10 insanely cheap european countries to visit on a budget

10 insanely cheap european countries to visit on a budget

Bulgaria: Known for its stunning landscapes, Bulgaria offers affordable accommodations, food, and transportation. Explore historic cities like Sofia and the picturesque Rila Monastery.

 Hungary: Budapest, Hungary's capital, is famous for its thermal baths and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy hearty meals and affordable street food while admiring the Danube River.

Romania: Discover the medieval charm of cities like Brasov and Sibiu, and explore the legendary castles, including Dracula's Castle. Romania is incredibly budget-friendly.

Portugal: Experience the beauty of Lisbon and Porto without breaking the bank. Savor delicious pastries, explore historic neighborhoods, and relax on picturesque beaches.

 Greece: Visit ancient ruins, lounge on stunning islands like Crete, and savor delicious Greek cuisine—all without emptying your wallet.

 Poland: Krakow and Warsaw offer rich history, beautiful architecture, and affordable prices. Don't miss trying pierogi and exploring Auschwitz.

Czech Republic: Prague's fairytale charm is well within reach for budget travelers. Explore the city's historic sites and enjoy affordable Czech beer.

Slovakia: From the capital, Bratislava, to the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia offers affordability, natural beauty, and a warm welcome.

 Ukraine: Kiev and Lviv are budget-friendly destinations with fascinating history, beautiful churches, and delicious borscht.

 Macedonia: Explore the enchanting Lake Ohrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and enjoy budget-friendly accommodations and cuisine in this Balkan gem.

These European destinations offer incredible experiences without draining your wallet, making them perfect for travelers on a budget.

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