10 Best Road Trips in India 

10 Best Road Trips in India 

 Manali to Leh: Embark on a thrilling Himalayan journey with your loved one, soaking in breathtaking views along winding roads.

Mumbai to Goa: Cruise along the scenic coastline, making spontaneous stops to savor local seafood and dance the night away.

 Bangalore to Ooty: Get lost in the tranquil Nilgiri Mountains, where every twist and turn leads to a new romantic vista.

Delhi to Jaipur: Step into a world of royalty as you explore majestic palaces and forts, feeling like kings and queens of your own adventure.

Chennai to Pondicherry: Fall in love with the French-inspired architecture, stroll hand in hand along charming streets, and savor croissants at quaint cafes.

Kolkata to Puri: Experience the warmth of East India's culture, from bustling Kolkata to the serene shores of Puri.

 Ahmedabad to Kutch: Witness the surreal beauty of the White Rann together, and immerse yourselves in the rich traditions of Gujarat.

 Shimla to Manali: Cozy up in the car as you drive through Himachal's enchanting landscapes, feeling like characters in your own fairy tale.

 Guwahati to Tawang: Share the thrill of exploring the Northeast's dramatic terrain and finding peace in its Buddhist monasteries.

 Chandigarh to Amritsar: Connect spiritually at the Golden Temple, and savor the delicious langar as a symbol of your journey together.

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