10 Best South kelra Beaches 

10 Best South kelra Beaches 

Kovalam Beach: Famous for its crescent-shaped shoreline and vibrant atmosphere.

Varkala Beach: Known for its dramatic cliffs and pristine waters.

 Marari Beach: A tranquil and unspoiled paradise for relaxation.

 Poovar Beach: Offers a unique blend of river, backwaters, and sea.

 Alappuzha Beach: Ideal for serene sunsets and boat rides in the backwaters.

Bekal Beach: Features a picturesque setting near the historic Bekal Fort.

Vizhinjam Beach: A bustling fishing harbor with a charming beach.

 Kappad Beach: Historically significant as Vasco da Gama's landing site.

Chavakkad Beach: A peaceful escape near Thrissur.

 Shanghumukham Beach: Known for its mermaid sculpture and serene ambience.

These South Kerala beaches offer a diverse range of experiences, from lively and bustling to calm and tranquil, making them perfect for all types of travelers.


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