content teams to optimize web page elements such as meta tags, headings, and content to improve our search engine rankings and enhance the user experience.
  • Keyword Research: Conducting thorough keyword research will be an essential part of your role. You’ll identify relevant and high-traffic keywords to target in our content and campaigns.
  • Content Optimization: Collaborate with our content creators to ensure that the website content is optimized for target keywords and follows best SEO practices.
  • Competitor Research: You’ll analyze our competitors’ strategies and keyword targeting to find opportunities for us to improve and stay ahead in the SEO game.
  • Utilize SEO Tools: Your expertise in working with tools like Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, Semrush, Ahrefs, Search Console, and MS Excel will be crucial for gaining insights and making data-driven decisions.
  • Stay Updated with Google Algorithm: As a seasoned SEO specialist, you’ll keep yourself updated with the latest Google algorithm changes and use that knowledge to adapt and refine our SEO strategies.
  • Time Management: Effective time management is vital to handle multiple tasks and meet project deadlines while achieving our SEO goals.
  • Communication Skills: You’ll be working with various teams, so excellent written and verbal communication skills are important for collaborating effectively and presenting SEO strategies and results to stakeholders.


RS 25,000 – 30,000/Month (Based on experience)

How To Apply For This Job?

To apply for the SEO Specialist position, visit TV9’s official careers page and submit your resume and cover letter through the application portal or click here.


TV9, owned by Associated Broadcasting Co. Pvt Ltd, recognizes the power of SEO in today’s digital landscape. The company’s search for an SEO Specialist signifies its dedication to expanding its online reach and maintaining a strong presence in the digital realm. If you are a dynamic and experienced SEO professional with a passion for making a difference through media, consider joining TV9’s team and contributing to its growth and success.


Q1: Is the SEO Specialist position full-time?

Yes, the SEO Specialist position at TV9 is a full-time role.

Q2: What sets TV9 apart from other media companies?

TV9 has a rich legacy in the media industry and is known for its commitment to innovation and embracing technological advancements.

Q3: Are remote work options available for the SEO Specialist role?

TV9 offers flexible work arrangements, including remote work options for certain roles, depending on business requirements.

Q4: What growth opportunities does TV9 offer to its employees?

TV9 provides various opportunities for professional development, including training programs, workshops, and seminars.

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