10 Awesome Places To Visit In Beautiful Romania 

10 Awesome Places To Visit In Beautiful Romania 

 Bran Castle: Explore the legendary Dracula's Castle in Transylvania.

Transfagarasan Highway: Drive the stunning mountain road with breathtaking views.

 Peles Castle: Admire the opulent architecture of this royal palace in Sinaia.

 Painted Monasteries of Northern Moldova: Witness UNESCO-listed frescoes in Bucovina.

Bucharest: Discover the vibrant capital's history, culture, and nightlife.

 Sibiu: Stroll through the charming streets of this medieval Transylvanian town.

 Danube Delta: Explore Europe's largest wetland and its diverse wildlife.

Turda Salt  Descend Mine:into an underground wonderland in Transylvania.

 Sighisoara: Step back in time in the well-preserved medieval citadel.

 Brasov: Enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and the medieval old town.

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